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Flashback: Fox’s Andrew Napolitano: Pope Francis is ‘somewhere between a communist with a lowercase ‘c’ and a Marxist with an uppercase ‘M’ Fox’s Andrew Napolitano: Pope Francis Is A “Communist” And A “Marxist.” On the September 15 edition of Fox Business’ Varney & Co., Fox’s senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano called Pope Francis a “communist” and a “Marxist” for linking the Syrian refugee crisis to global poverty: ANDREW NAPOLITANO: I am sighing because the Holy Father […]

EPA Warning: Holiday Leftovers Contribute to Climate Change

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) posted a video on its website to tell Americans that they should think about how much food they waste during the holiday season if they want to help save the planet. The video is part of the EPA’s “Fight Food Waste” campaign. In the video posted on YouTube and in the […]

Former Advisor to Aussie PM Declares UN climate agenda ‘more about Marxism than science’ – Laments World succumbing to ‘bogus science & catastrophism’

Via: Maurice Newman has blasted the United Nations climate agreement reached recently in Paris. He says in a newspaper column that the UN is more about Marxism than science. Photograph: Julian Smith/AAP Tony Abbott’s former business advisory council chairman, Maurice Newman, has criticised Malcolm Turnbull and Barack Obama for prioritising “collectivist visions” over “private choice” […]

Desperate Climate Alarmists Attack Skeptics

The “RICO-20” letter was originally posted on a website of the Institute of Global Environment and Society (IGES), a “nonprofit, tax-exempt research institute” founded by Dr. Shukla. It was later removed. And where did IGES get its own more than $63 million — 98 percent of its total revenue since 2001? A report in The […]

The Hill: Republicans split on ‘attacking climate science’ (alleged consensus) The Republican Party is divided over whether to attack the science of climate change when opposing liberal policies. Many of the most vocal Republicans say they have significant problems with the scientific consensus that the Earth is warming and that greenhouse gas emissions from human activity is the main cause. The skeptics include presidential […]