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Scientists: ‘Severe droughts experienced recently…can no longer be seen as purely natural hazards’ – Land use & water management contribute

Changes to the way people use the water and the landscape contribute to extreme water shortages. The University’s Water Science Research Group is leading key researchers from 13 organisations in eight countries to redefine how the world should study and tackle drought. The researchers propose broadening the definition of drought to include water shortage caused […]

NOAA study: Heavy daily precipitation trends ‘have been intimately linked to internal decadal ocean variability, & less to human-induced climate change’

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists recently published a report claiming heavy daily precipitation trends “have been intimately linked to internal decadal ocean variability, and less to human-induced climate change.” “Analysis of model ensemble spread reveals that appreciable 35-yr trends in heavy daily precipitation can occur in the absence of [man-made greenhouse gas] forcing, […]

‘Scientists Hide Their Doubts About Global Warming In The Media’

Many scientists don’t actually talk about uncertainty when speaking to journalists. In fact, scientists who regularly talk to the press are more likely to sound the alarm on global warming, and are often reluctant to publish research results in the media that don’t conform to the narrative of catastrophic warming. Researcher Senja Post surveyed 300 […]

Do we need to talk about Obama’s $10-per-barrel oil tax proposal? A 10-buck-a-barrel tax comes out to 22 cents on the gallon, notes economistDonald Marron, which would more than double the current federal gas tax of 18.4 cents for regular gasoline.

Climate Change Theorists Consistently Deceive with Glaring Omission However, omitted in these articles are discussions of climate change in the pre-industrial past, particularly in the last two millennia, for which there is significant source material. The reason this neglect is so critical is that it is commonly assumed that atmospheric CO2 is the only meaningful variable behind climate change. Since pre-industrial levels […]

Obama’s proposed oil tax would almost double taxes at the pump President Obama proposed yesterday to tax every barrel of oil produced or imported an additional $10, which translates to almost twice the federal gas tax Americans pay at the pump. Last year Obama told senior citizens that they wouldn’t see a 2016 cost of living adjustment in their Social Security benefits because of “cheap oil.” The […]

Study: ‘The vast interior of Greenland is slowly thickening’ – Greenland ice sheet moving slower now than in the last 9000 years “Like many others, I had in mind the ongoing dramatic retreat and speedup along the edges of the ice sheet, so I’d assumed that the interior was faster now too. But it wasn’t,” said MacGregor. The authors identified three causes for this deceleration. First is that snowfall rates were generally higher during the past […]