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Largest all-female expedition braves Antarctica to fight inequality, ‘climate change’

By Umberto Bacchi LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The largest all-female expedition to Antarctica, comprising 76 scientists, is due to set sail from Argentina on Friday in a quest to promote women in science and highlight the impact of climate change on the planet. The international team will brave sub-zero temperatures to undergo a 20-day […]

Biologist Says Humanity Won’t Survive To See Thanksgiving 2026

It’s time to set the doomsday clock to Thanksgiving 2026 or sooner, according to a university professor who “can’t imagine there will be a human on the planet in 10 years.” University of Arizona biology professor Guy McPherson thinks human-caused global warming is pushing the world closer to the sixth mass extinction. Based on his […]

EU MEP Roger Helmer: ‘The Lessons of Lysenko’ & ‘climate change’

Following the death of Fidel Castro, it’s perhaps a good time to think about the malign impacts of totalitarian government, and the damage that political agendas can do to science. I was recently discussing Lysenko with a friend (as you do), and naturally we turned to Wikipedia to clarify a point.  And I came across […]

France’s socialist gov’t to drop carbon tax plan

Source: GWPF It appears to be all crumbling for the elites: Brexit against their wishes; The Paris agreement; Trump wins popular vote in US;     and now France to drop carbon tax plan. From a report from Reuters:   The French government is set to drop plans to introduce a carbon tax, French financial […]