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Why the UN’s Climate Models Are Inherently Unreliable, and Should Be Abandoned

Those who have examined the Wallace, Christy, and d’Aleo (WCD) 2016 and 2017 reports discussed in recent months on this blog may be understandably confused as to how they relate to the numerous climate models used by the UN IPCC and the USEPA over many years in support of their climate alarmism. Source: Why the […]

NOAA Downgrades Probability Of 2017 El Nino

NOAA has downgraded the probability of an El Nino later this year to 46% from 51% in its April forecast and 53% in March. ENSO-neutral persisted during April, with near-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) observed across the central equatorial Pacific and above-average SSTs in the eastern Pacific [Fig. 1] . Source: NOAA Downgrades Probability Of […]