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$14-Billion Viacom to Help Hype Gore’s Climate Apocalypse Sequel

The liberal media love Former Vice President Al Gore, the politician turned climate “crusader.” So much so that one of the biggest media companies in the nation — Viacom — is throwing its massive weight behind his new movie.

That means Viacom’s “approximately 700 million global subscribers” will be inundated with global warming propaganda to prop up Gore’s Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, which was already being distributed by Viacom’s Paramount brand. Expect the $14-billion company’s other outlets like MTV, VH1, CMT, BET, Comedy Central, Spike and even Nickelodeon to heat up your cable box pushing the flawed documentary and climate alarmism.

Already, network morning shows have boosted Gore and the new film with fawning interviews. The networks also failed to expose Gore’s rewrite about NYC flooding which appeared in sequel promos. That came as no surprise since the broadcast network news shows left out criticism of Gore and his climate activism 87 percent of the time.

The liberal media love Gore. Nothing else can explain the adulation, the refusal to challenge and blatant partnerships of media outlets with the politician turned climate “crusader.”