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Media claim: ‘Renewables surged past coal…become world’s biggest source of electricity’ – Reality: Coal produced 41% & Renewables 6%

By STEVEN CAPOZZOLA 26 Oct 2016  CNBC viewers are being snookered. The business news network featured an article in the “Sustainable Energy” section of its Website that proclaimed: “Renewables surged past coal in 2015 to become world’s biggest source of electricity: IEA.” In reading that headline, one might get the impression that wind turbines and solar panels […]

UN Poll Shows Climate Change Is the Lowest of All Global Concerns – 16th out of 16!

by JAMES DELINGPOLE26 Oct 2016293 Every year the UN runs a pollwhich surveys people’s greatest concerns across the world. It’s significant because the responses run into the millions and canvas the views of people from all countries, rich and poor. So guess where ‘climate change’ comes on the global population’s list of priorities. Yes, that’s right. […]

UN poll shows fighting ‘climate change’ is a dead-last issue

According to the United Nations’ yearly poll that ranks people’s greatest worries, action on #Climate Change comes in dead last. That’s across all countries and groups, all genders, all education levels, and all age groups. At the top of the list was a “good education” and “better healthcare” followed by “better job opportunities.” Climate change […]

Americans More Scared of Clowns than ‘Climate Change’ – 42% to 32%

Americans are more afraid of clowns than climate change, terrorism, and … death Updated by Zachary [email protected]  Oct 21, 2016, 10:00am EDT  TWEET  SHARE Zachary Crockett / Vox We live in scary times. In 2016, we’ve seen hundreds of mass shootings. We’ve watched the gap between rich and poor Americans widen. We’ve witnessed the fulminant rise of Donald Trump, whose […]