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Supergirl’s Not So Super Global Warming Propaganda on TV In the first episode of a two-part story arc, “Hostile Takeover,” a flashback to Kara’s childhood includes a conversation between young Kara and her Aunt Astra explaining that occupants of Krypton were killing the planet because they are “greedy for energy.” Just like when candidate Barack Obama lectured us on the rising of oceans […]

Vikings-Seahawks Game Could be Coldest Outdoor Game in Viking History

Vikings-Seahawks Game Could be Coldest Outdoor Game in Viking History Temperatures Sunday morning in the Twin Cities should be below zero Fahrenheit (below -18 C), according to WCCO meteorologist Matt Brickman. Early forecasts call for significant cold just in time for Seattle Seahawks fans to arrive in Minnesota for their playoff match against the […]

WaPo: ‘Inaction on global warming is as reckless as drunken driving’

Daniel Farber teaches environmental law and tort law at the University of California at Berkeley. Our moral duty to address climate change is based on a simple concept, straightforward enough to qualify as kindergarten fare. We tell our children that they need to be careful not to hurt their playmates. As we get older, we […]

Review: ‘Climate Hustle’ Exposes Global-warming Con Job – ‘Humor throughout the film is absolutely fantastic’

Image from Climate Hustle Among the film’s most important contributions to the climate debate: Morano allows alarmists to speak for themselves throughout the documentary. Climate Hustle is packed with clips and interviews of alarmist politicians, “experts,” celebrities, and scientists bloviating about alleged man-made global cooling, warming, the supposed urgency of doing something about it, and […]