Marc Morano was recently in Australia to promote his movie, ‘ Climate Hustle ‘. At the same time, Al Gore was there to announce the sequel to ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. Gore is treated as an oracle by the Australian media. But he may not be so sure of his case, because he avoids any discussion with climate receptors, and certainly public discussions.

But that did not mean that Marc Morano was given a stage in the Australian-known program, The Bolt Report, to point out the disinformation, in which the climate’s mischief prophets grow. ‘The Bolt Report’ is a political discussion program in which the presenter, Andrew Bolt, freely discusses controversial issues.

Morano was again at the forefront of unmasking a number of fairy tales, which continue to spread climate alarms, despite the fact that they have been reprimanded many times. This applies, for example, to the ‘97% consensus’, the extinction of polar bears, weather extras and more.

“Our own” Richard Tol also featured prominently in the program.

Look, listen and enjoy.

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