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Climatist Consortium Against Human Health

Website, owned by a previously unknown group called the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health (“MedSocCon”), published a number of  irresponsible and misinforming posters, statements, “reports,” and other materials.  These materials teach doctors that certain illnesses are caused or aggravated by “climate change” and/or “global warming,” which are, according to the same materials, caused by combustion of fossil fuels.  Posters and talking points for communication with patients tell the patients to “vote for elected leaders that will act to cut climate pollution.” These materials also instruct doctors to give wrong advice to their patients, both adults and children.  For example, a poster for children speaks directly to kids (over the heads of their parents) and tells them to bike to school.  Dangers and high fatality rates of biking compared with driving are ignored.  A “Heart Health” poster advises heart patients to replace their car trips with biking and walking.

Many of these materials are based on or utilize climate propaganda materials developed by the Center for Climate Change Communication (“4C”) of George Mason University.  MedSocCon gives these materials to doctors to use in diagnosing and/or treating illnesses and diseases.

Since March 14 MedSocCon and its propaganda have been heavily promoted by the former mainstream media.  The timing is not accidental.  This seems to be a part of the well-organized “resistance” against President Trump.