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Scientific Research Confirms: Increased CO2 Improves Southern Hemisphere Forest Growth

Plant life across the world has improved and increased profoundly,everywhere, due to the higher levels of atmospheric CO2, in combination with the modest global warming since the Little Ice Age.

The most recent study confirming this benefit to the biosphere pinpoints exceptional growth and health for older forests in the Southern Hemisphere – specifically, the Cordilleras region of southern Chile.

Per the study:

“Urrutia-Jalabert et al. performed a series of analyses on tree ring cores they obtained from long-lived Fitzroya cupressoides stands, which they say “may be the slowest-growing and longest-lived high biomass forest stands in the world.” … the authors write “the sustained positive trend in tree growth is striking in this old stand, suggesting that the giant trees in this forest have been accumulating biomass at a faster rate since the beginning of the [20th] century.” And coupling that finding with the 32 percent increase in water use efficiency over the same time period, Urrutia-Jalabert et al. conclude the trees “are actually responding to environmental change.” … the researchers state “we believe that this increasing growth trend…has likely been driven by some combination of CO2 and/or surface radiation increases,” adding that “pronounced changes in CO2 have occurred in parallel with changes in climate, making it difficult to distinguish between both effects.””

As is often the case, scientific research again confirms that the dogmatic consensus climate science, such as the “expert” prediction that the globe’s biosphere would suffer great harm from anthropogenic CO2, has proven to be spectacularly wrong.

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