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Gore: ‘Because of Pope Francis, I really could become a Catholic’ – ‘Climate Change’ Is A ‘Moral And Spiritual Issue’

Global warming industry leader co-hosts propagandistic CNN infomercial with Anderson Cooper John Lamparski/WireImage By ROBERT KRAYCHIK August 2, 2017 “Climate change” is a “moral and spiritual issue,” said Al Gore on Monday during a CNN-produced “town hall” event hosted by Anderson Cooper. Gore was prompted to frame “climate change” as something beyond politics by a left-wing […]

Gore Flies Nearly 3,000 Miles to Tell Us to Stop Using Carbon-Based Fuels 1792 Shares

By Dan Gainor | August 2, 2017 12:00 PM EDT There’s hypocrisy. Then there’s former Vice President Al Gore. For him, it’s like a superpower. Gore was the headliner for CNN’s “global town hall event” called “THE CLIMATE CRISIS.” It included moderator Anderson Cooper, Al Gore and questioners from the audience. The actual town hall took place in New York […]

Report: Al Gore’s Home Energy Use ‘Surges up to 34 Times the National Average’

Via: Al Gore’s Inconvenient Reality: The Former Vice President’s Home Energy Use Surges up to 34 Times the National Average Despite Costly Green Renovations by Drew Johnson  Introduction In February 2007, the day after his panicky global warming film “An Inconvenient Truth” won an Academy Award for best documentary, a shocking report based on public records […]

Gore: ‘Climate refugees are beginning to create instability in parts of Europe’

By TIM PEARCE Environmentalist and film producer Al Gore claimed “drought stricken refugees” are causing political unrest in Europe during a CNN town hall Tuesday night with Anderson Cooper. “The number of people that are becoming climate refugees already is beginning to create some political unrest and challenge to the governance of some countries that have a […]

The Role of Internet Gatekeepers in Climate Alarmism

By Leo Goldstein / 3 hours ago August 2, 2017y Agent Smith: Tell me, Mr. Anderson, what good  is a phone call… if you are unable to speak?  Matrix, the movie We hear that a Red Team is being created by the new administration to look at “climate science” again.  But what good is a Red Team if it would […]

Gore says fight for Paris accord, climate will continue despite Trump’s policies

While President Trump has made clear to the world that his administration will not support the Paris climate agreement, former Vice President Al Gore says he still has hope as a surge of activism has sprung up in reaction to Mr. Trump’s policies. “Even though President Trump announced he was going to pull out of the Paris […]