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Report: New Documents Confirm: ‘Climate RICO’ AGs Attempting to Write Themselves Out of Transparency Laws to Hide Abusive Campaign

For Immediate Release: July 6, 2016 Contact: Craig Richardson [email protected] 703-981-5553 New Documents Confirm: “Climate RICO” AGs Attempting to Write Themselves Out of Transparency Laws to Hide Abusive Campaign Washington, DC – New responses from state Attorneys General offices (OAGs) obtained by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) and the Free Market Environmental […]

‘Rapid cooling’ underway: Big Drop In Earth’s June Temperatures According To Satellites

Via: Second largest 2-month drop in global average satellite temperatures. Largest 2-month drop in tropical average satellite temperatures.   NOTE: This is the fifteenth monthly update with our new Version 6.0 dataset. Differences versus the old Version 5.6 dataset are discussed here. Note we are now at “beta5” for Version 6, and the paper describing […]

DiCaprio flies friends 6,000 miles for ‘GLOBAL WARMING’ speech

What planet are you on, Leo? DiCaprio flies his LA friends 6,000 miles around the world so they can listen to his speech on GLOBAL WARMING  Leonardo DiCaprio warned about global warming in his Oscars speech  Later this month he is holding a gala dinner for his foundation in St Tropez  Robert DeNiro and Arnold […]

Already 240 Published Papers In 2016 Alone Show AGW ‘Consensus’ Is A Fantasy

770 papers questioning AGW “consensus” since 2014 By Kenneth Richard It is apparently regarded as “consensus” science that more than half of the climate changes occurring since the mid-20th century have been caused by humans.  For example, the IPCC’s “consensus” statement from 2013 reads like this: It is extremely likely more than half of the […]

770 papers questioning global warming ‘consensus’ since 2014

Since January 2014, the last 2 and half years, 770 peer-reviewed scientific papers have been published in scholarly journals that call into question just how settled the “consensus” science is that says anthropogenic or CO2 forcing dominates weather and climate changes, or that non-anthropogenic factors play only a relatively minor and inconsequential role. (LINK) Just […]

Al Gore calls himself the ‘Jackie Robinson’ of global warming

As Ed Lasky points out, Gore has led a charmed life: “Son of a senator, political royalty,” and yet he now makes a completely inappropriate, indeed offensive claim.  Via the Washington Examiner: As a man on a “great social mission,” former Vice President Al Gore says he feels like baseball trailblazer Jackie Robinson, the messenger […]