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Alex Epstein: ‘Defend the Right to Free Speech Against Climate Fascism’

Via Alex Epstein’s email:

Last week I wrote you about how the government’s persecution of companies and think-tanks who challenge climate catastrophism extended to me–and that I responded with a righteous three-word response to the Massachusetts Attorney General and a $100,000 challenge to the leader of the campaign, Al Gore, to debate me.

The story has gotten good coverage in PJ Media, Ricochet, The Blaze, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, Watts Up With That, Zero Hedge, Ari Armstrong’s blog.

I have never received so much positive, encouraging feedback in my life from those of you who supported my approach–but I also got some negative feedback from people, including several in the fossil fuel industry who think it is never acceptable to be disrespectful, let alone profane, to a public official.

Obviously, I disagree–I chose to use profanity in writing for the first time for very deliberate reasons. I gave some of my reasons in an interview for this excellent Ari Armstrong article:

Persecutors get away with violating rights in large part because the victims treat them as civilized. The Massachusetts Attorney General is demanding my emails at gunpoint because I have prominently voiced opinions that are contrary to hers. She is a fascist, acting profanely. “F**k off, fascist” was therefore the response she deserved.

For the general public, who may innocently misunderstand the issues regarding ExxonMobil, I explained them fully in a Forbes article. But I’m not responding to that thug (who calls herself an Attorney General) with an article.

I think most people understood my reasons, which is why my response received thousands of positive comments and made far more of an impact than the understated articles and press releases that others have written.

But even if you still disagree with how I defend our rights, if you value this country you need to be fighting for those rights in whatever way you can. If you are more upset about me using the f-word against the fascist suppression of free speech than you are about the fascist suppression of free speech then something is very wrong.

I have a standard question I now ask to anyone who is angry at me for my approach:

Have you written the AG yourself and criticized her for her suppression of free speech and attempt to destroy the fossil fuel industry? If not, I hope you do. Surely those acts are more profane than mine.

I thank all of you who realize the profanity of what the government is doing and have helped create awareness about climate fascism. I implore everyone on this list to reach out to anyone you know, especially influencers you know, and shared this story with them. Al Gore and his Attorneys General need to be shamed into retreat and retirement from their fundamental assault on this country’s energy industry and its Constitution.




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