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Marlo Lewis: Why The Senate Should Help Trump Repudiate The Paris Climate Agreement

The election of Donald J. Trump to be the next president will soon enable congressional advocates of pro-growth energy policy to go on the offense for the first time in eight years—and they should, for the sake of our Constitution, among other things. During the Obama presidency, the U.S. House of Representatives passed numerous bills […]

False Alarm: Spate Of New Studies Reject Claim Corals Are In Imminent Danger

By P Gosselin on 21. December 2016 Coral reefs keep cool By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated by P Gosselin) Coral horror stories have long been among the favorites of the media. Lately, however, a number of journalists have been taking a closer look at the state of the coral […]

As Polar Bear Populations Fail To Decline, Message Of Doom Intensifies

In turns out that polar bears are much more resilient to changing levels of sea ice than data collectors assume and the proof is in the current healthy populations everywhere. If 10 years of summer sea ice levels expected to kill 2/3 of the world’s polar bears by 2050 hasn’t had an impact, why would […]

Siberia Sizzles At 58C Below

20 Dec 2016 – Heavy snowfall in Saudi Arabia – Such snow not seen for many years. Temperature below zero.     19 Dec 2016 – Snow in the Sahara for the first time since 1979   18 Dec 2016 – Record low temperatures have been recorded in cities across South Dakota, Iowa […]

New Book by Steve Milloy: ‘Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA’

Available on Kindle NOW… print edition coming! The full story of the scientific fraud underlying EPA’s war on coal and climate rules. My proof that particulate matter kills no one. Endorsed by Sen. Jim Inhofe and the former chairman of EPA’s own Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, George Wolff.

Polar Bear Population Is Rising, Despite ‘Global Warming’ Fears

Polar bears are much more resilient to changing levels of sea ice than environmentalists previously believed, and numerous healthy populations are thriving. Predictions that bears would die due to a lack of sea ice have continuously not come to pass. A new study by Canadian scientists found “no evidence” polar bears are currently threatened by global […]

Jeb Bush: Scott Pruitt is ready to turn around the EPA

(CNN)When Scott Pruitt and I assembled a Restoring Federalism Task Force last year, he headlined the plan: “Putting Washington In Its Place.” Those five words sum up exactly what the American people were clamoring for in this election: a dramatic shift of power out of a broken Washington and back into the hands of the […]