The Role of Internet Gatekeepers in Climate Alarmism

is a phone call… if you are unable to speak? 
Matrix, the movie

We hear that a Red Team is being created by the new administration to look at “climate science” again.  But what good is a Red Team if it would be smeared and intimidated even before it starts its work? Then its conclusions will be buried under a mountain of lies by environmentalists and the fakestream media.  Climate alarmists will also say something like “The Red Team, assembled from fossil fuel lobbyists and professional climate change deniers with intent to cast doubt on the climate science consensus has confirmed this consensus.”  We need a red pill, rather than the Red Team.  In other words, we need to break through the media blockade, created by Obama administration.

What good is our writing, if only a small percentage of the population can read it?  What good is our work, if it is boycotted, shadowbanned, de-trended and otherwise hidden from public view by Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other Web monopolies?  This problem has to be solved first if we want to defeat climate alarmism, cleanse the education and scientific institutions from pseudo-sciences and their promoters, and to stop certain groups from treating human breath as pollution.

This is why the subject of faux net neutrality is so important for climate realism.  Also, the faux net neutrality agenda shares many attributes with climate alarmism.  Both require understanding of technical or scientific details, which create barriers for public understanding. Both started with a legitimate, but small concern.  In the case of “net neutrality”, the concern appeared when a Verizon executive floated an idea of shifting some of ISP costs from customers to content providers.  In both cases, the concern received a broad bipartisan support, and has been exhaustively addressed.  In both cases, the radical Left appropriated the issue after that, and used its label to push incredibly ambitious plans.  In both cases, Obama administration readily accommodated radical plans.  EPA made the infamous Endangerment Finding, arrogating to itself power to regulate carbon dioxide release.  FCC issued FCC-15-24 order, arrogating to itself power to regulate Internet access, and, possibly other forms of press and speech.