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No Dissent Allowed: U.S. Senators introduce amendment to muzzle climate ‘denial apparatus’ – Senator Bernie Sanders co-sponsors

Claiming ‘sophisticated campaigns of misinformation’ are in use to ‘mislead the public’ on climate change, Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, announces the introduction of his amendment to crack down on the climate change ‘denial apparatus’. SENATOR SHELDON WHITEHOUSE – (D-RI) – US Senate – February 3, 2016: “So this is why I’ve introduced an amendment […]

Green Activist David Suzuki: Climate Skeptics ‘should be thrown in jail’

Aged Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki said that Canada’s former Prime Minister Stephen Harper should be imprisoned for his “willful blindness” regarding man-made global warming, in an interview with Rolling Stone published Tuesday. “It’s a huge thing! We’ve had 10 years of a government that was so oppressive regarding environmental issues. We had to really carefully control […]