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Will we see a climate skeptic as British Prime Minister?

Will we see a climate sceptic as British Prime Minister? The marvellous Brexit news and PM Cameron’s plan to resign leaves Boris Johnson as the “walk up” candidate to be the new P.M. Yet I wonder if Cameron holding the fort till October is to give the greatest chance for the party to find […]

Trump Needs Help To Stay The Course On Climate Change – Lessons from Canada

Americans should look north for an illustration of what is likely to happen if climate realists do not hold Trump’s feet to the fire. Before first winning a minority government in 2006, former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised to get to the bottom of the climate change file. Neither he, nor most members of […]

Alex Epstein: ‘Defend the Right to Free Speech Against Climate Fascism’

Via Alex Epstein’s email: Last week I wrote you about how the government’s persecution of companies and think-tanks who challenge climate catastrophism extended to me–and that I responded with a righteous three-word response to the Massachusetts Attorney General and a $100,000 challenge to the leader of the campaign, Al Gore, to debate me. The story has gotten […]

UN boss: Brexit may mean rewriting Paris Agreement on climate change

A vote for Brexit in tomorrow’s UK referendum on EU membership (23 June) would mean that the COP21 agreement would have to be rewritten, the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change said today (22 June) in Brussels. Christiana Figueres, one of the architects of the historic deal struck last December to […]

Lies, Damned Lies, And The EPA’s ‘Clean Power Plan’

President Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” is on pause, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling in March after more than two dozen states filed suit to stop it. A new report shows why the plan should be scrapped entirely, and the EPA sued for fraud. By its own admission, the EPA says Clean Power Plan is […]


From Andy May at Watts Up With That, a fascinating chart that plots estimated global mean temperatures along with historical events over the last 4,000 years. Most of the time line is based on ice cores, while the most recent temperatures are from the HadCRUT (probably inflated) database. There are explanation and commentary at the […]