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Treasury Dept Asked To Investigate Reports That Russia Funneled Millions To US Environmental Groups

By MICHAEL BASTASCH House lawmakers have added another twist to the ongoing congressional Russia investigation by asking the Treasury Department to look into allegations Russia secretly funneled money to environmental groups opposed to oil and gas drilling. Top Republicans want the Trump administration to investigate a Bermuda-based shell company that funneled money to a prominent environmental non-profit […]

Climate change shock as ecology professor says impact has been GOOD for wildlife

CLIMATE change and human changes to the natural world have had a positive impact on wildlife, a professor has controversially claimed. By JON AUSTIN PUBLISHED: 16:33, Thu, Jul 6, 2017 | UPDATED: 17:34, Thu, Jul 6, 2017 Human impact on our planet has not been as bad as though according to the book. In his new book, Inheritors of […]

Analysis: The flaw in Trump’s energy plans: ‘Continuing to view CO2 as toxic is a mistake’

By Tom Harris – – Wednesday, July 5, 2017 ANALYSIS/OPINION: President Trump’s energy policies are, mostly, a beautiful thing to see. In line with his America First Energy Plan, Mr. Trump has ended the Obama administration’s war on coal, America’s least expensive source of electricity, by rescinding the Clean Power Plan and other burdensome and unnecessary regulations. He has […]

Report: Michael Mann Doubles Down Over ‘Contempt’ Issue

Published on July 7, 2017 Written by John O’Sullivan Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann doubles down on his crumbling SLAPP lawsuit versus Tim Ball with a statement of denial from his lawyer posted on Mann’s Facebook page and tagged with #FakeNews. In a screed of hand-waving assertions, the statement fails to deny Mann abused process, breached a written undertaking […]

Calif Gov. Jerry Brown: ‘America’s de facto leader on climate change’ to gather world leaders for summit Gov. Jerry Brown of California on Thursday reinforced his reputation as America’s de facto leader on climate change, announcing to cheering crowds in Hamburg, Germany that his state would gather leaders from around the world for a global warming summit next year. Speaking by videoconference to the Global Citizens Festival in Hamburg, where President […]

Analysis: ‘A Red Team to end the climate wars: fun but likely to fail’

By Editor of the Fabius Maximus website  Science & Nature  7 July 2017 Summary:  Team Trump has proposed a Red Team project to resolve the climate debates. It’s an exciting promise of an easy solution to the public policy gridlock. It will make the situation worse. The climate debate has — like so many other policy debates — become dominated […]

Warmists Upset: ‘Notorious Climate Denier Marc Morano Flying to Australia’ For Climate Hustle Screenings

Via: By Graham Readfearn • Thursday, July 6, 2017 – 22:35 Marc Morano — one of world’s most notorious climate science deniers — is heading to Australia to push his discredited documentary Climate Hustle. Morano is the communications director at the mistitled Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) – one among a suite of US-based conservative “free market” groups that helped convince […]