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Guardian: Global Warming Is ‘Racist’

Just when it seemed that climate change fantasies couldn’t get any more bizarre, the liberal UK newspaper The Guardianhas launched the wild theory that global warming is essentially a “racist” crisis, perpetrated by wealthy whites against poor, vulnerable blacks.

The “reasoning” behind the outlandish hypothesis runs something like this. Begin with the unprovable premise that “Britain is the biggest contributor per capita to global temperature change.” Next, assume that Britain “is also one of the least vulnerable to the effects of climate change,” whatever that means. Finally, declare that “seven of the 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change are in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Et voilà, climate change has just become a racial issue, wrought by selfish white people on unsuspecting blacks.

If The Guardian’s three assertions about global warming were all true, it still wouldn’t make climate change a racial issue, of course. “Race” here would be completely incidental—rather than causal—to the phenomenon.