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Hypocrite! Leo DiCaprio takes private jet 8000 miles to collect environmental award   Leo DiCaprio picked up an environmental award in NYC this week — but hypocritically expanded his carbon footprint by 8,000 miles when he obtained the honor, by taking a private jet from Cannes, then flying straight back to France on another jet for a model-packed fund-raiser a night later. DiCaprio was at the […]

Analysis: NOAA & NASA altering past temperature data to promote ‘global warming’

In 1978, NOAA showed 0.6 degrees global cooling since 1975 at the surface and in balloon data. The cooling was present in both hemispheres. 1520-0493(1978)106<0755:GTVSMA>2.0.CO;2 The National Academy of Sciences knew about this cooling in 1975. sn1975_climate_change_chilling_possibilities-1.pdf This cooling was seen in the vast majority of US stations and is still present in the untampered US […]

Al Gore’s Film 10 Years Later: Warmists gush: ‘The Slideshow That Saved The World’

Did any of this actually “save the world?” OK, you got us. Ten years after the movie’s release, climate change is still a growing threat and a polarizing issue, with record-breaking heat unable to stop skeptics from tossing snowballs on the Senate floor. But we’re also seeing corporate, political, and societal mobilization against the crisis […]

Scientific Research Confirms: Increased CO2 Improves Southern Hemisphere Forest Growth

Plant life across the world has improved and increased profoundly,everywhere, due to the higher levels of atmospheric CO2, in combination with the modest global warming since the Little Ice Age. The most recent study confirming this benefit to the biosphere pinpoints exceptional growth and health for older forests in the Southern Hemisphere – specifically, the Cordilleras […]