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The Looney Effort to Keep the US in the Paris Non-Treaty ‘Treaty’

By Alan Carlin | May 25, 2017

The Climate-Industrial Complex (CIC) is fighting hard to keep the US in the Paris Accord (to the extent it ever was in it given that the Senate has never consented to it), which I call the Paris non-treaty Treaty. And President Trump promises a decision after the G-7 meeting this weekend.

The CIC is being assisted by a number of climate alarmist fellow-travelers. They claim that it will not do any harm to keep the US in the endless UN talkfests promoting the CIC agenda. But this is nonsense. The Treaty will accomplish nothing useful, will harm the environment, and pose some legal risks that are likely to be used by the CIC to support their anti-environmental war on plants.

The Fundamental Reason to Get Out: The “Treaty” Makes Everyone Worse Off Except the CIC

The purpose of the “Treaty” is to motivate developed countries to commit to endlessly larger reductions in their CO2 emissions. But there is no rational reason for making such reductions and many rational reasons for increasing emissions. Increasing CO2emissions is what we should be doing because using fossil fuels helps humans to accomplish their work much less expensively and more efficiently and because higher atmospheric levels of CO2 help the environment, especially plants. And enhanced photosynthesis helps plants provide the oxygen needed by animals and humans.

The “renewable” alternatives to using fossil fuels advocated by the CIC are much more expensive, much less reliable, and impractical. Using these alternatives results in a lower standard of living and diversion of resources from other urgent human needs such as health and education.

The “Treaty” puts the US and other developed nations at an economic disadvantage to less developed nations such as China and India since the less developed countries are exempt from CO2 reductions for decades to come. After many years of trying to become energy independent, the US now has the opportunity of realizing the dream of energy dominance by being the world’s energy superpower in natural gas, oil, and coal. The CIC wants the US to give up this strong economic and security advantage in support of its absurd war on green plants.

Increased Atmospheric CO2 Has No Significant Effect on Global Temperatures

Increased atmospheric CO2 has been shown to have no significant effects on global temperatures. And even if this were not the case, Earth needs as much warmth as it can get as long as the increases are non-catastrophic (which minor human-caused emissions are certainly not).