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Is Obama Worried About A Global Warming Apocalypse?

The New York Times’ multi-part series profiling President Barack Obama’s legacy on global warming reveals the president is a fan of a book on how “climate change and overpopulation” could cause modern civilization to collapse. Obama was apparently a fan of Jared Diamond’s 2005 book “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed,” which “explored the […]

Flashback: Experts Blamed ‘Global Cooling’ For The Widespread Droughts Of The 1970s

How Global Cooling Led To The Widespread Droughts Of The 1970s SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 By Paul Homewood   In October 1974, the NOAA Magazine published this piece by Patrick Hughes about the detrimental effects of 30 years of global cooling (yes, the cooling that warmists insist never happened!)   We are told that […]

Democrats – Global warming is too important to wait for democracy?

This comes from Bernie Sanders’ website. According to the Vermont Senator’s website, the Democratic Party draft platform reads: “Democrats believe that climate change is too important to wait for climate deniers and defeatists in Congress to start listening to science, and support using every tool available to reduce emissions now.” Too important to wait for […]

U.S. companies tout climate policies, fund climate skeptics

U.S. companies that have expressed the most fervent public support for President Barack Obama’s environmental agenda are also funding its biggest enemies – the scores of U.S. lawmakers who are climate change skeptics and oppose regulation to combat it, according to a Reuters review of public records. Ahead of the Nov. 8 presidential and congressional […]