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Warmists Upset: ‘Notorious Climate Denier Marc Morano Flying to Australia’ For Climate Hustle Screenings


By Graham Readfearn • Thursday, July 6, 2017 – 22:35

Marc Morano — one of world’s most notorious climate science deniers — is heading to Australia to push his discredited documentary Climate Hustle.

Morano is the communications director at the mistitled Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) – one among a suite of US-based conservative “free market” groups that helped convince President Donald Trump to pull the country out of the international Paris climate agreement.

Climate Hustle, first screened in late 2015 in Paris, claims human-caused climate change is a scare story and that scientists actually disagree that humans are causing global warming.

In reality, climate scientists and campaigners say the documentary is a rehash of long-debunked talking points, cherry-picked claims and misrepresentations promoted by a “fossil fuel salesman.”

Australian Screenings

According to promotional materials, the film will screen in Melbourne on 12 July at the State Library of Victoria, in Brisbane on 15 July at New Farm Cinema and then on 18 July in Sydney at Club Five Dock.

Morano told DeSmog he wants to encourage Australia to withdraw from the United Nations Paris agreement – a step taken by the President Donald Trump, who has packed his administration with staff members who reject the conclusions of the world’s scientific community that greenhouse gases are causing climate change.

Climate scientists who have reviewed the film for DeSmog have described Climate Hustle as “muddled”, “misleading” and “the usual rubbish from the usual suspects.”

Anticipating that Morano and his two colleagues also travelling from the United States will seek media coverage, campaigners said the group should be ignored.

The last thing we need is another fossil fuel salesman,” said a Greenpeace spokesperson.

Before and after the film was released, Morano gave multiple media interviews on conservative TV networks in the United States.

In May 2016, the film was shown in about 400 US cinemas after CFACT paid a distributor for a one-night only broadcast of the film.

The film gained more media coverage after Morano secured the enthusiastic endorsement of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, prompting a combination of disdain and ridicule.

At the European Parliament in Brussels in October 2016, Climate Hustle was shown by a group of Eurosceptics to a near empty room in the EU Parliament.

Aside from rehashing long-debunked myths about climate science, the movie itself has been described by one filmmaker as “very amateurish” and “not very watchable.”

Who is Marc Morano?

Morano has been described as a “central cell of the climate-denial machine” and has worked for conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and US Senator James Inhofe – a Republican who once suggested “manmade global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

Morano told DeSmog: “We are taking a quick hop to Australia to help export the awesomeness of what is currently happening in the U.S. when it comes to climate policy.

There is no reason we climate skeptics in the U.S. should not be exporting our good fortune of rejecting the UN Paris pact. Climate skeptics in the U.S. have been grinning ear to ear for months now. We have lots to get done in Australia. At the top of the list is helping to spread a global Clexit — Climate exit from UN Paris Pact.”

Blair Palese, CEO of the Australian arm of the climate campaign group, said: “Morano is one of the most notorious climate deniers worldwide. Given how certain scientists are worldwide about the links between our man-made emissions and climate change, we are well beyond listening to the likes of a Morano who wants to do nothing but slow us down on the urgent action we need”

A Greenpeace director, Susannah Compton, said: “Marc Morano has no scientific training yet tries to argue with scientists, he is paid by industry groups with a vested interest in fossil fuels, yet cries conspiracy.

“He is a fossil fuels salesman masquerading as a climate sceptic and should be ignored. The last thing we need is another fossil fuel salesman spreading more lies and climate charlatanism.”

Morano was thrown out of the 2016 United Nations climate talks in Morocco for holding an unauthorised protest while standing next to a life-size cut out of Donald Trump. At the time, Morano was with a delegation headed by Myron Ebell, who was part of Donald Trump’s team tasked with preparing the Environmental Protection Authority for the new administration.

Craig Rucker said: “CFACT has a lot of fans and followers in Australia who have long wanted us to make a trip. We were beckoned to come and are excited to premiere our film Climate Hustle.”

According to one climate science denial blog, groups helping to organise the CFACT trip are the Galileo Movement (once managed by current One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts), the Australian Environment Foundation, the Australian Tax Payers Alliance and the Australian Institute for Progress.

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