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Watch: Morano in Sky News TV debate with Greenpeace: ‘It’s the greatest thing for the U.S. to leave Paris pact’

Partial Transcript:
Sky News Anchor Kay Burley: Why wouldn’t the U.S. want to remain. Given If they do leave they are in tandem with  the only two countries I can think of Syria and Nicaragua.
Marc Morano: It’s the greatest for the U.S. to leave this pact and join Syria and Nicaragua, these two — oh my gosh — we’re joining these rogue nations. This treaty has no basis not only in science, but in actual cost benefit analysis. Even if you use all the UN assumptions and believe everything they claim about the science, you would not be able to measure the temperature difference in a 100 years assuming all the countries did what thy planned to do.
It is a completely symbolic treaty with huge economic costs. And one thing Donald Trump consistent about. If you go back to the 1980s with his Oprah Winfrey interviews. He’s been America first and he has been concerned about sovereignty. So he is not going to look at this and think it is a good deal for America when the UN has actually said they will redistribute wealth by climate policy. This has nothing to do with climate policy. This is a no brainer for Trump to withdraw the U.S. from. This could lead a full-scale Clexit, a climate exit.
If we did face a climate apocalypse, you don’t need the UN to sit there and decide what energy mix countries should have. UN bureaucrats don’t have to be in charge. You don’t need central planning to determine that. What you need is technology and the U.S. is leading the way by lowering emissions with technology when it comes to fracking.
The evidence for a catastrophe is not there. We are at historical lows for extreme weather and hottest year records are within the margin of error they are ridiculous. It is a fancy way of saying global temperatures have not change much in 17 or 18 years.
Sky News Anchor Kay Burley: President Trump is really setting himself against almost every other country. is that what we want the leader of the free world to do?
Morano: Absolutely. We been called a rogue nation along with Syria and Nicaragua. The U.S was founded as a rogue nation. Trump wants to be a leader. His whole premise was the art of a deal and he knows a bad deal when he sees one This is an easy thing for him to decide. This was one of his campaign promises.
This was actually foisted upon america by President Obama. He bypassed democracy both in terms of his EPA legislation, which was an executive order — he never went to Congress. And also he did this with Paris, which in every way a was a treaty, they just did not want to call it that. because they bypassed it, use hey knew they could not get it ratified.
Trump is showing true leadership. Standing up to the world and say we are not buying belief in superstition that a UN agreement that even if you believe in UN assumptions would have no measurable impact on temps in 100 years or has anything to do with saving the planet or climate. Donald Trump should win a medal of scientific courage and political courage for pulling out of this.