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Rush Limbaugh mocks warmist ‘sabotage’ sequel claims: ‘They simply can’t believe nobody would be interested’ in seeing Gore’s film

Rush Limbaugh excerpt:
Here’s Algore with his second movie — by the way, it shows up at number 15 at the box office this weekend, and the global warming crowd is claiming sabotage from the movie studio.

That’s right. A Hollywood leftist movie studio — which facilitated the production of this movie — is sabotaging it? You mean a Hollywood studio has decided it would rather harm Gore’s movie than make money — a Hollywood studio, which makes Algore’s entire movie career possible? What do we to believe, that some people at the studio all of a sudden realize that Algore is not a movie star and that his movies are not any good? So we’re gonna sabotage ’em to get rid of Gore? Is that what’s going on? That’s what they want us to believe?

They simply can’t believe nobody would be interested. They can’t believe, after all this time and after all this propaganda — 30 years of it — that people wouldn’t be clamoring. They can’t understand it wouldn’t be number one at the box office. In their world, they see people lined up outside venues where Donald Trump is speaking; they don’t understand it and they get livid. And here comes Algore’s movie. Algore’s their response to Trump, of course.

“We’ll show you! Our guy is coming out with a movie. Our star, Algore, he’s got a movie. We’ll show you. You want to see crowds, you want to see people lined up outside the theater? You wait for Algore’s movie.” And of course not only were nobody lined up outside to get in nobody was inside, either, ’cause nobody cares. So here these people they hate Trump. They hate these big crowds. They hate the fact that there lines of people who can’t get in, who want to get in.

Their big answer to that is gonna be Algore’s movie, and it’s a yawner inducing sleep and nobody goes.