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Worried About Climate Change, ABC Touts Child Fretting Over Polar Bears

On Thursday, co-host Lara Spencer featured an emotional child worried that global warming would keep polar bears from eating. Spencer talked to Bernadette Woods Placky of the website climate central and hyperventilated: “Is this the kind of thing that people who live on the coastline should be panicking and moving inland?”  Placky tried to calm Spencer down a bit, reassuring, “We never want panic, but we need to take it [climate change] seriously.” Spencer then featured a young girl fret, “I really want the polar bears to have food to eat so that… they won’t be hurting. I don’t know how to fix it and I really want to.”

Asked how to solve the problem of global warming, Placky offered the predictable: “So the big transition away from carbon dioxide and fossil fuel is important because it has big impacts.” She added that “on a small scale,” “we need to learn how the little things really play a part. How we can recycle more, what else we can do. Stop using as much plastic bottles.”  – See more at: