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Watch out, Mr. President. The environmentalists are coming for you « Hot Air

posted at 8:31 pm on January 30, 2017 by Jazz Shaw

Donald Trump has been put on notice. (This is the… what? The 7,256th time he’s been put on notice?) The nation’s environmental activists aren’t going to take his regulatory and administrative changes without a fight. They’re lining up their legal teams and getting ready to tie the White House up in lawsuits such as they’ve never seen. Or at least so they say. (Associated Press)

The night before Donald Trump’s inauguration, five environmental lawyers filed a federal court brief defending an Obama administration clean-water rule that the new president and his Republican allies have targeted for elimination, considering it burdensome to landowners.

The move served as a warning that environmentalists, facing a hostile administration and a Republican-dominated Congress, are prepared to battle in court against what they fear will be a wave of unfavorable policies concerning climate change, wildlife protection, federal lands and pollution.

Advocacy groups nationwide are hiring more staff lawyers. They’re coordinating with private attorneys and firms that have volunteered to help. They’re reviewing statutes, setting priorities and seeking donations.

Let’s review, because this seems to be the marching orders. They are:

  • Reviewing statutes
  • Setting priorities
  • Seeking donations

Yes, you need to get that “seeking donations” clause in there early, don’t you? Not to worry. I’m sure the President has taken notice and will soon be reconsidering his plans in the face of such a robust #Resist movement. What mere mortal could stand up to that hash tag?