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Claim: Climate change is spreading Lyme disease

Nymphs questing through the forest. The phrase conjures up images of a scene from Game of Thrones. But encountering a real nymph on its quest offers a potentially harmful brush with climate change. Immature deer ticks are called questing nymphs. They now inhabit a wide swath of North American forests, but they didn’t always. During […]

Archaeology suggests no direct link between climate change and early human innovation

Environmental records obtained from archaeological sites suggest climate may not have been directly linked to cultural and technological innovations of Middle Stone Age humans in southern Africa, according to a study published July 6, 2016 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Patrick Roberts from the University of Oxford, UK, and colleagues. The Middle Stone […]

NATO to consider climate change impact and military build-up in Arctic seas

As global warming opens up new shipping lanes and access to valuable resources, countries are firming up their military presence in the Arctic. The increasing militarization of the north means Arctic affairs and climate change are both likely to land on the agenda at NATO summit in Warsaw, Poland on July 8 and 9th, according […]

Analysis: ‘The Link between Extreme Environmentalism and Hard-Core Racism’

By Jeffrey A. Tucker Wednesday, July 06, 2016 In my reading and writing on the history of eugenics (here, here, and here), I’ve begun to discern a common trait between the people called environmentalists and racists from a century ago. They share a common outlook that is illiberal to its core. They imagine that a wise […]

Analysis: ‘The Real Reason Why US Farmers Are Sceptical Of Climate Change’

But has it not occurred to these geniuses that maybe, just maybe, these farmers actually understand their climate and its history much better than they do? Or that climatic patterns change all the time? Let’s check out what NOAA have to say about the climate of the Corn Belt (and bear in mind that these […]

Cosmopolitan Magazine: Global Warming Causing Shark Attacks!

Cosmopolitan Magazine warns that 2016 will be a big year for shark attacks around the world and global warming is to blame. In a Cosmo essay shared with EsquireMagazine, Sarah Rense writes that last year saw “a record number of shark attacks” with a total of 98 attacks and six deaths. In comparison, she says, […]