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Tucker Concedes Too Much to Romm! Watch: Fox News: Host Tucker Carlson Debates Joe Romm on climate change

VIDEO: Tucker takes on climate activist Joe Romm

On Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson grilled climate activist Joe Romm about Bill Nye’s comments that older scientists needed to “die out” so climate science could progress.

Romm runs the progressive website Think Progress, which is funded by the Center for American Progress.

During the roughly 10-minute exchange, Romm trotted out numerous straw man arguments to bolster his case that climate change was real and the rest of us were stupid for not believing him.

Throughout the interview, he peppered Carlson with questions like, “Don’t you believe in science”, at one point accusing the host of engaging in Big Tobacco tactics.

When forced by Carlson to tell him why it’s anti-scientific to question climate science conclusions, Romm then compared global warming skeptics to people who are still skeptical of the link between cancer and cigarettes.

Things went downhill from there—watch the clip and see.