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Left-wing heads will explode if Trump exits UN Paris Climate Deal

Brace for hysteria.

The AP has already asked members of team warming to assume that all other countries honor their Paris commitments 100%, made assumptions about U.S. emissions outside of Paris and plugged that into their “worst case” computer simulations.  Predictably they predict rising sea levels, extreme weather, etc.  They ignore the fact their computer models have consistentely run far warmer than real world observations show since their inception and that there has been no meaningful warming since the turn of the millennium.

CBS went all-in on the AP’s climate modeling scare story without critically examining its extreme claims.

Take a look over at “IFL Science” (The “F” stands for a crude word for reproduction) if you’d like to get a more comprehensive peek at the scare-mongering to come.

If they truly “F’n” loved science they’d never post a bogus list like this.  Here’s what they claim happens if President Trump breaks free from the Paris Agreement:

  • The U.S. economy loses $2 trillion
  • Hurricanes become stronger and “stranger”
  • Intense droughts and wildfires
  • Climate refugees flood inland
  • Americans will get sicker with more diabetes and heart disease
  • Warfare will increase
  • Africa will be destabilized
  • American defense capabilities will weaken
  • Rape, murder and assault will increase
  • Americans will starve
  • American foreign policy will “shrink”

How’d they plow through so many bogus claims without mentioning polar bears?

Wouldn’t it be great if the media actually did its job and fact checked the coming extreme climate hype storm?

We’d learn that the Paris Treaty doesn’t save or generate money, it burns it up.   Economist Bjorn Lomborg’s peer-reviewed estimate concludes that Paris is “history’s most expensive treaty. It will slow the world’s economic growth to force a shift to inefficient green energy sources… This will achieve almost nothing…  even if every nation were to fulfill all their carbon-cutting promises by 2030 and stick to them all the way through the century—at a cost of more than $100 trillion in lost GDP—global temperature rise would be reduced by a tiny 0.3°F (0.17°C).”   That’s assuming the models are accurate and they never have been!

Weather, extreme or otherwise, has not been worsening.  Most weather is currently mild or at historic lows confounding the modelers once again.

Sea level has been increasing at 1 to 3 mm per year (about the width of a paper clip) without accelerating since before the industrial revolution.  Antarctic ice is stable and shows no signs of melting away.  (If you truly believe that coastlines are doomed, we’d like to take your waterfront property off your hands at a discount.   Step right up and escape your watery doom!)

Violence, illness, starvation, rape, weakened defense, etc. this is all politically driven speculation piled upon speculation with no basis in reality.

Does anyone truly believe that the problems that plague Sub-Saharan Africa are caused by American electricity and SUVs?  Africa is rent apart by tribalism, corruption and 20th century left-wing ideologies.  What Africa needs is free markets, fair elections and the rule of law.

How long until Senators Franken, Whitehouse, Sanders, Warren & Blumenthal print IFL Science’s warming propaganda onto whiteboards and stay up for another all night global warming Senate pajama party?

Love him or hate him (no one is indifferent), you must concede that anti-Trump hysteria is at fever pitch.  Add global warming hysteria to the mix and brace yourself for an extreme storm of hysteria.