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375 Scientists Worried About Global Warming Basically Endorse Hillary For President

Hundreds of members of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) signed an open letter criticizing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for calling global warming a “hoax,” and also called on “political leaders” to support an international agreement to fight warming.

The open letter, signed by 375 NAS members, is basically an endorsement of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Two of the letter’s signatories, climate scientists Kerry Emanuel and Ben Santer, wrote in a Washington Post op-ed that “efforts to reduce the risk to future generations are now being imperiled by a small yet vocal group that denies the validity of the evidence and of scientific expertise in general.”

“Of special and immediate concern is the stated intent of the current Republican Party platform and presidential nominee Donald Trump to promote the extraction and use of the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels, to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement and to rescind President Obama’s executive actions designed to reduce climate risk,” they wrote.

Emanuel and Santer, writing on behalf of the 375 NAS members, are referring to a United Nations treaty agreed to at talks in Paris, France in December 2015 to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump has promised to “renegotiate” the Paris deal, and may even scrap it altogether as part of his plan to get “better deals” for Americans. Clinton, on the other hand, supports the Paris treaty and has promised to build upon President Barack Obama’s global warming legacy.

In that context, NAS scientists are essentially backing Clinton presidential bid.

“We are deeply concerned about the serious long-term damage to our world that would result if the climate and energy policy goals of Trump and the Republican Party were to become our national policies, reversing decades of progress on energy, climate, clean air and clean water,” Emanuel and Santer wrote.

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