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Fmr. Bush EPA Administrator brags Prez helped lay groundwork for UN Paris Agreement – UN Sec.-Gen. also ‘very much grateful’ to Bush

I’m going to raise a couple of questions that might label me as a global warming skeptic.

Not so much about the science, but more about what was actually accomplished with the much-heralded outcome of the United Nations’ Paris agreement that is supposed to mark the beginning of the end to global warming.

Before I do, however, a reminder of my participation in the first-ever initiatives to deal with greenhouse gas emissions — the stuff that, if there is too much of it, traps heat on the earth’s surface and threatens the survival of the planet.

At least that’s the opinion of the majority of the world’s climate scientists and the stated public policy position of the Obama administration that has led to the most comprehensive regulatory initiatives anywhere on earth.

I’m a pragmatist supporting the “art of the possible,” where progress is achieved through the process of balancing improvement of the air we breathe, the water we need and the land we live upon with economic opportunity for all.

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