Prominent Scientists Declare Climate Claims Ahead of UN Summit ‘Irrational’ – ‘Based On Nonsense’ – ‘Leading us down a false path’

By: - Climate DepotNovember 19, 2015 6:10 PM with 2855 comments

Note: CFACT’s new skeptical documentary, Climate Hustle, is set to rock the UN climate summit with red carpet’world premiere in Paris. 


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From Left to Right: Dr. Will Happer, Dr. Richard Lindzen & Dr. Patrick Moore

AUSTIN, Texas – A team of prominent scientists gathered in Texas today at a climate summit to declare that fears of man-made global warming were “irrational” and “based on nonsense” that “had nothing to do with science.” They warned that “we are being led down a false path” by the upcoming UN climate summit in Paris.

The scientists appeared at a climate summit sponsored by the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The summit in Austin was titled: “At the Crossroads: Energy & Climate Policy Summit.”

Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen, an emeritus Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT, derided what he termed climate “catastrophism.”

“Demonization of CO2 is irrational at best and even modest warming is mostly beneficial,” Lindzen said.

Lindzen cautioned: “The most important thing to keep in mind is – when you ask ‘is it warming, is it cooling’, etc.  — is that we are talking about something tiny (temperature changes) and that is the crucial point.”

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Lindzen also challenged the oft-repeated UN IPCC claim that most of warming over past 50 years was due to mankind.

“People get excited over this. Is this statement alarming? No,” Lindzen stated.

“We are speaking of small changes 0.25 Celsius would be about 51% of the recent warming and that strongly suggests a low and inconsequential climate sensitivity – meaning no problem at all,” Lindzen explained.

“I urge you when looking at a graph, check the scales! The uncertainty here is tenths of a degree,” he noted.

“When someone points to this and says this is the warmest temperature on record. What are they talking about? It’s just nonsense. This is a very tiny change period. And they are arguing over hundredths of a degree when it is uncertain in tenths of a degree,” Lindzen said.

“And the proof that the uncertainty is tenths of a degree are the adjustments that are being made. If you can adjust temperatures to 2/10ths of a degree, it means it wasn’t certain to 2/10ths of a degree,” he said. (Also See: Scientists balk at ‘hottest year’ claims: Ignores Satellites showing 18 Year ‘Pause’ – ‘We are arguing over the significance of hundredths of a degree’ – The ‘Pause’ continues)

“The UN IPCC wisely avoided making the claim that 51% of a small change in temperature constitutes a problem. They left this to the politicians and anyone who took the bait,” he said.

Lindzen noted that National Academy of Sciences president Dr. Ralph Cicerone has even admitted that there is no evidence for catastrophic claims of man-made global warming. See: Backing away from climate alarm? NAS Pres. Ralph Cicerone says ‘we don’t have that kind of evidence’ to claim we are ‘going to fry’ from AGW

Lindzen also featured 2006 quotes from Scientist Dr. Miike Hulme, Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia, and Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, admitting that claims of a climate catastrophe were not the “language of science.”

“The discourse of catastrophe is a campaigning device,” Hulme wrote to the BBC in 2006. “The language of catastrophe is not the language of science. To state that climate change will be ‘catastrophic’ hides a cascade of value-laden assumptions which do not emerge from empirical or theoretical science,” Hulme wrote.

“Is any amount of climate change catastrophic? Catastrophic for whom, for where, and by when? What index is being used to measure the catastrophe?” Hulme continued.

Lindzen singled out Secretary of State John Kerry for his ‘ignorance’ on science.

“John Kerry stands alone,” Lindzen said. “Kerry expresses his ignorance of what science is,” he added.

Lindzen also criticized EPA Chief Gina McCarthy’s education: “I don’t want to be snobbish, but U Mass Boston is not a very good school,” he said to laughter.

Lindzen concluded his talk by saying: “Learn how to identify claims that have no alarming implications and free to say ‘So what?’”

Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer, who has authored over 200 peer-reviewed papers, called policies to reduce CO2 “based on nonsense.”

“Policies to slow CO2 emissions are really based on nonsense. They are all based on computer models that do not work. We are being led down a false path.

“Our breath is not that different from a power plant,” he continued.

“To call carbon dioxide a pollutant is really Orwellian. You are calling something a pollutant that we all produce. Where does that lead us eventually?” he asked.

“Coal, formed from ancient CO2, is a benefit to the world. Coal is CO2 from ancient atmospheres. We are simply returning CO2 to the atmosphere from which it came when you burn coal. And it’s a good thing since it is at very low levels in the atmosphere. We are in a CO2 famine. It is very, very low,” Happer explained.

Happer continued: “CO2 will be beneficial and crop yields will increase.” “More CO2 will be a very significant benefit to agriculture,” he added.

Happer then showed a picture of polluted air in China with the caption: “Real pollution in Shanghai.”

“If you can see it, it’s not CO2,” Happer said.

“If plants could vote, they would vote for coal,” Happer declared.

Happer also rebutted the alleged 97% consensus.

“97% of scientists have often been wrong on many things,” he said.

Ecologist and Greenpeace founding member Dr. Patrick Moore discussed the benefits of rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

“Let’s celebrate CO2!” Moore declared.

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“We know for absolute certain that carbon dioxide is the stuff of life, the foundation for life on earth,” Moore said.

“We are dealing with pure political propaganda that has nothing to do with science,” he continued.

“The deserts are greening from rising CO2,” he added.

“Co2 has provided the basis of life for at least 3.5 billion years,” Moore said.



  • Patrick Blasz

    Well finally we have some people with serious creds calling C6* what it really is!

    * Catastrophic Caucasian Caused Carbon Climate Change

    • John Whalen

      Lol, that damn “White Privilege”….

      • Flyingfish42

        CO2 is invisible so it would be “Clear Privilege”

        • CB

          “CO2 is invisible”

          That’s true! In its gaseous form, anyhow.

          CO₂ also warms planets, a fact that has been known for over a century.

          If any “prominent scientist” had overthrown this scientific understanding, she would immediately be given a Nobel prize.

          Has that happened?

          “The heat-trapping nature of carbon dioxide and other gases was demonstrated in the mid-19th century”

      • tomlaredo

        You mean me being white causes climate change? Now I am nervous. You may have given the Idiots of global warming another reason to whine.

      • RLABruce

        Climate change IS caused by whites. Black skin absorbs heat and doesn’t go anywhere, but white skin reflects heat back into the earth’s atmosphere, releasing more CO2 which increases the Greenhouse Effect which causes Global Warming. We’re all gonna die and it’s all the whites’ fault! /s

        • alanthegreat

          So the climate change drones can claim that the cooling trend they can’t deny is caused by black people hiding the heat in their bodies? don’t give them ideas Bruce, they make take that and run with it they are getting that desperate.

          • RLABruce

            Either that or the Tooth Fairy’s emissions. Whatever they think their no-infomation base will believe.

    • alanthegreat

      For most of these climate change drones its not science and never has been. They are indoctrinated religionists that have been fed with 12-16 years or more of chicken little stories in state institutions called schools. For the politcals, its about control, wealth and power acquisition.

      • iisac bartender

        This why the debate is over strategy was put in place in an attempt to get legislation through before the bottom dropped out on their lie. IT’S TOO LATE NOW look for back peddling politicians to start claiming they were duped by scientist and scientist to come out and claim they were paid to lie.

        • JwpATX

          That’d be true if this story were actually picked up and spread around, but my guess is that it stays right here, so only Drudgers and those that read Climate Depot will see it… Ever. Lindzen is my hero, so I hope I’m wrong.

          • JulietteofOhio

            Thank you! It’s delightful to receive validation for all of my “backward thinking” and failure to believe “settled scientific fact”. The Lib personality, in my opinion, is akin to the 3rd Grade bully or the Mean girl in Middle School.

          • alanthegreat

            Maybe more akin to a Soviet Gulag fence guard with an AK47, a fur hat, and a menacing face.

          • Seniorsquadldr

            It is their gap Gulag until their real physical Gulag is open for business.

          • alanthegreat

            Of course, for the non-believers, many have already said that non-believers should be prosecuted, its the inquisition all over again.

          • Seniorsquadldr

            The non-believers will be dealt with by their creator. As long as they resist the temptation to persecute the believers, it’s all good. Jesus said they will hate us, they hated him first. The inquisition was the Catholic thing, they hate Christians. No they are not Christians, they are a different kind of religion.

          • freedom74

            Worse, because they feel justified to do it “For your own good.”

          • Hominid

            Rigorous scientists have been laughing at the GW hoax from jump – it was so obviously flawed. But, you’re right – the Lib-Leftist controlled media and political hacks have promoted the pseudoscience and lies of GW and stifled the valid criticisms of bona fide scientists. They won’t quite now.

        • libwithIQ

          Much the same strategy as Obamacare. Get it in place and well involved before it’s discovered that it’s nothing but lies. But too late to get out of it.

        • alanthegreat

          Exactly, sooner or later the climate will make liars out of them and they know it. On the other side, if they KNOW the climate is cooling and many of these grant paid frauds do, they know they don’t have much time to get their crap rammed down our throats so they can claim what they are doing is actually working and take credit for it, hence the intensification the scare stories is their last tactic.

          • Entropy will win in the end.

          • And there is not one single atom of Carbon on this planet that was not here before the dinosaurs roamed.

          • fspiceland

            They are simply kicking the can down the road. Some are now claiming that we’re in the middle of a global warming pause due to low solar activity. I think the new projection is that global warming will resume around 2020. It’s a bunch of crap.

          • alanthegreat

            Its the perfect cover story that keeps them in the game no matter what.

        • Bunky

          That’s why they changed the name of the “crisis” from Global Warming to Climate Change to Climate Disruption.
          You could fit any weather into “Climate Disruption”.

      • Loud Noises

        Every time I posit that none of the major catastrophic predictions over the last 40 years have come true. When I ask for a rebuttal there usually is none. Who are the deniers, again?

      • sonnyboy

        All part of the NWO globalist strategy.

        “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.”
        – “The First Global Revolution”, A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider 1991

    • libwithIQ

      Is this from #BCCM? Black Carbon Credits Matter?

      • fedupMan

        Actually BCCMs (Black Carbon Credits Matter) are a way to rake in govt $ the old fashioned way by lying and sucking up to extremists.

  • Chris King

    every leftist you have ever met is an avowed liar.
    all of them.

    • alanthegreat

      That is a fact.

      • wkdylak

        They use their lofty positions to hide their ignorance.

        • ihatediscus2

          and get the grant money
          OHHHHHHH don’t forget all that government grant money

          • whimsicalmama

            that is the core of this con job

          • SWDC

            911 was all about breaking the USA’s economy and taking away individual rights.

            Islam is doing a great job thus far eh?

          • whimsicalmama

            only when you consider the witless left, I do think the conservatives in the US are well aware and ready for the conflict. do not include real americans in with the limp left of obama’s sycophants.

          • SWDC

            750,000 Americans needlessly died in the US Civil War. Civil Wars make nations weak as we have seen with the removal of all Islamic leaders by the current administration in order to place the Muslim Brotherhood in power.

            The Gallows are sooner rather than later for some will be a swinging for their betrayal and that crying wolf thing the boy did well he ended eaten by the wolf.

          • whimsicalmama

            do you not see the inevitable civil war that is in our near future, We are 2 distinct and non-accomodating cultures inhabiting the same real estate. One side will prevail at the expense of the other.

          • SWDC

            750,000 Americans needlessly died in the US Civil War.

            That divide and conquer thingamajig just is obvious it hurts.

            You wanna cos a race war in the USA
            You wanna cos USA citizens to kill US citizens in the USA

            Not as if we were fooled by the Ukrainian civil war where outsiders tried to tear apart a nation too. A nation were more than half the population speaks Russian as well.

            Islam and Sharia law violate the US Constitution.

          • whimsicalmama

            our national divide existed long before radical islam was on our radar, this is a cultural rift that began when the first socialist flostam was given succor at our universities after WWI and we can see the fruit of these fellow travelers that has so degraded the cultural core of a nation that used to be great.

          • SWDC

            Let’s get the language straight here since words have meaning. There is no such entity as radical Islam there is only ISlam.

            Again you are wrong and trying to get the USA to kill the USA is a a military ploy used all over the world as we have seen with the current administration messing around killing off leaders in Islam and Ukraine as well in order to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power. Did not work in Egypt for the Egyptians are smart peoples who will not tolerate ISlam destroying Egypt and Egyptian history.

          • whimsicalmama

            I am in total agreement that islam is the core of that problem, but the core problem in the us is utilizing this recent bout of islamic terrorism to further insert the progressive “fundamental transformation” of america. I am in greater fear of the rogue cabal of unionized bureaucrats and fellow travelers who inhabit our media, our educational institutions and our civil governments, I would refer to them as “the Lois Lerner Brigade”.

          • SWDC

            Do know the history of Communism in the US Civil War?

            Here let me get you stated I have two names of German Communists who gladly killed USA citizens: Franz Sigel and

            “Carl Christian Schurz (German: [ˈkaʁl ˈʃʊʁts]; March 2, 1829 – May 14, 1906) was a German revolutionary, American statesman and reformer, U.S. Minister to Spain, Union Army General in the American Civil War, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of the Interior. He was also an accomplished journalist, newspaper editor and orator, who in 1869 became the first German-born American elected to the United States Senate.[1]”

            See how Communists embed themselves also look up old Franz Sigel where the pattern is obvious for those who understand patterns. 🙂
            There were more 1848ers than these two but the importance in learning the history and identifying the patterns.

          • SWDC

            “Franz Sigel (November 18, 1824 – August 21, 1902) was a German military officer, revolutionist and immigrant to the United States

            who was

            a teacher,



            and served as a Union major general in the American Civil War. His ability to recruit German-speaking immigrants to the Union armies garnered the approval of President Abraham Lincoln..”

            Identifying the pattern in the basics ‘101’. Ever wondered why US history classes all but skip studying the US Civil War in any sort of detail? Studying details Would out how many foreigners were recruited when some found it difficult to get USA citizens to kill USA citizens. 23.4% of the Union army were immigrants.

          • whimsicalmama

            that is not uncommon, as far back as the Egyptian empire, the use of mercenaries has been a common tactic, especially for the put down of internal uprisings. Even the british used Hessians against their “fellow englishmen” during our revolution. I don’t think there is anything special about our civil war other than it allowed LIncoln to begin the destruction of our federal republic.

          • SWDC

            As a result of the use of the Hessian (Germans) the hold outs, the Royalists and Catholics, joined the American Revolution.

            Germans have been killing USA citizens since day one of the beginning of the USA.

            Studying the US Civil war will help you with better understanding why some are trying soooooo very hard to divide the USA and in fact the US Civil is the very most important part of US history. best to hit the books becos PATTERNS REPEAT THEMSELVES when one is ignorant of history.

            btw nice little German Communist thurr eh? There are more 1848ers and one brutal sadistic Hungarian Communist to learn about too you know just like George Soros!

          • SWDC

            NOW with that every so brief US history lesson …

            Can one imagine the US Military today made up with 23.4% of Maj Nidal Hassan/ISlam?

            Do not imagine for it is happening right before our eyes.

            And the sole reason the RINOS and Democrats are promoting the mass immigration of foreigners who seek to embetter themselves in the USA by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

            “I fit wit mit Sigel” US Civil War marching song marching to kill USA citizens to benefit themselves!

          • whimsicalmama

            and your solution?

          • SWDC

            Did you learn anything at all about those who promote civil wars within nations?

            Did you learn why the use of the IS IL rather than IS IS is significant and outs those who use IS IL rather than IS IS?

            One need only to look up and read the difference between IS IL and IS IS and be weary and suspect of those who use the IS IL rather than IS IS.

            Hope you have also learned there is no such entity as radical ISlam only Islam where again usage of language is very important. Language usage outs how one thinks and or is trained to think.

            For instance we learned the importance of language from George Orwell in 1984 and Animal Farm.

            My solution son is get to hitting the books and learn patterns and if one enjoys being enslaved by Islam then so be it just never even expect a USA citizen to ever GIVE IN! Again the reasoning for the mass immigration of immigrants where immigrants replaced slavery in the USA.

          • Pelosi Galore

            Absolutely correct!!

          • Tomm Dee Oakeefe

            why do you morons always try to changed the subject?…attention?, look what the original subject is about…..Me thinks someone didnt get enough hugs as a child

          • Pelosi Galore

            Why do you think the leftist want your guns?

          • SWDC

            becos a well armed entrenched civilian population is far more difficult to kill!

            Also the reason why the VA is not caring for US Vets so there are no civilians capable of fighting the foreigners/enemies embedded in the US Military

          • SWDC

            Remember the USA electrocuted the Rosenbergs for less.

          • whimsicalmama

            I could think of a few candidates today that have done far more damage to american security to shich we should offer the same solution.

          • SWDC

            Again 750,000 Americans needlessly died in the US Civil War.

            In 1937 Spain permitted Germany to practice bombing civilians own their own Spanish women and children.

            Understand perfectly why some are promoting civil wars within nations.

          • Tomm Dee Oakeefe

            stay on subject

          • SWDC

            I am on subject and you sir should skip along if you do not want to read posts. Skip to something you like rather than trying to be a moderator of a thread on disqus

          • Tomm Dee Oakeefe

            hey fuktard, keep you rants to the Alex Jones pages where someone cares

          • UFOCPrez


          • Skyhawk

            Well stated. I get tired of these special snowflakes that honestly believe they have special insight that no other educated American can see.

          • konc2

            fuktard? now that’s a word you don’t hear everyday, I like it.

          • Engage Gray Matter

            One seldom gets to use it in a sentance. : )

          • unoga

            Get your head out of your ass and engage brain before posting.

          • CB

            “stay on subject”

            The subject is the warming fossil fuel companies are causing that Marc Morano is paid by those fossil fuel companies to lie about. When a person has such a long history of dishonesty, is it possible there are people who still take him seriously?


          • txvet2

            Note the phrase “latest corrected analysis” at the bottom of the chart. Translation: they’ve jimmied the data to make it work (as already noted above in the article – thanks for providing everyone the evidence).

          • Diogenes71

            How many more “corrected analyses” will there be?
            Oil and methane are not fossil fuels. They are abiotic.
            They do not not come from decaying organic matter.
            Those abiotic fuels have been responsible for billions of people to live more comfortably than their ancestors.
            If you were sincere in your beliefs you would do one of two things:
            Off yourself – thereby ceasing to produce CO2.
            Walk everywhere you go with a sign stating “The Climate is changing! Everyone join me in walking the earth!”.

          • CB

            “Oil and methane are not fossil fuels.”

            What if that were true?

            It’s not, of course, but what if it were?

            How might it change the warming effect of the greenhouse gasses that are emitted when they are burned?

            “The heat-trapping nature of carbon dioxide and other gases was demonstrated in the mid-19th century”


          • 卐…* ♥★♡ Aryan Angel ♡★♥*…卐

            climate change has never been driven by carbon dioxide

          • Truthbetold

            CB ,Global Warming which had to be changed to the euphemistically always correct Climate Change is all about government power over our lives and the ability of the government to identify an evil and force people to pay more to fight the evil. It has never been about facts and truth. When they added CO2 as an evil they screwed themselves, because CO2 is an important and necessary substance. Plants thrive. As to the Fossil fuel silliness, just think of all the oil, gas and coal in the world, and more keeps getting discovered. There were never that many dinosaurs. They would have been needed to be piled up for thousands of feet on top of one another to get even close to the amount of abiotic fuels there actually are. Use your imagination. That was actually a fraud brought into existence by scientists hired by John D. Rockefeller in 1898 to create the lie that oil was scarce and therefore must be very valuable. It is all a massive fraud.

            “The suggestion that petroleum might have arisen from some transformation of squashed fish or biological detritus is surely the silliest notion to have been entertained by substantial numbers of persons over an extended period of time.”
            Fred Hoyle, 1982

          • Diogenes71

            So, oil and methane are not fossil fuels?
            We bury Aunt Peggy and put s spigot in her casket and we get oil out?
            That story of the 97% of “scientists” has been explained and the true story is quit funny and revealing.
            If it is science, how can there be a consensus?
            Like the man in the US Patent Office in 1932 or so who claimed “There will be no more patents. Everything has been invented that can be.”

          • Josh Hempfleng

            The heat trapping nature of carbon dioxide is currently being demonstrated on Venus lol.

          • CB

            “The heat trapping nature of carbon dioxide is currently being demonstrated on Venus”

            That’s right, Josh!

            It most certainly is.

            “Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that traps infrared radiation beneath Venus’s thick cloud cover. A runaway greenhouse effect is what makes Venus even hotter than Mercury!”


          • Dean Anniballi

            ‘The heat-trapping nature of carbon dioxide and other gases was demonstrated in the mid-19th century’. That is patently false.

          • CB

            “they’ve jimmied the data to make it work”

            Who informs you of that, and why did you believe them?

            Is it likely multiple research institutions on multiple continents are all coordinating with one another to “jimmy the data” in the same direction?

            “The annual anomaly of the global average surface temperature in 2014… was the warmest since 1891.”


          • 357×6

            They do what you do: give themselves thumbs up. Works on self-confidence,
            I guess. Someone needs to appreciate you, even when you’re wrong, right?

          • txvet2

            You can post all of the self-serving made-up BS you want to. I simply pointed out the FACT that they manipulate the data – and admit it.

            “”Is it likely multiple research institutions on multiple
            continents are all coordinating with one another to “jimmy the data” in
            the same direction?””

            Yes. They’re all leftists, and all leftists lie – and pass around the same lies.

            “””The annual anomaly of the global average surface temperature in 2014… was the warmest since 1891.”””

            Repeating the lie doesn’t make it true. It’s still madeup BS. There hasn’t been any significant warming in almost two decades.

          • rat14

            “There hasn’t been any significant warming in almost two decades.”

            Twit of the year award.

          • txvet2

            I know you morons just hate to deal with facts.

          • txvet2
          • smartiepanz

            In statistics, the Bonneferoni Correction is a method used to counteract the problem of multiple comparisons. It’s not an error correction.

          • Dean Anniballi

            I am amazed that these warmists who believe themselves so much smarter than the rest of us can’t seem to recognize the phrase ‘latest corrected analysis’ means ‘we’re full of sh!t’. NOAA’s own data states the disclaimer ‘using elimination of outliers and homogeneity adjustment’. When you eliminate data, and adjust data, you aren’t performing science whatsoever.

          • ddt

            Note how the earlier data is lowered substantially more than the more recent data to give an appearance of rising temperatures.

          • Markblair

            We read how these “corrected analyses” are done…they go into the record and any data temp not recorded, they add plus a degree or two. They always correct it warmer than the average….

          • CB

            “They always correct it warmer than the average….”

            How do you know?

            If you know your sources are misleading you about threats to your well-being, why would you continue to rely on them?

            Are you suicidal?

            “The year 2014 now ranks as the warmest on record since 1880, according to an analysis by NASA scientists.”


          • Tedbaxter

            Coldest, actually.

          • Markblair

            Gee, CB, you remind me of a lemming anxious to hurl itself off a cliff, and you call me suicidal? Don’t you know what would happen to us if the government were given regulatory control over energy in this manner? Also, any benefit from draconian govt programs will not result in significant change, but make a whole lot of crony capitalist very, very rich. Tell me the reason used by Obama to deny the Keystone Pipeline. Do you know?
            Here’s how they tricked the data:

          • Markblair
          • konc2

            So says the GORBOT, it’s not science, it’ a religion for Grubberites.

          • itellu3times

            WHAT long-term average are they talking about? Isn’t this the same data where they had “anomalous” South American data so they didn’t just drop it but they “fixed” it? Shameful to publish such crap with government stickers on it.

          • tmoney777

            And prior to 1900 was the temperatures higher and lower just like the graph, before the industrial age and the AGW nonsense? Yep… because that is what the earth does, also noting the scale of your graph is not even a degree… and you may also want to understand where they are taking those measurements… most of them are done on south facing walls or in parking lots with scorching hot pavement or near hot air exhaust of AC’d buildings. This has been admitted, shown and proven that is how they do it. So is it warming? Or are you just grabbing at straws? Notice how there is NEVER a graph or chart shown before the industrial age? Why, because it has ACTUALLY been hotter with LESS CO2 and vice versa, so while the ‘97% consensus’ might buy your nonsense, people who can do their homework do not… and your biggest issue is not that ‘its all big oil’ but that fact is people are seeing through the fear for what it is.

          • CB

            “it has ACTUALLY been hotter with LESS CO2 and vice versa”

            Point to a single moment in Earth’s history when it got cold enough for polar ice sheets to form with CO₂ as high as we have today.

            If you were telling the truth, isn’t this something you should be able to do?

            “How come a big ice age happened when carbon dioxide levels were high? It’s a question climate sceptics often ask. But sometimes the right answer is the simplest: it turns out CO₂ levels were not that high after all. The Ordovician ice age happened 444 million years ago, and records have suggested that CO₂ levels were relatively high then. But when Seth Young of Indiana University in Bloomington did a detailed analysis of carbon-13 levels in rocks formed at the time, the picture that emerged was very different. Young found CO₂ concentrations were in fact relatively low when the ice age began.”


          • 卐…* ♥★♡ Aryan Angel ♡★♥*…卐

            The recent warming trend that began in 1975 is not at all different than two other
            planetary warming phases since 1850; there has been no statistically significant warming since 1995, and; it is possible the Medieval Warm Period was indeed a global phenomenon thereby making the temperatures seen in the latter part of the 20th century by no means unprecedented.

          • 卐…* ♥★♡ Aryan Angel ♡★♥*…卐

            Ice core drilling in the Davis Station in Antarctica by the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Co-Operative Research Centre shows that last year, the ice had a maximum thickness of 1.89m, its densest in 10 years. The average thickness of the ice at Davis since the 1950s is 1.67m.

          • 卐…* ♥★♡ Aryan Angel ♡★♥*…卐

            The highest CO2 concentrations during the last many ice ages and interglacials are lower than at any other time for the last 300 million years. The dinosaurs lived when CO2 concentrations were 5 to 20 times as high as now. Indeed, such large creatures could not survive without the very verdant conditions afforded by adequate plant food known as carbon dioxide.

          • DrTCH

            Hello. Please clear up what seems to be a contradiction. During the ice-ages, were the CO2 levels high or low? Maybe you are saying that–in recent history, the levels have been dramatically lower than during the time of the dinosaurs, but this is not clear by your words. THANKS.

          • …❄* ♥★♡ Snow Angel ♡★♥*❄…

            she should’ve overruled that nigga but she was sucking his cock for affirmative action

          • Tom B

            The 97% consensus in a new study turned out to be 0.03% Biff because hardly any scientist had a say in the matter but government morons did.

          • Tyndale Israel

            part of the problem may be the dating…

            “You read books and find statements that such and such a society or archeological site is (claimed to be) 20,000 years old. We learn rather abruptly that these numbers, these ancient ages, are not known (speculations and imaginative guesses); in fact, it is about the time of the First Dynasty in Egypt that the last (earliest) historical date of any any real certainty has been established.”

            –Willard Libby, Nobel Laureate for development of radiocarbon dating

          • JohnnyCuredents


          • Ignobleone

            In lieu of an actual argument I will just hurl insults. Classic Johnny!

          • 卐…* ♥★♡ Aryan Angel ♡★♥*…卐

            The average ground temperature of the Earth is impossible to measure since most of the Earth is ocean…So this average ground temperature is a fiction.

          • joethefumer

            Your chart must be plotted with crayon. If a chart can persuade you so convincingly that means you are really an easy take.

          • Look at the scale on the left. The range is too small. It doesn’t even reflect the range of temperature change for any day selected at random.

            That trend line looks step because someone with an agenda plotted it against wrong scale.

            Good luck!

          • DrTCH

            Appreciate your comment, Mac. One of the first things you learn in a statistics (or research) class is that the range you select can yield conclusions which are not justified. What’s more, data that are not “statistically significant” cannot be used to establish any conclusions.
            The AGW/GCC campaign is full of this kind of fiddling with the data and unjustified assumptions. It is as sound as a “left-handed monkeywrench.”

          • Dean Anniballi

            Still don’t get it, huh? Don’t see any problem with ‘the latest CORRECTED ANALYSIS’ …’? That chart doesn’t even match NOAA’s chart from the data they publish. You really need to wake up to the fraud that is AGW.

          • CB

            “In 1937 Spain permitted Germany to practice bombing civilians own their own Spanish women and children.”

            Sweetie, what does that have to do with the effect of greenhouse gasses on planetary temperature?

            “Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities.”


          • unoga


          • CB


            What is BS?


          • America is dying

            Oh, I’d surely bet MY life that this so called ‘data’ is accurate and meaningful.


            Too many of these bogus climate Chicken Little leftists have been caught red-handed ‘fudging’ (manipulating) the ‘data’ to imply warming……

            And NOAA figures prominently in the Lair of Global Warming Liars.

            Example: it was revealed in August that NOAA has been collecting temperature data from numerous U.S. airport weather stations, BUT, to support the totally bogus global warming scam, they have MANUALLY bumping UP THE TEMPERATE READINGS from the weather stations to show a higher temperature!!!

            Yep – I’d trust NOAA as far as I could drool.

          • America is dying


            Make it, “bumping UP THE TEMPERATURE READINGS…”.

          • drjgorman

            I live half a mile from a municipal airport, whose weather station reports anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees higher, than the actual temperature, during the summer. I have to believe that they have placed their equipment in a box, on the runway.

          • rikster

            It was revealed recently that “it was revealed” is not a valid source.

          • rikster sux Obama


            Too stupid to google it, bedwetter?

          • rikster

            All you need to is be a mature leader to 6 year olds and you’re life will not have been in vain.

          • Mobius Loop

            “Too many of these bogus climate Chicken Little leftists have been caught red-handed ‘fudging’ (manipulating) the ‘data’ to imply warming……”

            That’s a big claim, feel free to provide evidence supporting it any time you like.

          • tmoney777
          • tmoney777
          • Mobius Loop

            The first rule of proof club
            is you do not talk about proof club
            The second rule of proof club
            is you DO NOT talk about proof club …………

            ……….. except perhaps to ask how much faith you put in ‘proof’ supplied by a fictional character like Tyler Durden.

          • tmoney777

            Let us know how it feels like to work (for free) for an industry that has STOLEN $14 TRILLION from mankind and yet we ALL are STILL dependant on govt an utilities. This is enough to get everyone off grid the whole world over…. and STILL no change… go on, I know, here it comes ‘but big oil’ nope, sorry… it is the very govt that wants to tax AIR that is doing all the stealing… (and allowing big oil to not pay taxes to boost pension plan profits)

          • Mobius Loop

            I’m curious about your definition of theft and thieves.

            Who has actually stolen all this money and what did they use it for?

            That is a lot of money. Did they all go to jail?

          • Skyhawk

            East Anglia University I believe it is called. One of the original proponents of this hoax.

          • Mobius Loop

            OK, so here is a question, can you point to one thing from that 6 year old non scandal that the scientists weren’t able to clearly explain when someone bothered to actually ask them?

            The 9 separate esquires were happy with the clarifications.

          • John Williams
          • Mobius Loop

            NOAA have been in the spotlight for this recently so it seems only fair to refer to their explanation:


            It is also worth observing that the paper was peer reviewed and the information publicly available.

            It is also worth noting that without transparency in this process you would not have access to the graphs you use to beat up climate scientists.

          • Freedom?

            The “scientists” don’t even know why the warming stopped well over a decade ago.

          • Ten

            Funny how the adjustments all go one way – everything before 1950 is made cooler, everything after 1950 is made hotter. Did thermometers suddenly change in 1950? Does no one notice that the changes are only in one direction, that the adjustments are always to make the past cooler and the present hotter? Think about this – I might accept that old data would require some sort of adjustment. perhaps there was something wrong with the old instrumentation. But they are adjusting data they just collected. This says to me that they still haven’t quite figured out how to create a global temperature average. Therefore everything they have been saying about global temperatures for the last 20 years is crap – they didn’t know what they were doing, probably still don’t, if the data keeps requiring these massive adjustments.

          • gwsmith

            Here you are again, CB, making a fool of yourself. Before you ask questions why don’t you try reading the article? It would save us all a waste of time.

          • Mobius Loop

            My problem here is that Climate Depot is not a scientific site but a political clearing house run by an ex political aide to the Republican party for a right leaning libertarian think tank called CFact …….. not what you would call an honest broker on this issue.

            So far so bad.

            Add to that the fact that Richard Lindzen is not a research active scientist but is employed by a (big surprise coming here) right leaning libertarian think tank …….. The Cato Institute:


            So far so terrible.

            Add to that, the Cato Institute was formed with financial assistance from everyone’s favorite avuncular climate villains …….. the Koch Bros:


            None of the above is a ringing endorsement for the honesty of this article, never mind though, if past behavior is anything to go by you be seeing a lot of this from the propaganda houses in the few weeks ahead running up to the Paris climate summit.

          • Dale

            Mobius Loop: I’m obviously missing something here. If you don’t like a person or don’t like an organization because its politics are opposite or different from yours, are you saying that nothing they say or write can be true? Do I have this correct?
            Does this mean that any organization which you don’t like is automatically not capable of providing valuable or accurate information? Does this mean that the highly political body and very expensive fully taxpayer funded UN and its political offspring the IPCC, have a higher level of honour or truth because they use massive amounts of your tax money while those other groups or organizations in comparison, often use little or none?
            Do you examine any of the collected data? Have you bothered to check into how well the scientific method has been used in justifying their claims, predictions, or projections (the term now used by the IPCC)? Are you OK with all the claims being made based on mathematical models which have failed (nearly 100% of the time)?
            Just wondering how you arrive at your conclusions and philosophies. I’ve been studying weather and climate for a long time and can’t quite seem to follow your reasoning or arrive at the same conclusions.

          • Natesse

            Your thoughts lead me to conclude that, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry (ALL politicians, not Scientists), are bastions of honesty? I see no logic in the basis for your conclusions.

          • Mobius Loop

            Good for you. Keep on taking the tablets!

          • gwsmith

            The problem with all your character assassinations is that the science presented by these people show more evidence of truth than what the alarmists are parading around as “settled science,” which is an oxymoron. Strike three!

          • Mobius Loop

            Most of what I have said is simply a statement of fact which I’ve provided links for so you can check yourself.

            Let me phrase it in another way, all three scientists in the article have conflicts of interest which neither they nor the article’s author see fit to explain to readers.

            Oh and what they are saying is so highly selective and edited that it is effectively nonsense.

          • gwsmith

            I agree that you reported what they said, but what they said is distorted, compared to other scientific reports. And I know that some of their funding comes from private sources as compared to government grants issued to finding manmade causes. As for the editing, that could be posed to both sides. Nevertheless, what evidence is most accurate and clear, remains to be seen. As of yet the science is not “settled” but the alarmists are appearing to be the ones cooking the books. Therefore to call someone a “denier” really should be applied to the alarmists who have made up their minds and refuse to look at the new evidence. Don’t be so quick to condemn.

          • Isaiah

            And I’ve seen other data that portends to show that temperatures have actually fallen over the last fifteen years or so. Climate changes, weather changes, temps go up, temps go down. We have almost nothing to do about it, and there’s almost nothing we can do to change it. And it isn’t even known whether we SHOULD change it. What if there are more benefits to warming a few degrees than to cooling a few degrees? We don’t know. Any talk about climate change and what we will do about it displays the ultimate in human arrogance.

          • mmercier0921

            People who believe humans can alter the temperature of a planet are in a special category of imbecile.

            One volcano can dump more crap into the atmosphere in an afternoon than humans have in recorded history.

          • CB

            “One volcano can dump more crap into the atmosphere in an afternoon than humans have in recorded history.”

            That’s transparently false idiocy that could have been identified by a few seconds of google time.

            If you’re going to make it so blindingly obvious you don’t care about what’s true, why bother posting anything at all?

            Who’s going to take you seriously?

            “all studies to date of global volcanic carbon dioxide emissions indicate that present-day subaerial and submarine volcanoes release less than a percent of the carbon dioxide released currently by human activities”


          • RichardC55

            I see you bought the hockey stick, despite the fact that this was debunked years ago. NASA and NOAA have been “adjusting” temperature records, and if you look at the details of those adjustments, you might well call their efforts the “Save the Hockey Stick!” campaign.

          • 卐…* ♥★♡ Aryan Angel ♡★♥*…卐

            The average ground temperature of the Earth is impossible to measure since most of the Earth is ocean….. So this average ground temperature is a fiction.

          • Honest John

            Wait a few minutes and I can draw a different graph going the other way. Are you that naïve?

          • andersm0

            The article just stated that the data is shite so stuff your graph someplace the sun doesn’t shine.

          • Sam

            NOAA cannot be trusted.

          • Markey Farrell

            NOAA = Not One Accurate Analyst

          • David

            The scientists quoted in the article explain why the data charted above is useless. Did you not read it?

          • MPPB

            Bad Science.

          • ddt
          • konc2

            Why is it you liberals are so phuq’ing arrogant that you actually believe you can change what is happening when what is happening has been happening for millions of years? The earth warms, the earth cools, the earth warms, the earth cools. You must be a racist, because if everything you GORBOTS wanted to implement on the world actually took place, it would cause 10’s of millions of people in 3rd world countries to die.

          • Red Cricket

            I and many do not think NOAA is credible.

          • tmoney777

            So, they botched the science so bad… they actually went back into the past… and made events that ACTUALLY happened ‘not happen’ Wow, is there something wrong with the truth? Yes, of course, the truth is against the very lie that pays the bills… nice try though… seems this is the only graph you know… is this the extent of your ‘research’?

          • Mark Wandrey

            I wonder if CB get’s a $1 from Soros every time he reprints that gerrymandered chart?

          • JohnnyCuredents

            BIMBO REALLY DOES NOT KNOW WHAT ”BS” MEANS. (Strange, since she uses it extensively herself)

          • OnTheWhip

            “actively publishing climate scientists” … that right there exposes the inertia in this mythology. None of them would have meaningful jobs or anything to write about without AGW.

          • Mobius Loop

            Strange though that even when the fossil fueled Koch Brothers bought their own climate research the results demonstrated that AGW is real and poses a serious risk (and I don’t just mean to their bottom line).


            Would have liked to be a fly on the wall at that meeting, Bet old Charlie looked like he’d just swallowed a lump of coal.

          • Honest John

            Those evil Koch Bros!!! Actually VERY decent guys trying to be helpful. BUT… the b*st*rds fail to follow the progressive agenda, so….

          • Mobius Loop

            I’m glad their great guys, I just find it a puzzling coincidence that they are at the top of a food chain from which Lindzen feeds while he is spouting nonsense that aggressively supports their interests.

          • BazaroWorld

            Back to you SweetHeart: You GW Sheeple often refer to that 97% number that was concocted years ago that was a result of a U of Ill survey to 10,000 professionals about AGW, where only just a couple of 1,000s even responded, and of the very few, less than 100 of 10,000 responded to the questions only 86 THOUGHT it was a problem, hence your 97%. And in the web site you refer to above, most are just opinions of a few that thought it was even worth while to respond. One example of your source, the American Meteorological Society sent out over 7,000 surveys and so few responded that they reported “The extent to which the findings reported here represent the
            views of all AMS Members is therefore unknown.” So it is nice that you give references to YOUR opinion, but sighting it as 97% scientist agree is not accurate. It is just 97% of the PEOPLE (not necessarily scientist of proper training) you are of a similar OPINION as you. (Liars use numbers, and numbers will lie.)

          • Norm

            You have some dried, crusty white stuff on your lower lip…..

          • Honest John

            The numbers argument is a pretty puny one. How many said the world was flat when the VERY few disagreed? How many bought into “relativity” when that dastardly Jew posted his alternative view? Yes, a million, even a trillion flies CAN be wrong – it’s NOT a “voting issue”. Yep, the voters who elected Obama may (I do say “may”) have been in the majority, BUT Obama has OBVIOUSLY been a disaster to civilization in general – BUT the golf industry has profited at least!

          • RichardC55

            First, if you look at the 97% claim, those making the claim did a considerable amount of cherry-picking regarding who they declared “climate scientists”. The primary criteria were apparently whether they could get away with denying that skeptic was a climate scientist and whether they could claim a AGCC proponent was, despite being in a different field. In other words, the 97% is a meme based upon lies.

            Second, climate is not static, and, as we do not understand the drivers of climate (weather forecasts are pretty darn miserable, you know), and the models that incorporate the AGW/AGCC carbon dioxide hypothesis have all proven egregiously wrong, assertions about carbon-dioxide based changes are exceedingly poorly founded.

            Third, if you read the actual U.N. climate reports, their content often not only does not support the assertions in the various executive summaries, the content often refutes those assertions. Read the actual reports in their entirety, rather than the summaries, and you will, if you have an open mind, become a skeptic.

          • Mobius Loop

            And here is a list of the other surveys that returned similar results:


            But look this should be really easy. You are clearly convinced that most scientists do not support AGW so just point to the surveys and research that support this …….. should add, that does not mean selecting one or two lines and presenting them out of context while ignoring the bits you don’t like.

          • RichardC55

            Yeah, uh-huh … Wikipedia is now “authoritative” … In your dreams, perhaps, but not in the reality.

            No, I am not convinced that most scientists do not support AGW. That is a false inference on your part. But, there is not a consensus. There are thousands of scientists who do not think the debate is over, the science settled. Those thousands include respected climate scientists, Nobel Laureates, etc., who the AGW crowd simply chooses to ignore as “deniers” even when they simply say that the science is not settled. The fact is the science is not settled. The bodies of the U.N. reports make this rather clear, while the summaries say otherwise. Further, here’s an item where quite reputable scientist assert that the science is not settled.


          • Mobius Loop

            OK, you don’t like WIkipedia so lets go straight to source material










            So the WIkipedia bugbear is out of the way, and we are dealing with the surveys themselves or articles that describe them.

            The last of the links above is particularly interesting, as it make a statement that of 10,883 peer reviewed climate related papers submitted in 2013 only 2 (that is TWO out of TEN THOUSAND, EIGHT HUNDRED & EIGHTY THREE) reject the reality of AGW.

            I’ve made a considerable effort to underpin my point, if you still feel strongly that I am in error then please provide the counter evidence to build a case rather than presenting more threadbare cliches from the dwindling book of denial memes.

          • jmac

            Name one credible scientific institution anywhere that denies man made climate change.

            A list of (real) worldwide science agencies… :

            “Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals1 show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities.”


            Or, we could look at IPCC AR5 WG1 SPM





            Or, The climate change consensus extends beyond climate scientists

            Or, who says: If the consensus were 97%, then if you read, say, 300 peer-reviewed articles you should find on average 9 that reject AGW. Instead, to find even a single rejecting article, you must read nearly 5,000. (Try this yourself with a random selection of 300 peer-reviewed articles here.) The true consensus on AGW cannot possibly be as low as 97%.

            Or for your amusement a study just published 9-24-2015. Purdue study: Climate change consensus extends beyond climate scientists.


          • RichardC55

            OK, so you are the variety of idiot as Mobius. I said the science is not settled, and it is NOT settled. That does not mean man-made climate changed does not exist. It means denying that we still do not know a great deal about climate, and that much of the debate from the AGW/ACC side is based upon flawed hypotheses. That further means that drastic actions based upon those hypotheses are premature, and may in fact create more problems than they solve.

            The climate changes constantly, as it always has and always will. Where in that is a denial of climate change? Where in that is a denial that climate change as we are currently experiencing it may be in part driven by human activity? But also, where in the AGW/ACC dogma is recognition of the fact that change will occur no matter what?

            Now f*** off and grow a brain.

          • jmac

            It was a simple question, name one credible scientific institution anywhere in the world that disagrees with man made climate change. I even gave you a list.

            Yes, climate has changed in the past. If you’d stuck around for eighth grade earth science, you would have learned about the Milankovitch cycles, that seem to have driven the last couple of dozen glaciations and interglacial periods in the current ice age. It turns out we do know something about our global climate.

            Approx half a million years of steady rise and fall cycling up and down approx 100 ppm every 100,000 years, like the steady rhythm of a heartbeat or breath and then suddenly in 50 years we have knocked the levels off by double that bandwidth.

            If this were a patient doctors would be scrambling to do something. This graph from NASA shows with chilling clarity what we have done to CO2 levels

            Personally I kind of like NASA, they seem to be pretty good at the whole science thing. They are saying that climate change and warming are still very much happening

          • Logic&Truth

            Here NASA quoted a study from John Cook which has been widely discredited even by the very scientists whose papers were included in the figure. You’re either a liar or a useful idiot. Which is it?


          • Mobius Loop

            Well here is the thing, the study has not been widely discredited no matter how often you repeat it, further more it is backed up by several more studies all returning similar findings to the John Cook paper..


            Furthermore, every major scientific institute on Earth accepts the reality of AGW:


            Furthermore 90% of scientists generally accept the reality of AGW


            Furthermore 71%+ of US citizens now accept the reality of AGW.


            You are in a dwindling minority

          • Logic&Truth

            You clearly failed to investigate the evidence provided. How can you refute the words from the many scientists themselves who say their studies were misrepresented?
            Answer: you can’t but you won’t because you are an ideologue. Facts mean nothing to you and the ends justify the means. In short you are a filthy liar.

          • Mobius Loop

            What I can say is that when the report came out, I went through it taking a random sample of 10 abstracts, read them and compared them against the ratings given by the researchers.

            All appeared appropriate and in some cases I felt the reviewers were on the cautious side.

            The paper offered all scientists a right to reply and while I don’t doubt there are a few that may feel their word was incorrectly rated, I’ve come across nothing that shows widespread rejection of the work by actual scientists………. note that is actual scientists and not propaganda sites like this one or WuWT.

            You clearly believe that you have access to information demonstrating I am wrong. Feel free to present a list of the ‘many’ scientists your refer to.

            I utterly reject your last sentence on the basis that I had a bath this month.

          • Logic&Truth

            Are you dense? The links in my original post detail the very information you are asking for and details the comments from scientists who said their work was misrepresented!

            You are clearly unable to learn. I’ve seen your kind before and I’m just not going to waste my time with you. My hope is that I can reach others in hopes that they do not also become useful idiots.

          • Mike Hambuchen

            ALL propaganda. AGW is a farce making thousands of individuals and companies wealthier while stealing productivity and wealth from the millions of poor and middle class.
            It is an attempt to indict America for the benefit of third world countries while the real polluters go on their merry way ignoring the scam and profiting handsomely for it.

          • tj

            The same US citizens that TWICE!!!!! voted for Obama? There’s a group to hang your hat on.

          • DoctorRemulak

            There is no basis for the claim that 97% of scientists believe that man-made climate change is a dangerous problem.

          • TrollHunter

            I thought that if you repeated a lie often enough, it became true….

          • DoctorRemulak

            Only a true sheep would claim that we should support a scientific position to go along with a crowd.

          • Natesse

            In the honorable memory of Michael Crichton, may he RIP…..

            “I want to pause here and talk about this notion of
            consensus, and the rise of what has been called consensus science. I
            regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that
            ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of
            consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid
            debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear
            the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for
            your wallet, because you’re being had.”

            “Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to
            do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on
            the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right,
            which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference
            to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant
            is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great
            precisely because they broke with the consensus.”

            “There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.”

            [Crichton gave a number of examples where the scientific consensus was completely wrong for many years.]

            “… Finally, I would remind you to notice where the claim of
            consensus is invoked. Consensus is invoked only in situations where the
            science is not solid enough. Nobody says the consensus of scientists
            agrees that E = mc². Nobody says the consensus is that the sun is 93
            million miles away. It would never occur to anyone to speak that way.”

            From Michael Crichton’s speech, “Alien’s Cause Global Warming.” Full speech can be found all over the net.

          • 3GSimpleton


          • Diogenes71

            Why quote NASA which is accused of fudging the data and if the truth will be allowed to escape from this administration’s mouth, it will be shown to be true!?

          • ted

            NASA couldn’t get the temperature correct on an O-Ring!

          • tmoney777

            How many total ‘scientists’ were there? If there is 100 scientists and 97 of them agree, does that mean the entire world is going to die tomorrow if we don’t cough up an air tax to the broke govts who already wasted all our money? Or do you work for Goldman Sachs who is going to be bringing in a $10 000 000 000 000/year CARBON EXCHANGE? So you may say you don’t like banks and capitalism… and yet is you who work for them (for free no less) promoting this nonsense over fractions of a degree for Goldman Sachs!

          • JohnnyCuredents


          • Engage Gray Matter

            But you did capitalize Americans. Stay focused will ya?

          • SWDC

            Basics one 101 Know thy enemy

          • SWDC

            I love the USA and the US Constitution and the US Military never mind I capitalize because grammar nd vocabulary reflects who one is. NOt that errors are not prevalent just a visual clue of many clues when one reads threads on line without the ip address and taps.

            George Orwell taught that language is very important in 1984 and Animal Farm. Goebbels knew that too.

          • CB

            “I could think of a few candidates today that have done far more damage to american security”

            Like the Republicans who deny the existential threat that global warming poses?

            “The year 2014 now ranks as the warmest on record since 1880, according to an analysis by NASA scientists.”



          • Gordon Jeffrey Giles

            Drinking the kool-aid again!!

          • CB

            “Drinking the kool-aid again!!”

            Yes! Metaphorically, that’s precisely what Climate Deniers do.

            If they weren’t suicidal, why aren’t they interested in the threat climate change poses to their well-being?

            “The annual anomaly of the global average surface temperature in 2014… was the warmest since 1891.”


          • we__are__screwed

            CB – Let’s just assume that GW is caused by human activity. Maybe you can explain what you would do to stop it?

          • sillyobamaPOTUSisforadults

            What flavor is your kool-aid?

          • CB

            “What flavor is your kool-aid?”

            I don’t drink Kool-Aid, sweetie!

            Why are you guys so obsessed with Kool-Aid?

            If you aren’t trying to project your suicidal impulses onto others, what are you doing?

            “The continent of Antarctica has been losing about 134 billion metric tons of ice per year since 2002, while the Greenland ice sheet has been losing an estimated 287 billion metric tons per year.”


          • mensa141

            @CB – your contention that Antarctica is losing ice mass has been debunked. Fact is that it has gotten the largest new amount in 2014 and again more in 2015.

            The BS you may have read is that the western side of Antarctica is receding someone due to underground volcanoes.

            Again do some reading. Remember also that science doesn’t work when one side implies that other side is deniers. Science is more a challenge of learned minds. Try to use yours better.

          • James Bernard

            Thanks Mensa……I’ll just add this. “Think like a Vulcan” remove the emotion from your decision making process.

          • David Foran

            That is an awesomely passive-aggressive quote, I hope you don’t mind me stealing it with a slight adjustment like to add a little snark. “Remember that science doesn’t work when one side calls the other stupid. Science is a challenge of the minds. Try using yours.”

          • stan mahan

            blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,

          • oferna64

            You are a fool!

          • rightmostofthetime

            Was that link published before or after NASA recently admitted that the Antarctic ice thickness has been growing instead of receding? I love NASA’s rationale in the report, in which they state that it’s really, really difficult to measure ice thickness, which is why they were wrong before. Funny, they didn’t seem to think it was all that difficult when they told us the ice was decreasing.

          • Joel Martin

            No it hasn’t. Dammit, check your facts somewhere besides Al Gores ‘SCIENTIFIC WEBSITE”. Your ignorance is embarrassing.

          • Verdes Lutz


          • Ranbo Lee

            Well, maybe you are that dumb after all….

          • April Williams Zimmerman

            I won’t believe there is a problem until Antarctica is habitable and equatorial regions are uninhabitable. When do the Chicken Littles expect that to happen?

          • James Bernard

            Based on computer models….of course.

          • TxnFl

            CB – Did you read the report that showed how this was proven wrong? People actually tour parts of Antarctica and the part of it they tour did register loss of ice sheet, but satellite and physical measurements on the rest of the continent shoreline has show a very significant gain in ice sheet. Google it you’ll see. In fact there is now significantly more ice sheet than there was before, a net gain. So what does that do to your BS theories?

          • James Jjink

            the university of Illinois has ice flow charts there are the best they show now loss of sea pack ice

          • Alucard_the_last

            CB, I really hope you are still in high school. “Drinking the kool-aid” refers to the mass suicide-murder of the Jim Jones cult (like you, he was a communist). His brain-washed followers drank the kool-aid knowing it was laced with cyanine because Jim Jones ordered it thus creating the term ‘drinking the kool-aid’. It refers to a blind follower so yes, you are drinking the kool-aid.

          • melvin splash

            just shut up..please. you people only stand behind this “glowbal warmeen” because you have nothing else in your lives. you’re like the table of dateless ugly kids at the prom.

          • JohnnyCuredents


          • Guest

            “Sweetie”? Is that all you have left? Taunts?

          • David Foran

            Sorry CB NASA is reporting “Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum”
            Here is the link

            FYI, “drinking the Kool-Aid” is a reference to a socialist cult called the People’s Temple where 918 followers committed mass suicide by drinking cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. It is a perfect metaphore for the religion of climate change. You have a small number of global socialist elite Kool-Aid mixers plotting a bogus climate crisis to justify a power grab that would give them power over the worlds productive resources and distribution of wealth. These political elites give money to a small group of people who don’t mind politicizing science so long as the grant money gravy train keeps flowing. These scientists at the Climate Research Unit housed at the University of East Anglia provide the primary data that the rest of the scientific comunity studies. During Climategate, these corrupt scientists were caught red handed distorting the primary data with 2,000 documents including emails and footnotes in computer code admitting to using “tricks” to hide and distort the data. These “scientists” were publicly insisting that the past decade was the warmest ever while internally dismayed that the planet was cooling. Next comes real scientists doing secondary research based on distorted primary data looking to get published and advance their career with alarming predictions. Then comes every journalist in the “If it bleeds it leads media” and every Hollywood movie producer looking for an apocolyptic storyline and every anti-business, leftist government union teacher indoctrinating children to the point of anxiety. Before long you have millions of Kool-Aid drinkers willing to sacrifice economic security and prosperity at the alter of Mother Earth.

          • Gordon Jeffrey Giles

            David, thank you for that prescient response. Extremely well written, well thought out and covered a lot of the “high-ground.” Press on brother… you rock……

          • TroyGale

            Well, you need to do a bit more research. First, Antarctica is losing Ice primarily because of volcanic magma under the ice, but hat said, Antarctica gained record ice for the past 2 years, I believe, you do the research, I already know what’s going on. The Arctic Ice has always ebbed and flowed. Greenland once supported the growing of grapes.
            Climate has changed for 4.5 billion years, it will always change as long as we have an active sun, and as with 99.99999% of that changing climate, man isn’t a factor.
            I’m laughing more often these days as more and more scientists are stepping forward and calling B.S.!
            I delight that all you loons will have to live with your gullible peers while we with level heads and thinking minds laugh at how really stupid you all have been.

          • dcfla


          • MiloCrabtreeVII

            Whatever flavor it is, the color is red.

          • yumadlh

            It has to be watermelon. Green on the outside and red on the inside. This is their cover and flavor. They use temperature change to cover the behinds.

          • Mac

            Huh? I deny it because its scientific correct, therefore you Post nonsense to state it does? I think CB likes Peach Kool AId.

          • shropster

            Better that than grape.

          • Vilnius

            So what caused the warmest other year in 1891 pre industrial revolution?….less than 200 years of data is a pretty weak argument for a planet that is billions of years old.

          • Gordon Jeffrey Giles

            CB, you appear to be thoughtful and interested in the “science” you are always referring to. You really owe it to yourself to do an exhaustive study of the COOK REPORT that came up with the 97% Consensus Nonsense. It really is quite an eye opener to see the Goebbels-like structure that was set up to “validate” the hoax of AGW.

            You really should “look” into it.

          • JacintoKid

            She’s not interested in facts that refute her worldview. I commend you for trying but your wasting your time.

          • oldbithead

            Gordon Jeffrey Giles – There has been a name change recently. “Goebbels” is now “Gruber” ( as in Jonathan Gruber).

          • Gordon Jeffrey Giles

            oldbit…. don’t get me started on that fiasco. AGW…destroy the Energy Industry…ObamaCare…destroy the Medical Industry…. Common Core… Destroy the educational industry….. Do we see a pattern here… Kardasians…destroy the entertainment industry…o.k. that one was just for grins….

          • Proud_American
          • TroyGale

            Hey Gordon, one minor issue with your post on the Kardasians….
            I believe it was Charlie Sheen who tried to destroy the Entertainment Industry. Of course, I might be mistaken…

          • Political Hostage

            You’re quote is complete BS.

            You do realize you’re taking about a trace element that, over the last one hundred years, has risen from 0.0039% to 0.0041%, don’t you? Have you considered that the earth is more like a living being than a rock? Given that, what stays constant in a living entity? Heck, your body temperature has fluctuated a hundred time more than 0.0003% in the last thirty minutes. Are you dying?

          • Marcus Antonius

            Don’t confuse him, with Facts and Reason/Logic !

          • james

            thank you for that one, sincerely! The 2nd scientist in the article is right – CO2 levels have been dangerously low on the planet, due to the sequestration of it in the forms of coal and oil buried deep underground. Liberating this vital element is key to survival of many species, plant and animal alike.

          • pass_n_thru

            Apparently it still has not become warm enough for palm trees to grow as they did in England at some point during the 1400s…

          • MrEsco

            Climate deniers? You meen objective observers….

            Technically the globe has been on a steady warming trend since the ice age, so what rate is normal? Noone knows because we have barely more than a decade of accurate data….

            It is about money and control plain and simple.
            it is a purely politically driven theory based on very little data pushed simply to line the pockets of politicians. Nothing more….

          • CB

            “Technically the globe has been on a steady warming trend since the ice age, so what rate is normal?”

            It’s not merely about the rate of warming but the extent.

            What is normal for the human species is a planet that has polar ice sheets.

            If it’s so likely polar ice sheets will be able to withstand CO₂ as high as we’ve pushed it, why isn’t there a single example of them doing so in Earth’s history?

            “Together, Greenland and Antarctica contain about 75% of the world’s fresh water, enough to raise sea level by over 75 meters, if all the ice were returned to the oceans.”


          • MrEsco

            And still, there is not enough data to know if it is man made or a natural climate shift. The planet has gone through dramatic global climate changes before our existence and will continue to do so.

            Using a little over 100 years of climate data out of roughly 4.5 billion to form a half ass theory and claim its FACT is idiotic….. Solar activity has a greater effect on the climate than carbon emissions….

          • oferna64

            You’re not just a fool but a complete fool!

          • Joe Kerr

            bwahahahar now they have gone from raising 3 feet (1 meter approx.) to 75 meters!!! BWAHAHAHAHAR!!!!

          • Verdes Lutz


          • Andy

            If it wasn’t for global warming we wouldn’t even be here. You obviously believe that the earth can exist “forever”. It can’t and won’t. There is nothing you can do to change that. Even if your theories about global warming were true it will not outpace the clip mankind is moving at to extinguish itself from existence.

          • hahahahainfinity

            If we eliminate all sources of CO2 from the environment observable science is dead. Along with mankind. This is your brain on drugs.

          • JohnnyCuredents


          • Guest

            Assuming you are correct, there still is nothing we can do to stop it. Whatever man-made activity is contributing is not significant to make any difference whatsoever. The most we can do is adapt.

          • Don

            Exactly your problem. That is the normal for humans that know this from there 700 year encounter with ice caps. Too bad the top of the warming trend after the last ice age was over 6000 years ago. So your missing 5300 years of data since the trend ended. According to the actual data we are at the end of the warming state and leading into the cooling trend because the sun just went into its slight dormant stage.

          • TroyGale

            Yes, and if all the air was replaced by vacuum, we would all be dead!
            And if Shoemaker-Levy discover another comet which impacts the earth, we will all be dead.
            The climate on earth always changes, it always has. It is called weather, and it is driven by the Sun…always was, and always will be. At least till the Sun runs out of Hydrogen…then we all die!
            Want to worry about something real, worry about idiots running your Government who actually believe that bringing 10s of thousands of Muslims into America is a great idea!

          • mensa141

            @CB – just some information I hope you take the time to read.

            Also keep in mind biology 100 teaches us that all green growing things take in CO2 (that nasty pollutant). Sort of necessary for us to eat wouldn’t you say?

          • nastyolbstrd

            When you look up in the sky. Do you see the big shiny glowing thing there? That’s a G2 Variable Star. It’s 8 light minutes away. It has been varying on a 44 year cycle (Maunder Cycle) for about 5 billion years. That has more to do with any climate variances than human activity. Now get off the computer and go read something that wasn’t written by that fat pant load Al Gore.

          • MelAnosis

            Satellite data shows that there has been no warming in 18 years! Who is drinking the Kool-Aid?

          • McFeely Bhoob

            Are you even listening? Do you know anything at all about The Scientific Method? This is social media’s fault. It has given credibility to the morons like CB, who probably couldn’t pass basic algebra and Chemistry 101, as every other Liberal. I took a year of Meteorology in High School, on top of biology, chem, marine biology, and this whole Global Warming “presentation” has always rubbed me the wrong way because it conflicts with the Scientific Method and analysis we were taught. The ROLE of science is to constantly challenge and try to disprove current theory, and to suppress that (as the global warming crowd wishes to do) is actually ANTI SCIENTIFIC

          • shumanthehuman

            Climate change alarmists are famous for their lack of consideration of the net benefits of the extremely uneconomical, illogical, and damaging ‘remedies’ they greedily promote and try to get everyone else to pay for.

          • Eugene O’Neill

            So what? Temperatures go up and down. Next year might be the coldest since 1853 so what? It is called weather! It happens. Get over it. All you envirofreaks have your knickers in a wad over carbon emissions and claim to be “green” implying you love plants. Plants-such as trees in the rain forest that the greenie weenies are always crying about- thrive on carbon dioxide. It is what they breath. You folks are advocating suffocating plants by removing their most essential element from the atmosphere. It is the same as someone advocating removing all the oxygen from the atmosphere. If that happened we all would die.Show your love for a tree burn a lump of coal!

          • TrollHunter

            Do you keep using the word “Metaphorically” to sound smart? Can you define it without using a search engine or dictionary?

          • James Bernard

            Hey “CB” if it gets too hot for you, just add some fresh ice cubes to your KOOL-aid.

          • Mike McKee

            So, what caused the warming in 1891 ? If it was warmer in 1891 than it was in 2014 … Well ??? It was crazy warm in the 1930’s, then it got crazy cold during the 1970’s. Prompting many scientists to fear a mini ice age. Now, it is warm again. And what about 900 to 1200 AD ? FAR warmer than it is now, and then near the end of 1300 AD, the mini Ice Age. Sounds like a cycle to me. It gets warm … It gets cold … Then it gets warm again. With or without mankind. Sorry, but the evidence against man made global warming is just too compelling to ignore. Starting with my first sentence.

          • JohnnyCuredents

            For the love of Pete, you cannot even write a decent paragraph. You quote someone else and then interject one of your bumper-sticker mentality sentences. I can only imagine what’s behind your handle, CB: Complete Bimbo.

          • pop8660

            I assume you are a proponent of an old earth, say, billions of years? Your sampling of temperatures only goes back about 130 years or so. The sample size is way too small to make ANY claim about climate change. Insofar as CO2 is concerned, it is .04% of the atmosphere! I’ll type that again: .04% The only thing in this case that threatens my well-being is your idiotic assertions that will levy taxes on my income, you dolt. It is a lie, you may or may not know it’s a lie, but it’s a lie nevertheless. Incidentally, climate changes all of the time, it’s called seasons. Imagine that!

          • Scottar

            Here is a really complete analysis on that:


            Urbanization Temperature Bias

          • Guest

            People who use epithets like “Climate Deniers” will never be taken seriously. Might as well write “The End is Near” on a sandwich board. Fortunately you are outnumbered in case we have to settle this in the streets.

          • WhoDat

            Without a doubt you are an idiot blinded by your leftest ideology. My guess is that you can’t comprehend that measurements in hundredths of a degree are useless on instruments that have tolerances in tenths of a degree. Furthermore you have can’t tell the difference between pollution & climate change. Run along now with the rest of the lemmings.

          • runsinquicksand

            You’re nothing more than a dumb trouble making Obamabot.

          • fish4man61

            So when they were about to sign that global warming treaty and Obama even went over and hackers leaked all them emails from all them scientist the day before that showed even they were lying, which put a stop to the treaty. All left and went home red faced! Till they decided to change it to climate change!!! History of this planet shows and proves that it is constantly changing. Ice ages, warm times etc, it is nothing new or abnormal, just part of the earth cycle that is completely normal. Just that in today’s time there are some that want to exploit others dumb enough to follow them and give them the money!

          • burberryblue

            Climate is defined by change.

          • burberryblue

            Don’t you think it’s telling that Warmists’ most-used argument is to compare people who question the Climate Change industry with Holocaust deniers?

            Please produce a single piece of reproducible, empirical, hard scientific evidence that Man’s activities have had any significant effect on the climate.

            If you can’t — and you won’t be able to, since none exists — then you have no argument, do you?

          • Mojave Greene

            “It is clear from extensive scientific evidence that the dominant cause of the rapid change in climate of the past half century is human-induced increases in the amount of atmospheric greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2), chlorofluorocarbons, methane, and nitrous oxide.” (2012)
            American Meteorological Society
            “The evidence is incontrovertible: Global warming is occurring. If no mitigating actions are taken, significant disruptions in the Earth’s physical and ecological systems, social systems, security and human health are likely to occur. We must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases beginning now.” (2007)
            American Physical Society
            “The Geological Society of America (GSA) concurs with assessments by the National Academies of Science (2005), the National Research Council (2006), and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2007) that global climate has warmed and that human activities (mainly greenhouse‐gas emissions) account for most of the warming since the middle 1900s.” (2006; revised 2010)
            The Geological Society of America
            “The scientific evidence is clear: global climate change caused by human activities is occurring now, and it is a growing threat to society.” (2006)
            American Association for the Advancement of Science
            “Comprehensive scientific assessments of our current and potential future climates clearly indicate that climate change is real, largely attributable to emissions from human activities, and potentially a very serious problem.” (2004)
            American Chemical Society
            “Human‐induced climate change requires urgent action. Humanity is the major influence on the global climate change observed over the past 50 years. Rapid societal responses can significantly lessen negative outcomes.” (Adopted 2003, revised and reaffirmed 2007, 2012, 2013)
            American Geophysical Union
            “Our AMA … supports the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s fourth assessment report and concurs with the scientific consensus that the Earth is undergoing adverse global climate change and that anthropogenic contributions are significant.” (2013)
            American Medical Association

          • Diogenes71

            I suggest you read…Oh never mind. Just keep quoting the same folks who have been fudging the data for decades to get a pre-determiend outcome. The IPCC was formed for “climate change.” If it told the truth there would no reason for its existence. Ergo, its employees would be without jobs and those lovely government grants that keep these folks wealthy and living in a grand style.
            If the planet were indeed warming over the past two decades, why does not the supporters of it publish the data It uses tons of CO2 to try to quiet those who hold solid, peer-reviewed scientific papers holing the opposite view.
            Satellite reporting, actually recording temperatures accurately, indicates there has been no climate warming in 19 years.
            Why would you believe data “modeling,” making up temps, to reach a pre-determined outcome, over actual temperature readings?
            Seems like sloppy reasoning to me.

          • Philip Bruce Heywood

            Sent to an Australian newspaper. (I am an Australian geologist/educator). These are facts which anyone may verify.
            “To rehearse some geology: Back in the Pleistocene, an era affectionately termed by some, “the plasticine”, because events are so difficult to date — just before human fossils — which are notoriously rare at
            the best of times — just before we arrived –- we may surmise, based on a shoestring, Lake Eyre and
            places like it, were temperate, wet, even fresh. Giant marsupials, ferns,etc. At some stage. At some other stage, in the Pleistocene, or perhaps in the ‘Recent’, after the Pleistocene – who knows? –freely blowing, unsecured sand formed large tracts of sand dunes in Australia. Witness, the Simpson Desert. Sand dune formation implies dryer conditions than exist today, to
            account for bulk free moving sand. In another dry part of the world, and certainly in Human/Recent times, large tracts of North Africa suddenly changed from grasslands to desert. Suddenly. In a colder part of the world, in
            this ‘Recent’ (Holocene is the technical term), Greenland was so-named for being green, not white, and wave formed beach ‘ridges’ were laid down at the north-facing mouth of Independence Fjiord. Wave formed beach ridges demand waves, and the waves came from the Arctic Sea. By implication, ice-free, for considerable time.

            All these events – there are countless similar events
            recorded in the strata – all these events — you need not be advised –pre-dated coal mines.

          • CB … does that include CHEMTRAILS?


          • lenguanavaja

            1891 is less than a geologic eye blink.

          • vutsrq

            Said another of the eternally grubered Global Warming Hoax Believers.

          • Gaian

            CB, your troll pay has just dropped below minimum wage. There are plenty of others out there that do it better than you. Give this one up. The lie has been exposed and nothing you can make up will change that.

          • Sabretruthtiger

            You mean the massive fraud and power grab by the bankers behind the global warming scam threatening to implement an Orwellian world government and drastically reduce world population?

            Yes…the skeptics are very concerned about this. Only extremely unintelligent people believe in significant man-made global warming when all the evidence is against it and a bunch of politicians are screaming for legislation to save 1 degree of beneficial warming over the next 100 years while gaining massive economic control over us and earning billions from taxation and emissions trading derivative schemes…
            I mean you’d have to be completely moronic to believe in significant anthropogenic Global Warming.

          • Regular Guy

            Average SURFACE temps, which are highly volatile and unreliable. NASA conveniently omits satellite data. Now there’s a surprise, considering the amount of research money at stake for them if their research becomes moot.

          • rs1123

            Lady, you are drowning in the Kool-Aid. Maybe you should fly your unicorn or ride your dolphin to the land of rainbows and BS.

          • ted

            Don’t you mean Lukewarm-Aid denier?

          • Dr. Deduction

            Better yet have a glass of concentrated Sulfuric Acid. After all it’s just a chemical compound. Water is a chemical compound, it’s good for us isn’t it? Now that I know chemical compounds are good for us I feel better about all of them, let’s celebrate CO2, more CO2 for everybody. This sophisticated message brought to you by scientistswho are all on the Payroll of the American fossil fuel industry.

          • gerald sornee

            Everyone has an agenda.

            These scientists are no less believable than those who depend on grants from government to fund their research.

            Ask yourself why the intellectuals at the East Anglican University in the UK (one of the original Global Warming Alarmist group) had to use fraudulent methods to get ‘scientists’ to accept their findings …. nor why they used flawed computer models to provide their ‘evidence’?

          • Dr. Deduction

            Actually that’s not true at all. Scientifically credibility is a function of successful publication, review, and acceptance of research in the relevant peer reviewed scientific journals. The fossil fuel industry’s scientists have not published a significant amount of convincing research in the peer reviewed scientific literature to convince their fellow scientists that their climate science denying arguments are true. The purpose of publishing your research in peer reviewed journals is so that other scientists (who understand the work) can check it, verify the methodology and claims, and agree with the findings or criticize what they don’t agree with. If the fossil fuel hired guns did actually so publish they might have the same credibility as the scientists who actually do. If you want evidence for this fact you can get it at this Youtube link: posted by an impartial and experienced science journalist who actually tracks the scientific work on climate science in peer reviewed journals. Think the proof for global warming depends on computer models? Wrong. Check out his video on the actual research evidence in real science journals for global warming (which Time magazine and the rest of the lay press ignore). Do you think there was a scientific consensus that global cooling was leading to an impending ice in the 1960s as reported in the popular press? A survey of the actual scientific literature at that time says otherwise. Check out potholer54’s videos and learn how to really judge what is and what is not scientific evidence and scientific credibility. If you really don’t care just keep spouting off. Most climate science deniers don’t really care.

          • Philip Bruce Heywood

            Spot on. Take blood letting for instance. It’s blatantly obvious that poisoned blood causes sickness. All the published science concurs. Get rid of bad blood, cure the patient. Get with it, get with the peer review and the science. Let more blood!

            Ahh, strike me silly. In whose ‘pay’ was Copernicus, when he risked all by saying the planets might not all revolve about Earth?

            Fossil fuel industry scientists? You mean, people who study geology texts? And write them?
            Krauskopf, K.B. 1967, INTRODUCTION TO GEOCHEMISTRY,McGraw-Hill/Kogakusha, Tokyo.
            p.617f, touches on the carbon topic, as of safety and certainty. Let the record speak. “The carbon of sedimentary rocks was nearly all derived from CO2
            that once existed in the atmosphere: the carbon of organic materials was fixed in organic compounds by photosynthesis and the carbon of precipitated
            carbonates represents atmospheric CO2 added to seawater either directly by solution or indirectly by the respiration and decay of organisms. If we estimate the total amount of carbon buried in sedimentary rocks,
            therefore, we should get a figure indicating how much CO2 has existed in the air at one time or another. Rubey’s calculations (Rubey,1951,GEOL.SOC.AMERICA
            BULL.,vol.62, pp.1111-1147) indicate that the amount of buried carbon exceeds that in the present atmosphere, oceans, and organisms by a factor of about 600 times (see Rubey, p.1124). Even if some of the analyses and estimates of volumes on which the calculations rest are greatly in error, the figure would still be startlingly large. Beyond any reasonable doubt. the amount of carbon
            now in the air is only a tiny fraction of the amount that has existed at some time in the geologic past. This result can be interpreted in several ways. One extreme possibility is that the atmosphere at some early period was very dense,consisting chiefly of CO2 at a partial pressure of about 12 atmospheres, and that the activity of plants plus the deposition of carbonate sediments has
            gradually reduced the amount to its present low value, 0.0003 atmospheres [recent measurements place this figure at 0.0004]. This is an unlikely hypothesis, for it would mean that we are living at the very end of the history of life on our planet. Some CO2 is returned to the air by respiration, rock weathering, and organic decay, but the amount is too small to make up for the
            carbon that is being steadily removed as precipitated carbonates and organic matter buried with sediments. A rough calculation of the carbon balance indicates that CO2 in air will fall to a level too low to support plant life
            within a few centuries, unless some other source of the gas is available. Since the geologic record gives indisputable evidence for the continuous existence of
            multicellular organisms for at least 600 million years, and of unicellular life for at least 2 billion years [since extended to 4], the CO2 content of air cannot have dropped far below its present figure for a long time. And it is scarcely believable that the present 0.0003 atmospheres [more precisely,0.0004] has been reached only now after 4 billion years of steady depletion. An
            obvious additional source of carbon dioxide is volcanic activity. …. .”
            Please note, the author of the ‘Bible’ of geochemistry did not have the advantage of more recent discoveries re. comets and ice bodies of Space. Thus he did not mention comets alongside volcanoes as potential
            re-supply agents.

          • Dr. Deduction

            So the earth’s atmosphere will be unable to support life very soon unless mankind continues burning coal and oil at historic and increasing rates. I see. Boy the climate science community never saw that coming. Are they trying to get us all killed? Thank goodness for China and India, their carbon pollution is a life saver! Thanks for pointing that out!

          • kruzin

            Chug-a-lug, sister. Keep drinking that kool-aid and be sure to believe everything the doom-sayers tell you. You do realize you are believing in computer generated predictions, right? They are only as reliable as the information entered into them and you still have to deal with the fact that nature is not predictable. It does seem to run in cycles and it was only a few years ago when we were told we were headed for the next ice age (also a computer generated prediction). Al Gore had to switch really fast when that one didn’t work out. Oh, and remember the ozone layer. It was supposed to be gone by now and we were all supposed to burn up or something from the sun’s rays. Me? I’m waiting for Chicken Little’s next announcement.

          • kanilammit

            What do you mean? My calculator is telling me that 10×10 is 110, NOT 100 like you and the math are telling me. Therefore I have to believe my calculator. Wait. What do you mean I input 10×11 into my calculator and that is why my predicted answer was wrong?

          • Political Hostage

            Someone got a hold of AL Gore’s model (software) and started plugging all kinds of crazy temperatures into it, but the result was always the same scorched earth ending. Gee, I wonder if it was simply built to prove Gore’s message?

          • kruzin

            Probably is, but it wouldn’t matter anyway since it’s just a computer projection. There is no concrete evidence and even if there was, we are such a minute component of the entire earth’s ecological system that to believe that one country or five or even 10 could destroy the planet (or stop its destruction) is absurd. And those that spout this BS, say they will be proven right in 75 to 200 years when none of us will be here to say “See, I told you so” to those believers out there. I believe we can make the air cleaner in our local area but the whole planet, no.

          • Ken Martin

            You are a complete and total fool.

          • Scott

            Let me quickly help you scientifically assess your quote. Up until the 40’s there was not temperature recording instruments, dispersed widely enough (around the globe), recording temperatures with precision enough to ascertain tenths of a degree, with any accuracy. Your sample from the 1800’s – 1940s would be worthless (statistically) to make any such claim. Take a few science classes and a stats class or two and then get back to us.

          • CB

            “Up until the 40’s there was not temperature recording instruments”

            Let me just stop you right there.

            …because that’s f*#king retarded.

            “In 1724, Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the first mercury thermometer”


          • ScottPM

            Very low on reading comprehension aren’t you. What he said was “…dispersed widely enough around the globe.”

          • George Kimball

            Literally the first things I said ~25 years ago when human GW erupted in the press was

            1 – there is no century’s worth of data that is global

            2 – there is no historical data of sufficient accuracy to make any such claim.

            It’s so basic: a sufficient number of samples of sufficient accuracy. Neither one is even remotely close to being satisfied.

            Those things are just as true today as they were back then. There is no scientific basis for claiming human activity is heating the planet. Which I guess is why it’s now ‘climate change’ – so vague it can be invoked to support anything.

          • Mac

            Maybe you should jump off a cliff before suffering any harm?

          • Mobius Loop

            If you think about it logically that is exactly what would happen.

          • Mac

            You mean to say that every last wrong thermometer reading , the sky is falling, global climate change alarmist would leap to their doom? ……….ok. I can agree with that.

          • Mobius Loop

            Perhaps we could get ALL the scientists to jump to their doom……

            ……actually what about the doctors too, what a bunch of charlatans….

            …… while we’re at it bloody engineers (structural, electrical, mechanical – need to make sure we get the disreputable whole bunch) ….

            …. in fact lets chuck in everyone who ever spent their life studying and practicing a discipline …..

            …. then a certain restricted section of the population can live a short but happily unchallenged existence ……..

            ……… until a reality they can neither understand nor cope with rushes up and bites them on the …….. astronauts …… now there’s another bunch of feckless losers …….. etc.

          • Mac

            Hahaha. The difference is that there’s a theory, then a hypothesis, then research, testing and honest outcomes. To state emphatically with scientific F-Ing PROOF that the warming or cooling of the earth WILL cause chaos that can only be rectified by taking a piece of my income, is like stating that there is no God. I have a book that says its so. You say my book is false. But your data is flawed, created by man, using a computer graph that predicts the weather, when all along it was George Bush and his mighty weather machine. Your belief vs mine. Why not donate all your money instead of creating BS to steal mine earned income for your selfish one sided global research. What a chicks hit little.

          • Mobius Loop

            Here’s the thing, I’m just not clear about your book and it’s accuracy e.g. what were Jesus’s last words before dying? You would thinks something like that would be pretty important and therefore clearly recorded.

            On AGW it is not an issue of belief, but of cold, clear research and evidence. Ever major scientific institution on Earth who has looked at the case for AGW agrees that it is a reality and serious enough to require action.


            World leaders from all over the planet have listened to scientific advice and are gathered in Paris to discuss the next steps.


            The momentum and the evidence is against you. Like someone arguing that smoking is good for children the onus is now on you to provide the case against. You may argue that you don’t need to, and that is your prerogative, but you will find that events have passed you by and you won’t have a choice.

          • Mac

            Just the liars, please. You h, global warming charlatans, please. Or at least when they can predict the weather two days in a row……….or control the sun. Whichever comes first. Puke.

          • FlyNavy72

            CB, regardless, what would you do to stop CO2 emissions? The question is not so much how to stop it, but rather how to respond to it if and when it happens

          • Political Hostage

            You’re asking someone that can’t finish reading the sentence they quoted to give you a solution? Love you long time but…. LMAO!

          • Mobius Loop

            Good question, directed to CB but I’m sure she won’t mind if I throw some thoughts in.

            1. A root and branch drive to energy efficiency that runs through every aspect of our life.
            2. A Manhattan type project to develop new technologies and diversify energy portfolios.
            3. A global survey of potential energy e.g. its an unusual case but Norway is capable of providing 100% of its energy from hydro electric sources.
            4. Agree a series of international carbon taxes that start very low but ramp up a little each year allowing people, industries and countries to migrate away from these dying technologies. Use the funds raised to drive research and to fund energy efficiency measures for the most vulnerable.
            5. Reprogram the World Bank and WTO so that AGW is at the top of their agenda, with the WTO in particular charged with policing international behavior as they currently do for trade, equipping them to levy penalties against those who dodge carbon limit for competitive advantage.

          • stan mahan

            Yes, eliminate individual countries and give the United Nation power over all.

          • Mobius Loop

            Yes indeedy, that is precisely what I did not say so………..

            ………….. thanks for that stale thought!

          • Proud_American

            Open borders, carbon taxes, and the UN. One World Order. Too bad the guys trying to establish the new Caliphate and use, in addition to jihad, a strategy of immigration with polygamy & high birth rates, or “al-hijra,” as the long-term strategy to transform Western Europe and America into different societies subjugated under Islam see a different vision of “One World” than the liberal dimwits do.

          • Joe Kerr

            bwahahahahar!!!!! Taxing people for an imaginary death of ——- Please drink more kool-aid!

          • Proud_American

            Yeah the WTO is doing such a great job of policing China, Russia, and the Middle East, India and …. gee, maybe we could find just ONE country they are there. But the UN drivers of policy are the countries that will benefit from taxing the producing countries. It is a shakedown. Why not tax people for using water, or breathing air? You can start with China and India – they have LOTS of people.

          • Verdes Lutz

            Lefties have a g*d complex. They can do anything.

          • 卐…* ♥★♡ Aryan Angel ♡★♥*…卐

            Do you have a comprehension problem? — “Up until the 40’s there was not temperature recording instruments,
            dispersed widely enough (around the globe), recording temperatures with
            precision enough to ascertain tenths of a degree, with any accuracy.”

          • Political Hostage

            Wow… way to chop a quote up and change its intent. Going to work for CBS?

          • Charles Scruffy

            Not the idiot CB again??/ And Orville Wright invented the Airplane idiot?? Doesn’t mean He could fly across the Atlantic like now…I know its hard to follow CB the idiot…but try

          • FlyntLoc

            I have a question….. What exactly have you done personally to stop global warming? In your personal life? I’m curious as to what kind of lifestyle we should all be living to stop global warming. If it all boils down to a “carbon tax” being monitored and controlled by politicians, count me out. Politicians want money……. our money. They will offer any excuse to get to our money. The only way I can envision stemming the amount of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere is to cut the Earth’s population at least in half. Are you volunteering? Neither am I.

          • oferna64

            CB – some words to live by. “Life is hard, even harder if you’re stupid.”

          • oferna64

            If all the crazy leftist really wanted to help, to save the planet they would just stop breathing.

          • Joe Kerr

            yes you are fucking retarded…and illiterate!!!

          • JohnnyCuredents


          • Mac

            Mercury thermometers- best guess.
            Digitally calculated temp device- +-2*
            Accurate to measure Global warming +- 2*
            Depending if it’s 1980 or 2015.

          • Mobius Loop

            Two words.

            Ice cores
            earth cores
            tree ring samples
            historical documentation
            temperature records beginning in 1850

            Oooops, silly me that was way more than two words.

            I just get so excited when I realize how many ways those clever scientists have of reconstructing historical temperature trends.

          • Skyhawk

            I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you truly mean well. However, you are simply mistaken. Its not true.

          • Mobius Loop

            Reading your post, I will in return give you the benefit of the doubt and advise you not to get all your information from right leaning libertarian think thanks pulling the strings of sites like Climate Depot (you might want to look up CFact).

            Much better to get your science information from scientists, NASA is a good place to start.


          • Skyhawk

            Those scientists are caught manipulating data so often that it is almost a sort of dark comedy.

          • Mobius Loop

            Which might be bleakly funny if you were actually able to provide any proof to back up your random emission.

          • Skyhawk

            It happens fairly regularly. They produce a graph, the graph gets adjusted. They produce statistics, they temps get lowered. They claim polar bears are going to vanish, polar bears are fine. They claim coastal cities are going to be under water, coastal cities are not under water.
            What you have not done is refute the three professors featured in this article. Right wingers I suppose.

          • Mobius Loop

            There are two parts to the response, and what they are

            Who is important because it goes to the heart of
            credibility. If you follow this issue and accept the science it rapidly becomes
            clear that there is a campaign of denial orchestrated by a series of
            anonymously funded right leaning libertarian think tanks that all cross
            reference and back each other up in rejection of mainstream climate science.

            So here we have an article written by an ex political aide
            to the Republican party running an outreach website for CFact, an anonymously
            funded right leaning libertarian think tank.

            Richard Lindzen, a scientist with strong past research
            credentials but has not been research active for some years. He is however
            employed by the Cato Institute, (I’ll bet you didn’t see this coming) a right leaning libertarian think tank ….


            …. set up using funding from and heavily influenced by
            fossil fuelled billionaires the Koch Bros.


            William Happer is research active and again has strong
            science credentials but has also been the chairman of the board of the Marshall
            Institute (you’ve guessed it). a right leaning libertarian think tank, that has
            received substantial funding from Exxon Mobile.


            Patrick Moore, may have been a founding member of
            Greenpeace but has spent the last 30
            years working in Environmental PR for industry.

            He is also associated with a number of organizations e.g.
            the CO2 Coalitions which provides a wonderful glimpse into the wider structure
            of this network of denial:


            Check out some of the members: the board of directors

            Roger Cohen, PhD — former Manager Strategic Planning ExxonMobil Research and Engineering.

            Will Happer, PhD

            Patrick Moore, PhD

            William O’Keefe — CEO George C. Marshall Institute; former Executive Vice President and Chief
            Operating Officer American Petroleum Institute.

            H. Leighton Steward —
            former Chairman, Louisiana Land and Exploration Company

            While the Advisorary Committee includes Richard Lindzen.

            With very very few exceptions every time a counter argument to AGW is
            put forward it contains little actual research and is usually delivered by a
            hand that is one or two handshakes away from a representatives of the fossil
            fuel industry standing just out of sight.

          • klbhen

            Hey CB…Put his in your Crack Pipe and Smoke it! Also edgamacate yourself and look up the word, “Cycle”.


          • booger71

            Your confusing the hockey stick enablers

          • rjohnston

            @CB – 97% of all global warming gasses is water vapor, necessary and without it our planet’s average temperature would be below freezing. CO2 levels are small compared to the levels of water vapor but tends to be an amplifier of cooling and warming. Google “Vostok ice cores” and you will find gas measurements during an ice age where CO2 levels were 20 times higher than today. Hmmm, human technology was non-existent then so what is to blame?

            It is the sun’s varying output that is the major cause of climate change. Major and minor solar cycles are the cause and when they coincide, we have extremes in climate, such as an ice-age.

            I have references but these can easily be googled to verify but I suspect that cool-aid drinkers will continue their rant. We should take practical means to control pollutants but not reactionary! Global warming should be proven or dis-proven with the scientific process, not political correctness driven by politicians whose only skill is lying to voters!

          • random_dude

            Look up ‘Milankovitch cycles’ for 420,000 years of ice core data.

            Stop using that pigeon hole 100 year argument.

          • Vilnius

            Proxy data LOADED with shady assumptions is the definition of a pigeon hole argument.

          • Mac

            Did I miss something or is CB in the same line with Kerry?

          • whimsicalmama

            check the latest data from MIT, seems the alarmists have been cooking the books again, sorry we all know this is just a scam to achieve an even greater control of what people do, You are duped and you don’t even know it yet, but you do feel noble, don’t you?

          • Art

            CB, you did exactly what the guys in the article talked about, you hid the scales showing the time period involved. Then you ignore the conflict between the surface data which has been “massaged” to put it mildly and disregard the satellite data (which measures far more globally than the surface pinpoint stations. You show all of the groundless confidence of a religious zealot and therefore are just as immune to logic and common sense.

          • 卐…* ♥★♡ Aryan Angel ♡★♥*…卐

            The average ground temperature of the Earth is impossible to measure since most of the Earth is ocean…So this average ground temperature is a fiction.

          • 卐…* ♥★♡ Aryan Angel ♡★♥*…卐

            The average ground temperature of the Earth is impossible to measure since most of the Earth is ocean……So this average ground temperature is a fiction.

          • andersm0

            Go away, no one believes your fake graph.

          • greenmtnskier

            I think h just missed the entire point. If your trained in statistics you would understand the concept of statistical significant and random error. You can’t make the claim of hottest year because there is too much variance in the data. The confidence interval is too low.

          • Mike Nordel

            I guess you haven’t been keeping up with the factual news. Nasa and NOAA have both altered data. wake up, I know it is difficult for a liberal mind to use logic. but try…

          • bak

            You are the precise embodiment of a “useful idiot”. Every graph, chart, calculation, and forecast you present and post is a lie. Did you not read the article? 100% of real, actual scientists agree that man made global warming/climate change/climate disruption/climate catastrophe is a fraud based on nonsense, driven purely by political propaganda. Wake up. Nobody with a brain and a modicum of common sense believes this tripe anymore.

          • Hodar

            The fact that this graph has been debunked as a hoax, just doesn’t seem to matter to you, does it?

          • Joe Kerr

            bwahahahahr!!! Just ignore all facts and scream science to the top of your lungs and demonize anyone who disagrees bwahahahar!!!!

          • Watchman

            Did you even read anything on this page? Where is your PhD? You have nothing but regurgitated nonsense.

          • BammerDown16

            You know less than you think about global warming. You are what Lenin called a useful idiot, and will be discarded as irrevelant once leftists are done with you

          • alex knight

            Can you go to the middle east and start preaching this crap to muslims? You can come back and tell us all the great horror stories around a camp fire, if you’re not stoned to death for being raped. Can you read? Did you read the article? Do you think al gore has a better education than these people? When did you realize that your life isn’t worth a roll of toilet paper?

          • paultd

            “Like the Republicans who deny the existential threat that global warming poses?”

            Horseshit! LACK of warming is an existential threat to alarmists, while CO2 is an existential NECESSITY to life on earth. I’m so sick of these ignorant neanderthals pretending that they understand anything at all about the climate and life on earth.

          • shropster

            I guess that BS can turn pink from embarrassment.

          • The Bobster

            LOL @ the sellout who lives on gubmint grants, so she has to spam using falsified data.

          • Verdes Lutz

            Did you read the article you ignoramus?

          • Proud_American

            The report by NOA && NASA, has been debunked by highly credentialed scientists as a complete FRAUD being perpetrated on the citizens to satisfy the Obama Administration. In fact, they are also under investigation by a Senate Committee because of all the fraudulent politicized agenda-driving they have been doing. “Somehow, they managed to calculate Earth’s temperature within 0.01 degrees – even though they had no temperature data for about half of the land surface, including none in Greenland and very little in Africa or Antarctica.”

          • nastyolbstrd

            Using NASA and NOAA graphs? Never Go Full Retard. You’re a Moron CB.

          • Ranbo Lee

            You just can’t be this dumb……

          • Isandhlwana79
          • wikileafs

            Based on Computer Modeling. Read the fine print

          • alexmartin

            Using the lies in question to prove truth from the lie?
            CB, ten, twenty years from now, this planets’ climate system will be just as you experience it today, the seas will not have risen, the Poles will be ice-laden, glaciers will not have melted. Verdure will be plenteous.
            But you, dear friend? If Gaia wills it, you will awaken in your dark, urban ghetto hovel and light a candle to see by, slip on tree bark sandles and hobble down to your nearest government food queque that you may be blessed with your daily ration of soylent green-esque gruel to live on that day, that day and everyday you aren’t excised to lessen the human carbon footprint.
            Utopia will have been achieved.
            This is YOUR future, sop.

          • Jeesh, you still believe that crap?? Time to grow up and think for yourself.

          • Buddy Wayne

            What is the optimum global temperature?

          • O’Duinn

            You are the leftist equivalent of a street preacher. You’re just a troll who agrees with your own opinion in the face of any facts. Your entire operating system is based on a combination of 2 things. Faith and ego. You believe the pseudo science of the left and you have acted upon that belief so frequently that a good chunk of your identity is now wrapped up in your misguided and puerile mission to “save the planet from republicans” or whatever. You are offering government sources to back government talking points. That’s no different than using the bible to prove the bible. Global warming does not exist in any way that mankind is capable of preventing. The Earth is not flat, stationary and stable. There is no constant by which temperature can be judged. This planet is dynamic and ever-changing. There are people who will try and use anything to gain power over others. They are usually easily identifiable by their desire to exert control over people that disagree with them. Global warming is a scam. It’s an ongoing system of control because the climate will never stabilize, regardless of anything mankind does or doesn’t do.

          • jeddai smith

            Warmest on record since 1880…I didn’t know soccer moms drove suvs in the 1880’s…How many coal fired electric plants do you suppose existed then? A dirty little secret for you…the climate has been changing for 4+ billion years and it has been hotter than the present and it has been colder. What hubris to believe man has that much influence on the weather. Put your attention on pollution from plastics, etc.

          • WagTheDawg

            You look to be about 12, CB. Best at that age to keep your mouth shut and your ears and eyes open.

          • James Bernard

            Existential threat…..really?
            Then you better start building your specially filtered underground bunker.
            You will need it when the “SUPERVOLCANO” erupts in Yellowstone.

          • Niels Ørskov

            Temperature is normal at the moment.

          • Armed Vet

            Is that you Hansen? Better up your medication or get one that works.

          • Alucard_the_last

            Democrats don’t pollute? I bet you own a car.

          • GaryLockhart

            Quoting the book cookers at NASA, NOAA, NCAR, IPCC, et al is indicative of how tainted that kool aid that you useful idiots are guzzling really is.

            Breaking: NOAA, NASA quietly conceded: 2014 was probably not the warmest year on record


          • melvin splash

            Dude!.. when do you people stop? when will you all realize that you’re just a bunch of weak, scared morons without the common sense to think for yourselves?…oh yeah, I forgot…IT’S BUSH’S FAWLT!!.

          • floyd

            CB’s gives proof to the statement “There’s no cure for stupid”

            Lemming or troll?

          • JohnnyCuredents

            This really is a religion to you blokes, isn’t it? You have no faith in what human reason and nature tells you to worship, viz. your very creator, so you imbibe this intellectual swill and turn it into a damned ’cause’. What we have now has to be the most pitifully educated generation in human history. It has no sense of proportion, no humility, no common sense.

          • Hawkeye3939

            CB uses links to back up his arguments, but has anyone else noticed virtually all his links are government-controlled propaganda outlets? This is the same government that told us ISIS is the JV team, and ISIS us under control, and the Benghazi attack was caused by “that Youtube video, and “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, etc, etc. etc. Only a damn fool would have faith in today’s American government. We now know what it must have been like to live in the Soviet Union with onlt TASS, Pravda, and Isvestia as news sources.

          • Guest

            I’ll take MIT over NASA every time, and so should you.

          • David Foran

            “I urge you when looking at a graph, check the scales! The uncertainty here is tenths of a degree,”

          • gerald sornee

            you purposely miss the point that the whole thing is based on infinitesimal changes in degrees. And fyi why don’t you check on a corresponding graph of activity on the Sun during the same time periods, as well as the changes in the rotation of the Earth’s Axis. Lots of reasons for climate changes – but apparently it is only CO2 that proponents are concerned with … ever wonder why?

          • Kevin Wright
          • runsinquicksand

            I bet you sleep with a cardboard life size poster of Obama every night.

          • Don

            Yet significantly cooler than 7000 years ago when the earth was finishing it rise out of the last ice age. Warming trends before heading towards a new ice age is somewhere between 8000 and 10000 years. You know bases an all scientific evidence, even that of the “climate change”/”global warming” community excepts. This was actually the coolest of 4 heat spike in 450000 years, you know according to the graphs put out by MIT and NASA, the smartest scientists in the world that don’t rely on government grants to stay employed.
            Go read articles on “global warming” they all say that it isn’t that big of a deal because of the trends and then the last paragraph in everyone says “yet this leads scientist to believe (not conclude) that climate change exists. We as a civilized people have only been able to actually keep weather records for less than 200 years, yet the warming trend for this planet peaked out 6000 years ago. Do your own homework people and don’t just fall for everything they try to tell you.

          • Mike

            Oh yes, the adjusted, fiddled data, designed to fit the model that produces the results that the warmophobes want (the mathematical model that was determined to have the upward bias no matter what data it was fed), the data that has massive time gaps filled in by “educated” guesses, and literally fills in missing field data where with created data-THAT data!

          • burberryblue

            Did you even read the article you’re commenting on?

          • Scott Mick

            So you just joined the conversation without reading the article… just like all you libterds do, make a$$ umptions based on the stupidity you are fed. Get a grip and stay out of the teddy bear room.

          • Econ101lab

            Clearly you didn’t read the caption. “…the latest corrected analysis”. NOIA has fudged the numbers 16 TIMES to try and get this result. If you use the satellite data, acknowledged to be the most accurate, there has been NO warming for 19 years. ONLY when you adjust the data can you show warming.

            “corrected” my a$$.

          • spric

            That global warming hoax is eating us up !!!

          • SecludedCompound

            ^ Said this scumbag supports right wing Republican terrorism.

          • Patriot

            Thank you for that. I mean really, who want’s to believe a MIT Climate Scientist or a Princeton Physicist anyway. I am sure that qualifications are much more reliable. I truly love it when complete idiots like yourself try to sound knowledgeable. It truly cracks me up.

          • Mojave Greene

            Bet you thought the economic collapse of 2008 was a genius move because, after all, George Bush went to Harvard business school.

          • Patriot

            Gee, excellent use of labeling a person so you can dismiss them as a stereotype. Kudo’s. I’m curious as to how you could make the mental leap from the discussion on climate change to the economic collapse of 2008 and President Bush. The Economic Collapse of 2008 was two decades in the making and started when the Federal Government lead by Liberal Democrats forced banks to begin making loans to people who truly could not afford them under the guise of “Fair-housing”. But I’m sure you knew that already…

          • Mojave Greene

            There, there…dry your tears, nurse Palin will be right along to change you and tell you some more flat-earth fairy tales.

          • Patriot

            Wow, I bet your mental problem is really hard to pronounce. Obviously you can’t even fathom a coherent response to your constantly being proven wrong. So tell us, with a head as vacant as yours, does the wind whistle when it blows through your ears?

            Please if you could. Provide one, just one factual piece of evidence to back up any or your truly inane comments.

            It is quite obvious by checking your profile that you are truly an idiot in that you have more comments than you do up votes. Your parents truly owe you an apology, because they raised an absolute idiot for a child.

          • Americanish

            The Roman Warm Period and Medieval Warm Period were just as warm, honey.

          • lenguanavaja

            1880? That is so 19th century. NASA was great until they became a conduit for political science.

          • RelocationQuotes

            The people are not falling for the lies anymore. No such thing as Global Warming..its Global Cooling. The Leftists just keep the tax scam going

          • 44nhj45HF

            And no one at NASA ever lied, either, right? By the way, by what margin was 2014 ranked as the warmest on record since 1880?

          • Kim Davies

            Two sets of satellite data do not show this. Whistle blowers in NOAA are saying the data has been fudged.

          • SirWilhelm

            This is the same NASA that Obama said should do more “outreach” to Muslims, right? And, one warm year does not make a climate change, especially when the records show we’ve been in cooling “pause” from “global warming”, for 18 years, anyway. The globe was warmer during the dinosaur ages, and then there were the ice ages. What caused those climate changes? There were no men during the age of dinosaurs, according to main stream science, and not enough humans to matter, during the ice ages, right? That’s evidence that man hasn’t influenced climate change in the past, so, you need really concrete evidence that man is influencing it now, and these scientists are evidence that there is no consensus in science, where climate change is concerned. And, where is the evidence that throwing money around will influence climate change if it is real?

          • tropeau

            . ” The sky is falling, the sky is falling! ”

            Whatever you say Chicken Little

          • nara

            Explain climate changes on Mars, there’s no SUV’s there. The warmest climate on Earth was in the beginning of Earth’s formation.

            The recording of weather is only a very short period of the millions of years on Earth, you have no real base of the true original temperatures.

            The hippie type nuts believed in the 1970’s in global cooling, then Al Bore made global warming, because of global warming discredited it’s now called climate change. Follow the money path, you find it just makes a few Liberals rich, flying in their personal jets, LOL.

          • VendicarDecarian0

            Climate myths: Mars and Pluto are warming too

            There have been claims that warming on Mars and Pluto are proof that the recent warming on Earth is caused by an increase in solar activity, and not by greenhouse gases. But we can say with certainty that, even if Mars, Pluto or any other planets have warmed in recent years, it is not due to changes in solar activity.

            The Sun’s energy output has not increased since direct measurements began in 1978 (see Climate myth special: Global warming is down to the Sun, not humans). If increased solar output really was responsible, we should be seeing warming on all the planets and their moons, not just Mars and Pluto.


          • VendicarDecarian0

            “The recording of weather is only a very short period of the millions of years on Earth, you have no real base of the true original temperatures.” – nara

            Similarly you have no real base for the amount of oxygen you consume. So if I deprive you of it for 4 minutes, which is a similar fraction of your life, and thereby killing you, there must be no proof that you have been murdered.

            Such is the consequence of your nonsense reasoning.

          • VendicarDecarian0

            “The hippie type nuts believed in the 1970’s believed in global cooling” = – nara

            Sorry, but there was no warning of an imminent return to glaciation from the scientific community back in the 1970’s.

            But we do see such claims for the near future coming from the Denialist camp here in 2015.

            Liars.. Liars… Liars….

          • stmichrick

            Science bought and paid for.

          • George

            And just what is the threat that less than 1° rise in temp causes? How many beheadings, crucifixions? How about tell me how ISIS wouldn’t exist if we had only spent trillions to stop that 1°.

          • redneckkk

            So, you trust the gubbamint officials with forked tongues?

          • Alan

            So the government says using their fraudulent, doctored data.


          • steve grekko

            Are you referring to NASA’s manipulated data?

          • 1tymtrvlr

            Haven’t they scheduled your surgery yet? The one to have your head removed from your rear? Nice graph, looks like a drawing my next door neighbor’s 2 year old drew. You obviously have missed the point, graphs are made up by you luneytoon left, with no factual data to support them. Any azzclown can make a graph.Give us ALL the factual data that supports your cute little graphski.

          • Dorian

            Here is how that chart is FRAUDULENTLY CREATED:

            Just you point out your line, look at this chart. The cheating of NOAA started exactly at the same time…..Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the smoking gun.

            The raw data shows no warming AT ALL.

            But look also how NOAA doesn’t show their cheating after 2000! Why? Because there has been an actual cooling in that period. Thus the harmonization should be NEGATIVE. How are they going to show such a dislocation in that chart!

          • zeeman1

            Read the fine print buddy. They can’t accurately claim it was the warmest year, only that it might have been.

            Ah, the useful idiot left.

          • Yes.. and what people forget about the end of the last century.. is that coal spewing locomotives were dominating the environment then.. and causing atmosphere change even then. ..!!

          • Niels Ørskov
          • Regular Guy

            Did you not read the article? There is no threat. Human effect on the climate is, in fact, statistically insignificant. This AGW thing is a political money grab, not a scientific issue.

          • rs1123

            Here we see the chart showing the production of baloney taking a sharp increase….
            Remember that when the data doesn’t support your agenda, just change the numbers around!

          • goodspkr

            CB, so you are giving yourself a thumbs up these days? I guess you are part of the 97% who believe what you say? LOL

          • yumadlh

            Follows the sunspot activity. Cycle 24.

          • Hawkeye3939

            Where do I submit my list of nominees?

          • unoga

            and what are you suggesting?

          • SWDC

            The Gallows as we did after WWII in Nuremberg but we also need to address the collaborators.

            Those is Spain collecting pensions from Angela Merkle’s government for their participation in WWII in support of NAZI need to be jailed as well. We know who they are thanks to being outed by the UK Telegraph too.

          • saramadrey

            JFK was shot for less

          • Joe Kerr

            BULLSHIT! Today the govt even released classified evidence showing that Julius was guilty beyond doubt!

          • Smiddywesson

            Actually, that’s a bad example, because post Soviet records show they were guilty left wing vermin.

          • SWDC

            “guilty left wing vermin” as is the current adminstartion in the USA.

          • gerald sornee

            pure retribution … even if they were guilty, the damage from their supposed actions was nothing more than advancing by an insignificant period, the time in which USSR scientists found success in producing their version of the “A” bomb.

          • SWDC

            How many USA citizens has Germany killed? Now Russia?
            Angela Merkle declared prior to the Dresden rally Islam “Belongs to Germany” Jan 2015.

            Get it?

          • John Galt

            Conservatives may be “ready for the conflict”, but they appear to be afraid to engage. The media might say nasty things about them!

          • SWDC

            750,000 Americans needlessly died in the US Civil War.

          • VendicarDecarian0

            Conservatives are whining cowards.

          • Tomm Dee Oakeefe

            whats that got to do with the color of my shit?

          • SWDC

            Pretty mouth thur! Your contribution is soooo Islam.

            “Once you even begin to argue rationally with them you have lost 98% of progressives. Truth does not matter to them. Do not waste your time.

            You will only be ridiculed, abused, yelled at, cussed at, told how stupid you really are.

            These are animals plain and simple. They will not stop until their worldview is fully implemented and the country is no different than the European Socialists.”

          • Tomm Dee Oakeefe

            and this has exactly what to the above story?

          • TheDefenderOfTheFaith

            And The clown @ 1600 Penn. Ave. has been sent for the follow up attack.

          • WagTheDawg

            Islam’s only connection to 9/11 is that of victim. We know who did it.

          • SWDC

            Sandy Berger knows yet we have not water boarded him as we did the others.

          • larrymardis

            I agree but the “untrained Muslims flying 757’s” thing didn’t happen. That we can be sure of. The rest of the story is conjecture.

          • didactic1

            Not really. Conspicuous consumption booming along.western education worse than ever.

          • Joe R

            Actually it is the path to more taxation.

          • CB

            “that is the core of this con job”

            The greenhouse effect was discovered by people living over a century ago.

            Is it likely they were engaging in a con to get grant money that no scientist on Earth has been able to identify in all that time?

            “Overlooked by modern researchers is the work of Eunice Foote, who, three years prior to the start of Tyndall’s laboratory research, conducted similar experiments on absorption of radiant energy by atmospheric gases, such as CO₂ and water vapor. The presentation of her report at a major scientific convention in 1856 was accompanied by speculation that even modest increases in the concentration of CO₂ could result in significant atmospheric warming.”


          • gwsmith

            Same old examples, I see, that still fall short. We all know that CO2 absorbs head and then radiates some of it back, heating the atmosphere to a minute degree. But it’s effect is logarithmic, so the more you add to the atmosphere the less warming you get. Pretty soon it can’t hold anymore no matter how much more you add and the heat just passes into space. There is no such thing as a “runaway” greenhouse effect.

          • whimsicalmama

            you do know that weather changed into warming and cooling periods long before we started burning fossil fuels, there are ice-core samples to verify that, It is a scam and you are afraid to question it because your clan would ostracize you if you veered from the acceptible speeh of the hive. Grow a pair and think beyond the propoganda for once, really?

          • Mobius Loop

            A scam that has endured for almost 200 years?

            Here is a brief history of our understanding of climate change:


          • whimsicalmama

            you are attempting to instruct someone who has studied the history of this globe for more than 40+ years, I do believe you need to dig deeper for you analysis that just the “choir” that has already signed on to the agenda. or are you afraid you would end up like that french meteorologist who was canned for actually “questioning” the so called settled science. (and that is a laughable term since no scientist of any merit would use that term because the flat earth used to be “settled science” until it wasn’t

          • Mobius Loop

            He accuses pretty much the entire climate science community of fraud. He either has some pretty compelling evidence and will be able to take his employers to the cleaners in court or he was engaged in a cheap publicity stunt using the run up to the Paris summit to flog his book in which case his position was untenable.

          • whimsicalmama

            he is not the only such incident of silence by intimidation. What of the MIT study, are they flagginhg a book, there have been calls against the “cooked” data from a variety of independent corners, this is far past just an angry single actor, this is systemic.

          • 卐…* ♥★♡ Aryan Angel ♡★♥*…卐

            increases in CO2 in the atmosphere always FOLLOWS warming — CO2 does not cause warming.

          • fustian24

            For almost 2 decades now, we’ve been suffering from the effects of climate stasis where the global temperatures don’t go up and they don’t go down.

            After the recent Paris attacks you can see the clear tie to terrorism.

            This is going to take massive amounts of money and a huge increase in government to solve.

            And more LGBT people in science. And people of color.

            Well, various shades of brown that is. No white and no pink.

            And tanning doesn’t count.

          • LWM

            Governments are broke. That is all it’s about.

          • hpinnc

            plus they want cap & trade. Al Gore, & his minions stand to make out like a bandit, if they can convince our congress that we need to pass cap & trade.

          • Attilathehun

            Most climate research is aimed at proving the earth is warming and that man caused it? Why and where is the research proving otherwise. Well…………here is the answer.

            Researchers respond to RFP (research funding proposals) from politicized federal agencies BECAUSE that is where the money is. There are no RFPs from anti warming agencies.

            AND, academic researcher’s promotion, tenure, and merit salary decisions are based on publication record (in “refereed journals). These journals send papers out for peer review and the process is incestuous. If you pan a colleague’s research methods or conclusions you risk getting your own paper torpedoed.

            AND, research to prove that global warming does not exist is next to impossible to do. You can not prove a negative. A positive can be proven with one instance of increased temperature. A negative conclusion would have to be based on every date point in history and would still be subject to criticism for not seeing into the future.

            AND, look at the politics involved. Every “victim” of global warming has their hand out hoping for cash for remediation. No warming denier is expecting to get anything but must pay for it all.
            Billions of dollars are being spent on fraud and waste. And many industries are thriving on the hoax.

          • Eric Houghton

            Brilliantly put

          • Mobius Loop

            EXCEPT that climate research is diverse incorporating

            EXCEPT that in a world built on and driven by cheap, readily available fossil fuel energy every political, economic and social imperative screams out for the continuation of the status quo.

            EXCEPT that any scientists who could provide definitive proof that AGW is not real would be showered by rewards from grateful politicians and industries. They could pick up their Nobel award on the way to a very highly paid job with the oil or coal industry …….. yet no-one does, not even when they are funded by the Koch Bros.


            EXCEPT that with trillions of dollars of assets at risk of being stranded it seems highly unlikely that fossil fuel industries would not be falling over themselves to fund publishing costs for sympathetic research.

            EXCEPT that if the temperatures took a downward turn, we would not even be having this discussion, but when year in year out the climate warms as predicted, and almost nothing that sites like this one say has proven correct, then yes your case is very hard to make.

            EXCEPT that when you look at the politics of this you see a toxic issue, if a politician doesn’t deal with it they look impotent (Democrats) or plain stupid and corrupt (most Republican – history will not be kind). If a politician doe deal with the problem they will be asking the electorate to give up some cherished freedoms, endure financial hardships and tolerate a complete upending of our way of life ……. i.e. that politician will be committing electoral suicide, and yet they will increasingly do all of these things because if they don’t we are looking at a different kind of suicide.

          • King_Solomon1


          • Jim1937

            In a cell next to Hildebeast, Obunghole, Eric the Red Holder, Josh Un-Earnest, Dirty Harry Reid, Nasty Piglosi and all the dimoCrap morons.

          • VendicarDecarian0

            Poor King. He doesn’t know what a “ponzi scheme” is.

            My god Republicans are ignorant.

          • TheLibertine

            This has always been about economic gain. Always. Propaganda produced by the ruling class at some Bildeberg retreat to amass more wealth and more power. Climate change is the new world order’s latest organized religion — the opiate to subdue and oppress the masses — facilitated by priests masquerading as academics. So transparent for those of us with eyes wide open.

          • intheknow

            In other words, our hard earned tax $$$ for this “climate change” con game!!!

          • Cahal the Mad™

            And without that “free” money they are given, they wouldn’t be able to push their sick insane agendas. The left robs the tax payers then uses that stolen money to attack the very people they stole it from.

          • Dwayne Keith

            Without all those papers indicating global warming…many climate scientists would be asking “paper or plastic?” instead. I’d fudge the numbers too if I could find a gravy train like this.

          • Honest John

            Govt “grants” are the biggest and most expensive and cynical “circle jerk” EVER perpetrated on mankind. OK, NOT as dangerous as Islam BUT pretty close.

          • James Bernard

            Mr. Senator…..Mr. Congressman……I have a great computer program that has some great new computer models.
            Could I please have some money ??

          • James T. Kurt

            Exactly! More grants, more excuses for more government intrusion.

          • bobdog19006

            Thanks for the research grant, fellas. What do you want the report conclusions to say again? Can I copy from other reports that agree with your value judgements? Does it have to be original research? Can I have my buddies do the peer review thang?

          • David Foran

            Money..and power. Let’s not forget about the power. The reason global governments are more than happy to fund these bogus “studies” is a socialist power grab with the ambitious goal of controlling global economic resources and putting themselves in charge to distribute/resdistribute the wealth produced from those resources. Catastrophic climate alarmism where the boogeyman is the free market capitalists and factories that produce wealth allows the socialists to make the claim to replace the evil business people who suffer human frailties with benevolent politicians who have halos over their heads and fly unicorns. Surely, they argue, the politicians will make better decisions than business people. They will be better stewards of other people’s resources and therefore more efficient and effective at managing those resources and producing a sustainable prosperity for all.

          • Steve Bryant


          • timetorun

            as the bible says, the love of money is a root of many evils! follow the money. greed and personal comfort and personal well-being is a huge motivator, maybe more than some grand ideology or scheme for global government.

          • George

            That’s taxpayer (current and next 2 generations) grant money.

          • FauxScienceSlayer

            Board of Directors for Texas Public Policy Foundation is Wendy Gramm, wife of the democrat Saving & Loan deregulator, Phil Gramm, costing taxpayers $600 billion, and wife of republican senator Phil Gramm, author of the bill to deregulate banks, costing taxpayers a trillion each in TARP 1 & 2. When Wendy lost her $250K/year Reagan gig she was on the board of ENRON, helping the inventor of Carbon Credit Trading, Ken Lay.

        • Lori Hasselback

          They’re not ignorant. They know the truth but don’t want anyone else to know it.

        • SWDC

          The Koran advises to lie in order to promote Islam by any means necessary.

          Climate change agenda is about control and nothing to do with weather much less saving the earth from man.

          • Rockland Watch Cat

            And that includes lying as being OK when asked as to why they want to come into the U.S. as refugees.

          • SWDC

            and to be POTUS

        • ElectricDreamMachine

          No, they actually use their lofty positions and so-called benevolence towards mankind to hide sinister agendas that were planned many years ago. Same guys are still there wanting it… like Kissinger, Ted Turner, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Bill Gates, Hitlery, etc. It’s all about depopulation, and an easy scam to take money from the 99 percent in taxes while funneling the money into their offshore accounts.

        • drattastic

          To hide their self serving lies.

          • Zorro

            Their self serving BS is curiously based on self loathing and they want us to join them. This is insanity on stilts.

        • markdstump

          Agree; and science is not about what position one holds.
          It’s about theories that make predictions and whether or not those predictions hold up to observations in nature.

        • james

          and your credentials?

        • burberryblue

          Rather, they achieve their lofty positions by displaying their ignorance.

        • ThomasJK

          Nah! They use their lofty positions much in the manner of broadcast towers to enable to expose their ignorance more broadly to more people. Such practices are epitomized by Obama, Kerry and McCarthy. But don’t overlook Hillary.

      • The Masked Avatar


      • Old Hickory

        The Big Lie is always used evil rulers to expand the power of themselves (the state).

        • SWDC

          Just like the Hate Crime was based upon a big lie too.

          • no

            Yep, no such thing as a hate crime. There are only crimes.

            Hate crime legislation sets the stage for thought crimes and the thought police. Imagine, that you could pre-arrest someone for a hate / microagression / thought crime to prevent a future real crime. Who would not want to be safe from the potential of a crime?

          • SWDC

            Hate Crime was created to ban thoughts and words.

            Orwellian in fact if not a little Mien Kamfpe too with that BIG LIE

            Mathew Shepard was killed by his own lovers over drugs. More of a violent MSM domestic violence thing and drugs crime not hate what so ever.

          • no

            Mathew Sheppard?

          • SWDC

            Yes the homosexual drug dealer who lost his life to his lovers over drugs that crystal meth makes some lose their mind and then their liberty.

            The Turd Riech had their German soldiers strung out on speed fighting without sleep and food when supplies lines were severed by the USA.

          • no

            I am a little slow, I don’t see the connection. I will goog M. Sheppard and read up.


          • SWDC

            No H8? — Bombshell Book: Matthew Shepard Tortured, Murdered by Gay Lover (breitbart) 14 Sep 2013

            “Almost everything you think you know about the Matthew Shepard narrative is false..”

          • SWDC

            Hate crime laws aids ISlam in fact.

            Here in Washington DC at the police station there is a poster of a woman wrapped in head scarves daring one to say anything to her with her threatening use of hate crime law

          • no

            That is a very good example of hate crime legislation’s intent. Thought police shutting down free speech.

        • alanthegreat

          And there is never a shortage of idiots who will buy it hook line and sinker.

          • SWDC

            The ‘Useful idiots’.

          • Zyzyzx Zyzer

            How much?

      • chukalukabus

        And can be scientifically proven.

      • ProudlyUnaffiliated

        In fact, it is settled science.

        • Dwayne Keith

          The only thing settled about science is that there is no such thing as settled science. Say that three times fast.

    • dmsday

      fakest people i’ve ever known.

    • roycat

      That presumes that they even know what they’re talking about, which I suspect is an incredibly rare condition.

    • Seniorsquadldr

      They are children of the father of lies, Satan.

      • Saul Diamond Gold-Platinum


    • earl flemm

      and every Muslim a terrorist right?

      • Rascal69

        When you are wrong, it is apparently much better to change the subject for idiots such as yourself.

        • earl flemm

          I happened to be a conservative Republican who is tired of the back and forth rhetoric. You on the other hand sound like a knuckle dragging Trump supporter!


        “To call carbon dioxide a pollutant is really Orwellian. You are calling something a pollutant that we all produce. Where does that lead us eventually?

        Prevent global warming.
        Stop breathing!

        • Rascal69

          Earl is just another liberal jerk like Gore and the rest of their ilk…proclaiming all the steps we need to take to stop global warming then doing just the opposite themselves. Hey Al! You still flying your L1011 body around the world?

          • earl flemm

            I happened to be a conservative Republican who is tired of the back and forth rhetoric. You on the other hand sound like a knuckle dragging Trump supporter.

        • Peter Kuck

          It leads to the bureaucracy taxing the air we breath. (reference the beetles song “the tax man)

      • taek1

        The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      • Apothis

        A little confused this morning Earl? We are discussing the scam of Global Warming. Anything intelligent to add?

        • earl flemm

          I happened to be a conservative Republican who is tired of the back and forth rhetoric. You on the other hand sound like a knuckle dragging Trump supporter!!

          • Apothis

            Stay tired Earl, and vote Republican.

      • Red_Ruffansore

        Sooner or later Chimpypants, if they aren’t violent killers they are either doing it wrong or lazy. Could be they are too stupid. Are those the ones that hang with you?

      • Harold

        NOW YOU GET IT!!

        Every follower of the certifiably psychotic, demon possessed, genocidal, pedophile, camel “lover!” is a potential terrorist IF they follow the koran & hadith!!!

      • DrJ3ckyll

        When the majority of Muslim believe sharia law should rule their own countries do you actually believe they will assimilate to western cultures when they come?

      • John

        The Quran clearly states that all Muslims must participate in jihad. Either by direct violent action or support thought money or resources. Jihad is defined as the “struggle” and when read in context the struggle is against all infidels (non-Muslims) and all infidels are to be converted to be put to death.

        So, yes – all are responsible for the terrorism or they disobey Allah and not a real Muslim. So, what are they if not Muslim?

      • That

        “Moderate Muslim” means: waiting for back-up.

      • mnjack30

        Sir. If a fanatic islamist comes to your door and says ‘kill your neighbor now’ or your children will die, your wife will die.and all of the of your family will die today or as soon as we can get to them, You will become a murderer. Yes, EVERY muslim is a potential terrorist .And don’t forget it!!

      • Inigmadik

        No! Only the ones with guns and suicide vest’s!!!!

      • Andrew Arnold

        No, but every terrorist is a muslim.

      • thelaine

        No, but Islam is the religion of worldwide violence and terror. Most Muslims are peaceful because they ignore basic Islamic requirements such as jihad and the forced imposition of sharia.

        • earl flemm


          • thelaine

            That still leaves millions of Muslim maniacs out of a billion.

          • earl flemm

            let’s get them all in a data base so we can keep track of their whereabouts and going on’s.

    • Bluto Rules

      Nancy “Botox” Pelosi.

      • Greg Toombs

        Shouldn’t that be Nancy Botoxi?

      • AKA…..Stretch Pelosi

    • pfwag

      warl flemm: Every Muslim belongs to a religion whose prophet and god COMMAND them to kill all non-Muslims and take-over the whole world by the sword.. So you tell me what does that make them?

      • Saul Gold

        Every Jew belongs to a religion whose prophet and god COMMAND they kill people for land and who gave them their law through a talking bush… that was on fire. Also interesting fact Muhammad’s Mother was Jewish, making him a Jew. You don’t hear that talked about very often.

        • davideisenstadt

          yeah, so was jesus’ mom..I here she used to bang a jewish guy too. dont hear about that too often either.
          Jonas Salk, Albert Sabin…both jews…will the trickery never end?
          is there anything fear of them cant do?

          • Saul Gold

            It is constantly pointed out by Jewish people that Jesus was Jewish. What is your point? I was simply pointing out another person that was. According to fascists like you I can’t point out facts because you don’t like them.

            You forgot Karl Marx (Moses Levy Mordecai) father of Marxism and Communism was also Jewish…
            Gee whiz… Judaism/Christianity/Islam/Communism… that covers 90%+ of murders in history.

          • davideisenstadt

            Im a fascist like your name is saul gold.
            you anonymous bag of excreta. Youre a coward and a putz…a spineless drop of putrid fluid..
            you can point out whatever “facts” you like…just because your mom sucked some jewish penis in her life, and youre daughters are banging black guys is no reason to hate the world.

          • Saul Gold

            Out of facts and Personal attacks… Like clockwork. It doesn’t work anymore.

          • earl flemm

            and you are a racist fool.

          • davideisenstadt

            look phlegm…youre a coward as well. and a foolish one at that.

          • earl flemm

            you are a fascist, a would be tyrant and a racist
            you anonymous bag of excreta. Youre a coward and a putz…a spineless drop of putrid fluid..
            you can point out whatever “facts” you like…just because your mom sucked some jewish penis in her life, and youre daughters are banging black guys is no reason to hate the world.

          • davideisenstadt

            yeah “earl” those comment apply to you as well. Youre an anonymous asshatted coward troll.

          • earl flemm

            why I outta…

          • jordanminn

            Yea, Khan and his mongol hordes never killed anyone….

            or anyone else from Asia…..

            the most populated continent on the planet…..

            lie much?

          • Saul Gold

            If a small land mass is home to by far the most populated area that would prove they infact have had far less death than the other warring factions/continents.
            You must have missed where I said communism which would include ASIA as Mao murdered at least 10 times more than Hitler on his own, many Christians so Mao is not a monster in MSM he is quoted frequently as a good thing.
            Science, History and Math anyone?

          • jordanminn

            Uh, Asia is approximately 30% of the land mass on the planet….

            I would not call that small.

            *Taiping Rebellion

            20,000,000–100,000,000 Killed 1850–1864 China

            *Three Kingdoms War

            36,000,000–40,000,000 Killed 184–280 China

            *An Lushan Rebellion

            13,000,000–36,000,000 Killed 755–763 China

            *Second Sino – Japanese War

            25,000,000 Killed 1937–1945 China

            *Qing dynasty conquest of Ming Dynasty

            25,000,000 Killed 1616–1662 China

            *Mongol conquests
            40,000,000–70,000,000 Killed 1206–1324 Eurasia

          • derp

            Where did you get your stats from? Your ass? Prove it… show confirmed sources with proof or BS.

          • jordanminn

            Internet much?

            Look it up your self, lazy arse.

            You ain’t my professor…

            your my huckleberry.

        • Red_Ruffansore

          Get back into your Mommy’s basement and practice goose stepping. Jew baiting losers should just stick to storm front and other skin head publications.

          • Saul Gold

            You don’t like facts? Are you saying the Torah and Old Testament are wrong about the killing for land and talking bush that was on fire or the historical fact that Muhammad had a Jewish Mother?

          • Russell Billedeaux

            Aminah (Muhammad’s mother) was born to Wahb ibn Abd Manaf and Barrah bint ‘Abd al ‘Uzzā ibn ‘Uthmān ibn ‘Abd al-Dār in Mecca.[1] She was a member of the Banu Zuhrah clan in the tribe of Quraysh who claimed descent from Ibrahim (Abraham) through his son Ismail (Ishmael). Being the descendant of Ismael would make her Egyptian (Abraham’s concubine was Egyptian) The Jewish line started with Isaac

          • He is in fact Jewish

            She is descended from Abraham she is more Jewish than any Ashkenazi that came from Japheth and not even Shem (where word Semite derives from). In Torah and all through Christian Bible OT and NT the covenant was made with Abraham and his seed. Abraham was the first circumcised as well.

          • Bundy6788

            Once you even begin to argue rationally with them you have lost 98% of progressives. Truth does not matter to them. Do not waste your time. You will only be ridiculed, abused, yelled at, cussed at, told how stupid you really are. These are animals plain and simple. They will not stop until their worldview is fully implemented and the country is no different than the European Socialists.

          • SWDC

            BINGO The threads are full of ISLAMIC posters here to do exactly as you have so explained word for word one can read all the feeds in the MSM news that still have comments.

          • Bundy6788

            Again, we are living in the 21st century. History is what it is. What does any shred of your statement have to do with modern times. I thought you progressives were called that because you had evolved to a higher level of being. More intelligent, science based, hate religion, agnostic or atheist, generally better than your average Joe. No you defend the most barbaric of practices because you are too PC and do not wish to offend Muslims. I only wish you shared the same sentiment for Jews and Christians. You are hateful and John Kerry slipped and spoke the truth about your ilk. You believe there is some kind of legitimacy to their cause because England put Israel back where it has always been. Therefore the only conclusion I can draw is that you do not believe all people are created equal. Progressives are created superior.

          • no

            Muhammad had an Oedipus complex? That explains a lot.

          • Red_Ruffansore

            I’m saying you are a useful idiot for islam and have zero comprehension on identifying the real threat.

          • SWDC

            Not storm front but ISLAM

        • Kerry Early

          and exactly what point are you trying to make? Muslims follow satan – end of story.

          • Adam Pearl

            Muslim extremists follows their leaders;

            Head of ISIS: Elliot Shimon(Ashkenazi Jew)

            Al Qaeda leader: Adam Gadahn(Ashkenazi Jew)

            Why do you think every time Assad hit an ISIS camp another MOSSAD turned up dead? Why is Israel medevac ISIS injured?… You must not read very much.

          • Kerry Early

            I read plenty – have never come across what you are claiming. Perhaps you would like to provide links to this? And remember not everything you read on the internet is true. Besides doesn’t change that muslims worship satan.

          • Adam Pearl

            Just google either name and you will get plenty of side by side photos of the two men mentioned. Any link I would provide would be called biased. Do you trust your own 2 eyes or not? That is the final question you have to ask yourself in today’s BS world. Also google Israeli captured in Iraq leading ISIS, they caught an actual IDF Officer leading the ISIS in part of Iraq.
            WHy believe MSM, Brian Williams was one of the most trusted news anchors and he was total liar. He said he was in a helicopter that got shot down by an RPG but was actually 2 hours behind it in another helicopter. Plus if you take an hour and find owner of every major News channel they are owned by Jews, same people profiting from war, etc.. so why would Jews report this stuff on their own propaganda networks? Why do they report only Jewish Victims of Holocaust and always Hitler but never Mao and Stalin who killed many times more than Hitler?

          • earl flemm

            prove it show us the link

          • Bundy6788

            No, you are just an idiot.

          • earl flemm

            Muslims follow satan – end of story. Prove it show us the verse(s) from the Koran that states this. You sound ridiculous.

          • Kerry Early

            If you have read the Koran 1 passage for example is the rider on the pale horse being the messiah – well now anyone who understands the bible knows that the rider on the pale horse is satan.

          • earl flemm

            The German scholar Hermann Gunkel (1862-1932) was of the opinion that this first horseman was ORIGINALLY A SUN-GOD: “His horse is white (as in the white horse of the divine slayer of the dragon; the white horse of Mithras in the Avesta…)” (A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Revelation of St. John, by R. H. Charles).

            The same volume states that “…according to Weiss…the victorious Rider [of the white horse] REPRESENTS THE VICTORIOUS COURSE OF THE GOSPEL, which must be preached to all nations before the woes come.”

            What in the world are you reading?

          • Kerry Early

            uh – the bible – duh. Revelations 6:9 to be exact -I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. Obviously you are not familiar with it.

          • earl flemm

            Whatever the pale horse represents, we know that God will judge the world in righteousness someday and that everyone will have to give an account for what they did in their lives. Revelation 20:12-15 tells the fatal outcome for all who refused to repent and trust in Christ, “And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Then another book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead were judged by what was written in the books, according to what they had done. And the sea gave up the dead who were in it, Death and Hades gave up the dead who were in them, and they were judged, each one of them, according to what they had done. Then Death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire. And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.” this has nothing to do with pointing out Muslims but everyone including people who claim to be Christians and who don’t follow Christ. I’m interested in truth not foolish speculations.

          • earl flemm

          • earl flemm

            “White is the color most often mentioned in the Scriptures. Besides its descriptive use, it also serves as a SYMBOL OF RIGHTEOUSNESS AND SPIRITUAL CLEANNESS. (Rev. 3:4; 7:9, 13, 14). The white horse, as portrayed at Revelation 6:2 and 19:11, SYMBOLIZES CLEAN, RIGHTEOUS WARFARE UNDER JESUS CHRIST’S DIRECTION”

          • Kerry Early

            Its not a WHITE horse but a Pale horse I am referencing. You obviously have a tender place for muslims.

          • earl flemm

            Like Christ I have a tender place for all of mankind.

        • wohlfguy

          And how many Jews are strapping bombs to themselves and killing innocents in the name of their God?

          • NO offense

            That’s a dumb question. How many Muslims just got another 50 Billion from US Tax Payers for fighter jets and attack helicopters… You are a pig brained moron.

          • wohlfguy

            More insightful commentary from a mental midget.

          • nO offense

            More piggy talk from piggy.

          • wohlfguy

            Uh, genius, the annual military aid Israel gets from the US is less then 10% of the figure you cited. Try again Adolph.

          • derp

            Yes, but Obama just gave them 50 Billion 2 days ago genius.

          • wohlfguy

            No, you dimwitted jackass, Netanyahu ASKED for $5 billion a year for 10 years. God are you people stupid!

          • Moses

            Yes 5 times 10 is 50Billion jackass. That is on top of what they currently get. Total welfare queens over there, can’t do shat for themselves. Helpless bagel eaters.

          • wohlfguy

            Are you really that stupid? Netanyahu ASKED for $5 Billion over 10 years. The current agreement runs through 2017. Obama did NOT give Israel another $50 billion as the ignorant asshat posted. Try again, Adolph.

          • earl flemm

            yes they are stupid

          • SWDC

            Let’s give Israel 10 billion and all the nukes she needs just to make a glass parking lot out of our enemies.

          • SWDC

            Yes and I think we may need to double down on that expenditure once TRUMP is made POTUS.

          • Brian

            Are you unaware of the US foreign aid in the form of military equipment, including jets that goes to muslim nations?
            Perhaps you shouldn’t be throwing stones out of your glass house by calling others morons.

          • Add it up. Muslim nations get far more than “the Jews”.

          • No offense

            You mean Saudi Arabia… They have been proven to be Crypto Jews. The house of Saud is Jewish and Netanyahu has said repeatedly on the news Saudi Arabia is Israel’s closest ally in the Middle East. You know the country where almost all the 9/11 hijackers lived and were raised…

          • Not just then. Iraq, Egypt, Yemen and others. We also provide money to Indonesia, largest muslims population in the world.

          • No offense

            Israel and Saudi Arabia get 90% of it. Lets talk actual figures? Palestine can’t even have chocolate bars you think they get planes and helicopters?

          • Add up what goes to muslim nations. It’s more than what goes to israel.

            Why give money to people who want to destroy us? Sounds pretty dumb.

          • wohlfguy

            Proven by who? Provide facts or crawl back under your rock, Adolph.

          • You Soros the Jew Nazi?

            DNA… Unlike AshkeNAZI they are descended from Abraham… you know the guy God made the covenant with? Try reading the Torah Adolph. You sound just like a Nazi piggy.

          • wohlfguy

            So that is your proof that the House of Saud is Jewish? You are really one ignorant asshat, Adolph.

          • Have Blue

            That’s nothing (and it’s not $50 billion, US military aid to Israel is more like $1.5 billion a year).

            Obama just gave Iran $150 billion. More money that all the aid the US has give to Israel since 1948.

          • SWDC

            43% of NASA scientists are Iranian.

        • Bill Ingram

          -and his favorite wife was Jewish.

        • Jake Moebius

          There is nothing in the Torah about killing for land, Jesus was a Jew, Mohammad was a Jew, because Jews were the native population of the entire Middle East, with the exception of Persia (Iran). There was never A Palestine, nor was there ever Palestinian population until modern times when the Muslims forced their Gypsy populations around Israel as a threat.

          • What?

            Palestine is mentioned by name in Torah and OT. Maps of that land by every country that surveyed or cataloged it for over 1000 years called it Palestine. US Govt. Documents and maps up until the war have it marked as Palestine. It’s not going to be easy for you to rewrite history on that one.

          • Jake Moebius

            You are right, but it was used in the same way we use North America, it was never a country or specific people. The people that occupied it historically were primarily Jewish. We stopped using the term when we designated it the “Middle East” instead.

        • DaveGinOly

          The command to kill given by God to the Jews was a very specific command to kill certain people at a particular time. God did not command the Jews to perpetually kill those who did not hold a common belief, as the Muslim’s Allah is alleged to have done. Besides that, the Old Testament stories about a Jewish campaign at God’s command are nonsense. Most of the places the Jews are alleged to have destroyed and taken 1.) didn’t exist at the time, 2.) had been destroyed by others before the time of the alleged Jewish campaign (and some were re-occupied by Jews much later), or 3.) they existed at the time but show no evidence of having been attacked. If you believe the OT story of the Jewish conquest, you believe in a fairy tale. The mythology was nationalistic propaganda created to bind together the disparate people who called themselves Hebrews and give them an identity of “conquerors” so they could make claims to greatness like the truly great powers that surrounded them. Islamic militancy is not a fairy tale; it is here, it is real.

          If Muhammad’s mother was a Jew, then Muhammad was a Jew by tradition. But he became something else by a change in his belief system – like being born a Catholic and converting to become a Baptist. Being born into one tradition or another doesn’t cast someone’s belief system in stone.

          • what?

            So you are going to pretend that Rabbinical Law in Israel is not based on the Talmud then right? Because it is nothing but a doctrine of it’s ok to kill non-jews for any reason.

          • DaveGinOly

            No, it’s not. Plain enough? And do you know any Jews who believe and act on such a thing? Is it the policy of the nation of Israel? It is of IS. And I’m talking about the Torah, a higher authority. It certainly isn’t there either.

        • rightside100

          Since 9-11 27,000 terrorists attacks in the name of Allah, when Jews go down that road get back to me.

        • OdinsAcolyte

          get over this.
          Race is not a problem. Ignorance is.
          The truth is God does not need religion.
          It is man who has the problem. The atrocities committed in the name of God, by whatever name he is called, are not justified nor approved by Him. He doesn’t need our help.
          So many souls are misguided by their own teachers.
          God does not need our help. We are direly i need of His.
          Defend your home and the ones you love. Lay down your life for another.
          Protect all you hold dear.
          Be upright. We shall meet in Paradise.

        • pop8660

          God punished the pagans through the Israelites, read the whole of Scripture. Sometimes God blasts the sinners Himself, sometimes He uses other means. In the New Testament, God, through His Son, Jesus, instituted a New Covenant. Posting what you did simply shows your ignorance of the Gospel. There are many things in life that defy rational explanation, but they are no less true.

        • Bundy6788

          You and your president always try to morally equivocate Islam with Christianity or Judaism. This is the 21st century. Christians and Jews have evolved since the seventh century which the same cannot be said of Muslims. Christians and Jews do not burn people alive as a regular sport and certainly do not kill innocent men women and children. Oh, for all you progressives, they also do not throw gay people screaming to their death off of buildings. ANIMALS

        • earl flemm

          Every Muslim belongs to a religion whose prophet and god COMMAND them to kill all non-Muslims and take-over the whole world by the sword. Prove it show us the verse(s) from the Koran that states this. You sound ridiculous!

        • thushjz

          Here’s what the Religion of peace teaches…[Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip. Quaran 8:12
          “The Jews say, “Ezra is the son of Allah “; and the Christians say, “The Messiah is the son of Allah .” That is their statement from their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved [before them]. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded? Quaran 9:30

      • William Post

        Stay on topic please.

        • SWDC

          He is on topic this is all about control and orchestrated by Islam not by thinking logical peoples but by cultists.

      • earl flemm

        Every Muslim belongs to a religion whose prophet and god COMMAND them to kill all non-Muslims and take-over the whole world by the sword. Prove it show us the verse(s) from the Koran that states this. You sound ridiculous.

      • no

        Islam is not a religion from the God of Abraham.

      • Wade Bednarick

        That all depends on what your definition of IS’s is

    • DrJ3ckyll

      Interesting how the miracle of photosynthesis is forgotten by the ecofascist’s on the left. Coal and oil continue to be the best energy source created by solar power.

      • Photosynthesis? What is that?

        (Science we all USED to learn in like the 2nd grade)

      • Yesterday’s CO2 concentration of some 300 ppm was quite close to fatally low for plant life. Today’s 400 ppm still is pretty poor. We need CO2. Mucho mas CO2.

    • Dan Austin

      Some of them are just not very bright and not good at logical thinking. But the majority of them are probably both liars AND not very bright.

    • Liberty2Day

      they lie about everything, knowingly or not, as often as you and I breathe.

    • zzooxx

      That science is definitely settled.

    • darkcontinent

      They have to lie as they realize all their liberal views are incorrect.

      • Inigmadik

        Liberals don’t have views!!!
        They have opinions!!!

    • booboo

      It is all part of the Sal Alynsky plan.

    • Inigmadik

      Scientific Fact!!!

      • largejack

        Lol so very true, but the right aren’t perfect either by any stretch of the imagination. We need to stop having this left/right thing and just have ordinary common sense views and facts that bring us together against the Globalists who manipulate us.

        • Inigmadik

          I’d buy ya beer (Or Coffee – I’m good with either) but guess in this case you’ll have to settle for a Thumb Up!!!

    • tonymarini

      Liars, morons and mental defectives. The best example of a leftist that we have seen in the past 10 years is Rachel Dolezal (the former president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, WA). She is a delusional liar who KNEW she was white yet she pretended to be black because she is obviously deranged. And the black folks who looked at her, knew she was obviously a white woman, and yet said nothing to discredit her obvious ruse are just as bad. Liberals, Progressives and leftists are all Rachel Dolezal’s…deranged, delusional liars.

    • You Lie, Boy!

      And their followers/voters are all perfect dupes. Useful idiots, to coin a phrase.

    • Oscarphone

      Lying and stupidity are two different things. Leftists in power lie like rugs. Most everyday liberals are a dumb as posts.

      • Aaron M

        This. Their leaders are pied pipers, playing to their ignorant audiences and leading them along by playing what they want to hear, and nothing else.

      • chukalukabus

        BHO thinks this current crop of morons in college doing all this protesting over hurt feelings will be labeled “GEN44.” After himself of course.

        The rest of us normal educated people will historically label these idiots “Generation Gruber.”

    • ithakavi

      Not entirely accurate. Every leftist is either stupid or a liar. There are honest leftsts. There are intelligent leftists. There are no intelligent honest leftists.

    • Hans Pcguy

      Because the leftists are atheists, they have no sense of a power higher than themselves and therefore believe they can make up any “truth” that suits them. If they get away with it, no foul. It is the same who believe that unborn children are chunks of tissue that can be chopped up and sold for profit as they laugh over their wine. Remember folks, (you have any integrity), there is a judgement day for all.

    • Hans Pcguy

      Someone censored my post. Strange. Nothing offensive in it.

    • Ticked Parent

      In Nov. 2010, Ottmar Edenhoffer, one of the co-chairs of the International Panel on
      Climate Change (IPCC), said in an interview with German NZZ Online,“One must
      say clearly that we redistribute defacto the world’s wealth by climate policy.
      One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is
      environmental policy.”

    • MaxSaxon

      If I am ever arrested for being a “Denier” — I will hunt down these Climate Witch hunters and drive stakes through their hearts.

      • Cugger

        In a liberal’s pointy little mind, freedom of speech only applies to liberals

    • Just my .02

      Meh – most of them don’t “vow” they’re liars – they just lie.

      How can you tell a liberal is lying? Ans: When his lips are moving.

    • ellerfeller

      An avowed liar or sadly mistaken…take your pick.

    • squawneye

      As well as mentally unstable.

    • William Hofmeister

      They are also destroying the credibility of science in the minds of the general public. Not a good thing.

      • billobillo54

        They are also destroying western civilization.

        • William Hofmeister

          So true. Long after this climate change nonsense is finally rejected as BS, the rift between the scientists and the public will remain for generations.

          • billobillo54

            Darwinism has already gone a long way in convincing me and others that some so-called “science” is mere speculation, religion and politics in the guise of fact.

      • SWDC

        Putin does not believe in climate change and Russians are our equals.

    • Bastyon

      This seems impossible..They assured us that all scientists agreed and it was all settled. /sarcasm

    • Brian Hoo

      Not true — some are just stupid.

    • Vander

      100% true

      They can’t operate in the light of day. They must always hide and obfuscate their intentions to get anyone to buy into their ideology of lies.

    • jacknine

      I disagree, it only 97%, the rest are genuinely just confused.

    • Zyzyzx Zyzer

      THe people are far more profitable to blame (7 billion) than the few in comparison corporations actually polluting earth and the nations governments building and testing nukes, wars, GMO’s, big pharma, big oil, mining, etc. Seems like if governments were actually concerned about the environment…they would readily stop destroying it.

      • SWDC

        Nay if one is really concerned about man made pollution one would cease to exist you know to reduce your own personal pollution and to set an example that and not breeding like rabbits helps too

    • John Galt

      A person can be intensely deluded by the indoctrination and propaganda and actually believe their programming. So they’re not necessarily lying when regurgitating the lie they were fed for decades.

      • SWDC

        Example: Jonestown devotees and cults alike willingly drank the poisoned ” koolaid ” giving it to their children and killing others who ran.

        Even killed a US Congressman and staff

    • spider

      Being an psychopathic liar is a minimum prerequisite for any leftist.

    • jgfox

      No … In my long life I did meet a truthful one.

    • bildoar

      And you are a racist or bigot if you don’t agree with them.

      • SWDC

        So what if one is.

        Remember in the very end the boy who cried wolf was eaten by the wolf.

    • Jerome Barry

      That implies they are smart enough to know the truth and evil enough to deny it. I choose to believe that they are ignorant, greedy, and evil.

    • The_Repentant_Curmudgeon

      Maybe be a little more charitable about it. It’s possible that they are just really stupid.

      • SWDC

        ISlam is not stupid.

    • Accurite

      They are like good muslims who teach it is okay to lie if the end justifies the means

    • fipper

      Indeed, the science on that is settled.

    • no1unohere

      I believe we have reached consensus on your theorem.

    • Kenny

      They lie so they can thieve.

    • Afterheart

      …whether they know it or not…since many of them are extremely gullible!

    • FinbarOS

      And most of those I haven’t met.

    • 4/5 dentists agree!

    • Ken Martin

      If I could upvote you more than once I would.

    • Reginald Thornton

      Well, isn’t THAT just wonderful.
      Now WTH am I supposed to do with all these carbon credits I just bought?
      Oh, Mr. Gore, Mr.Gore, may I speak to you again for a moment?

      • RichardC55

        I have lots of carbon credits, too, but not that kind. They are called oil futures. When the market for oil has crashed, it is a good time to consider buying long-term oil futures.

    • sxas


    • Raymond Hietapakka

    • AFBooks

      Yep, you got that right Chris.

    • Bathhouse Barry Soetero

      and a hardcore homosexual

    • texasknight

      They are following their master, the father of lies.

    • Ross McLeod

      I am a “leftist” – I understand a significant amount of climate “science” and have qualifications in engineering.

      I find the climate “science” taught in universities to be totally unbelievable. I find the models of the greenhouse effect unbelievable. I cannot believe that anyone can subscribe to an absurd claim the the atmospheric “back radiation” has equal or greater heating power than the Solar radiation !

      But I totally resent the implication from a person who probably cannot string a sentence that isn’t full of hate together claiming I am an avowed liar.

      I assume that because I have no faith in climate science and I have leftist leanings then you must believe that catastrophic man-made global warming must be true !

      What a tool !

      • Political Hostage

        Maybe you’re not a liberal.

    • Political Hostage

      Not news Chris 😉

    • FreemenRtrue

      many of them are very stupid…..liars.

    • Shurlock Ventriloquist

      This is also a lie, so the circle is complete.

    • Clive_G

      Now, to be fair, a large number are not avowed – they’re still liars though.

    • James Bernard

      To be fair Chris…….many of them are just ignorant.

    • Hodar

      They HAVE to be, because the truth doesn’t support their agenda.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      Nah… There are sincere Leftists who really believe their religion.

    • SniperFire

      They are intrinsically evil.

    • Ngallendou

      In the olden days of real Communism, we used to quip, “Every idea is a political idea.”
      If the Party says that 2 + 2 = 5, then it must, so make all the necessary adjustments.
      A great lie moves forward on many little convenient truths.

    • The left’s high priest, Alinski, granted absolution to all wrongs done in the name of leftism.

    • Kevin Curl

      Leftist are still trying to buy a vowel on Climate Change media !

    • GiveTheWookieACookie

      Pathological liars, all of them.

    • OldeGrump1

      No: only their leaders who are making out like bandits with their silly ideas of man-made global warming. Most democrats are just dupes following along after leaders who lie to them constantly about whatever the scare de jur may be. Global warming, seas rising, CO2 killing us (utterly absurd since we exhale it with every breath we take, along with every other mammal on earth). Unfortunately, those democrats whose education has been left to the state run teachers, are left purposely ignorant. They know nothing of science, little of history, less of government, and nothing about economics. So, when they are fed lies by Harry Reid (a republican friend of mine told me that Romney hasn’t paid his income taxes for the last 10 years) they believe his lies. Or when taught that Cleopatra was probably a black Egyptian, they have no way of challenging that absurdity. Cleopatra wasn;t Egyptian, but Greek. She was a Ptolmey, descended from one of Alexander the Great’s Generals who, after Alexander’s death, took over Egypt and ruled it as their pharaoh. Cleopatra was his great, great, great granddaughter (I’m not sure of the number of greats) and not a black person and not an Egyptian. When you are going through school as ignorant an an ass, it’s easy to be misled especially by teachers, products themselves of public education, and are just as ill informed at their students. They learned nothing when they went through school themselves, and so the whole sad process repeats itself over and over again.

      By way of comparison, check the Mcguffey reader — used by most one room school houses as their text book between 1850 and 1950. I think these schools went to 8th grade. Take a look at their 8th grade test — they are on line. Find out for yourself what your great great grandparents were taught and had to know to get their 8th grade diploma. And contrast it to those High school graduates we currently shell out who don’t even know how to read what their diploma says. Is it any wonder they are ripe for every snake oil scare that the democrats can dream up to get their voters to the polls.

    • John Thompson

      They are liars, the ends justify the means with them!

    • Windows10


    • John Adams1

      But this is their “feelings” so it must be true…

    • fish4man61

      Agree, but not far enough. Far as I am concerned ALL politicians are crooks and liars! I tell all if you drive by a neighbors house and see a vote for this guy political sign than that person has reached that level by learning to lie to the masses…

    • George

      Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle of stupid.

    • VendicarDecarian0

      Mission Accomplished.


    • Scott Savant

      They’re just mimicking their god, the father of lies.

    • VendicarDecarian0

      I have never encountered a Republican who isn’t a congenital and perpetual lair.

      Republicans are motivated by greed, and fear. That has been repeatedly proven by science.

      They have diseased minds.

      • nara

        Same is said about Democrats, Liberalism is a mental disorder.

        • VendicarDecarian0

          Not according to real science. Republicans are greedy, distrustful of others and motivated by fear rather than reason.

          The science is clear.

          Republicanism is a mental disease.

    • Canuck

      Some of them are just dumb. But my dad told me years ago “all socialists are hypocrites”. He was right.

    • Steven Archibald

      Couldn’t some of them just be morons?

    • Dr. Deduction

      While right wingers like Dick Cheney just tell the truth.

    • robertroy

      You painting all liberals with the same brush is the same as them saying all conservatives are red necks and KKK. You can’t have it both ways. All liberals are not alike just as all conservatives are not. I am in the middle, I don’t assume anyone is right, I take information from many sources and take it all into consideration. I resent that because I disagree with someone I am labeled as a left leaning pinko or a red neck retard. This is 3 scientists out of how many? What we need is more unbiased truthful information. Also with the possibility of oil running out in 25 or 30 years would it not be wise to start exploring alternate fuel sources. We have cheap oil right now because the Saudis are pissed off with Iran. What happens when they kiss and make up. Projects like Keystone are being shelved more because they are not economically viable than environmental reasons. If we were in the middle of the 1970’s oil crisis Keystone would be built in short order. We still rely on the Middle East for our oil, a situation that should not have continued after the 1970’s OPEC embargo. It’s 40 years on now from that crisis, what has changed?. Energy security is of more concern to me than climate change.

    • Michael Fisher

      Comments like this are why I hate politics. How can you make a vast generalization like this? I would never say everyone right-leaning is a liar just because of their political affiliation. It’s the same as saying someone is automatically a liar because of their race or religion.

      In the same way, I don’t think climate change should be a political issue — that’s the problem on both sides. It needs to be about science, not name calling.

  • Howard M Ccomber

    Finally, the grown ups in the room are speaking. “We produce Co2 so what becomes of us? The world is being taken for a ride and the UN needs to be eliminated. No longer serves a unifying purpose and I did not vote for them.

    • phydeaux70

      It is indeed about time that the grown ups took charge of this topic.

      And just because it needs to be said, this does not mean that people are not in favor of being good stewards of our planet., that’s just hyperbole to scare people.

      It’s about time this topic became a rational discussion, instead of what it has been.

      • alanthegreat

        Problem is leftists don’t engage in discussions, they engage in ramming their crap down peoples throats.

    • Seniorsquadldr

      UN out of the US – US out of the UN

      • sonnyboy

        I suggested on the floor of the Senate today that we stop all funds for the United Nations. Now, what that’ll do to the United Nations, I don’t know. I have a hunch it would cause them to fold up, which would make me very happy at this particular point. I think if this happens, they can well move their headquarters to Peking or Moscow and get ’em out of this country.”[_Barry Goldwater 1971

    • John

      No longer serves a purpose? When did they really ever?

    • Mark

      UN has a purpose, world domination! It’s an evil organization.

    • Ryan O

      The UN has pretty much become a giant “Take money from the US and Europe” and “Let’s try to f— over Israel” party.
      There can be no legitimacy in an organization that puts despotic dictators and Sharia compliant countries in positions of monitoring human rights…

  • Feynman

    What is the end game? 99% of the population living in caves with rudimental tools; while the 1% political class live in the modern world? What then?

    • alanthegreat

      That about sums it up.

      • Feynman

        I don’t understand the ultimate goal. Yes, a homogenized population is easier to control – level the playing field, remove values and cultural differences, etc. But once we’re all the same, and they control us, then what? What’s the end-game?

        • alanthegreat

          The problem is we are never going to be the same. Leftists believe they can master human nature, and when and wherever that’s been tried, its becomes bloody, violent, and tragic. There is no end game, they just think there is.

        • libwithIQ

          The end game? That’s easy. It’s the Golden Rule. Those with all the gold make all the rules. This is nothing but a money grab designed to keep the elites rich and everyone else poor.

          • Dan Austin

            But a lot of them believe what they are saying, and honestly get angry when people disagree with them and point out facts and figures.

            Bad policy and poor decisions don’t have to have some ‘secret plan’ behind them. It’s just another case of not very bright and uninformed people untrained in science trying to feel good about themselves by implementing bad policy in pursuit of their ‘noble cause’ — and other people trying to make big bucks out of it.

        • Barry Bin Inhalin

          Soylent green.

          • Alpaca_Dean

            …it was made from people… heh…

    • Dean Logan

      Then end game is a population no greater than 500 million.
      The majority of the population, that is left, crammed into cities with only public transportation.

      • alanthegreat

        Ala the Soviet Union.

        • Dean Logan

          Well, China was more extreme about it.
          Thinking of a world population going from 7 billion to 500 million is a bit disturbing.

          I would connect the dots, but I would be called a conspiracy nut or something.

      • alanthegreat

        That’s why they worship Margaret Sanger.

        • Dean Logan

          That’s only part of “the solution”.

    • les

      There is none. It is power for its own sake. And all activity at that point is directed at holding on to power as compared to doing something good.

  • Rebel Yeller

    I wish all of the flat-earthers would listen to these scientists. The global warming/climate change crowd are like cavemen who think that they have power over the weather with their song and dance. Liberals need to move into the modern times and accept the science.

    • Seniorsquadldr

      It is their RELIGION. You-You Religionist. They have joined with the Pope, they reject Jesus Christ for ?????????????????

      • alanthegreat

        First rule for dealing with leftists is never, ever get in their way when they are walking towards the cliff, just make sure they don’t have a rope or chain tied to your foot to take you with them.

  • A A P

    Almost all people love the Earth – and so it is a breath of fresh air when science emerges from the smog of opportunistic alarmists spewing irrational assertions.

    It makes sense to be concerned about the planet – let rational thought lead us. Thank you professor !

  • SteveS.

    As I have said before: We are being told that the climate is warming, that it is a crisis and that man is the cause. If the temp was dropping we would be told that was a crisis and that man is the cause. So please digest the fact that ANY change in temperature (which I believe must be inevitable) is caused by man and is a crisis. ANY. As in ANY. And of course there is always only one solution regardless of the direction of the change: Surrender more freedom to ‘experts’ and their political allies.

  • dougtheavenger

    If there were a real trend upward, it would not be as pretended by press releases. Every years is hotter than all years on records? balony real trends have ups and downs. One year is cooler than the previous year, but the trending is upward.

  • libwithIQ

    But…But…we were told it was “Settled Science” Right…only thing settled was that a group of people (Gore and buddies) could scam a whole load of money from ignorant sheeple.

    • jackedup

      haha! we were writing almost the same post at the same time…great minds think alike 🙂

    • RLABruce

      You put your finger on it; it’s all about the money.

  • jackedup

    But, but, but…Al Gore said CO2 was a poisonous gas and if we paid him he could fix it. He said the science was settled. Don’t tell me he lied…that will crush me.

  • TheTruthIsNotPC

    These scientists will be lambasted by the UN “consensus-tists” who wrote the fictional IPCC reports.

    • iisac bartender

      It’s not a consensus it’s a collective

  • Jim Tcol

    The whole global warming scam is designed to milk the American people out of their money and destroy our energy production. The Global warming scam is like the stealth bomber that you never saw, but the effect on our country will be just as devastating but the “stupid American Voter” ( Democrat) just isn’t smart enough to get it.

    • Seniorsquadldr

      “stupid American Voter” just isn’t smart enough to get it. We the “stupid American Voter” has earned and demanded the horrors coming to each and every one of us.

  • syzito

    Good to read “real” science instead of the hype and spin and lies of the left wing loons.

  • Bigfoot

    Global Warming is real people ! I “feel” it in my bones, in the songs I hear the birds sing, they call to me to save their babies from Global Warming, the baby seals, the turtles, the kittens that only want to play and not die on a hot planet, please save “snow” the poor chicken that was brutally killed an eaten at Colonel Sanders house of horrors ! Please save the ants, the petunias, the butterflies seeking freedom from the evils of Global Warming..and by the way, it’s all bullshitiiit.

    • Alpaca_Dean

      Ohgodd!! That should be their symbol… heh… “Save the PETUNIAS”!!!!

  • Humility

    Wow! Scientists who can’t be bought, threatened, or intimidated by the liberal Chicken Littles. Actual integrity!

  • HappyG

    These guys need to be sent to a re-education camp…How the heck are the warmists going to control the masses if they keep putting out factual information exposing the hoax? Remember, MIT isn’t a ‘renowned’ university…Oh wait, I think it is…

    • Churyl Minne

      The response from the alarmists is that they are either “liars” or working for the Koch brothers so that their science and conclusions are suspect.

    • Seniorsquadldr

      Once was, my friend, once was.

  • HappyG

    This earth’s climate has been ‘changing’ since the day it was created…if the warmists had any type of grasp of reality…they’d notice the charade…

    • libwithIQ

      Most of these “warmist” are liberals. Liberals have no grasp of reality. Or facts.

      • alanthegreat

        liberalism is a religion to some and a mental disease to most.

      • Seniorsquadldr

        We non-liberals, have allowed it.

    • les

      That’s called Evolution – change through time. The GW Alarmists don’t believe in evolution.

  • Bob Smith

    But that’s not what Obama told me….

  • phil

    Obama and the rest of those who are destroying western civilization and productivity via the religion of climate change should be arrested and imprisoned, like they are trying to do to Exxon. They are the real purveyors of damage through lies.

  • kirb

    How many millions of pounds of co2 are going to be used by those flying to the UN Climate Summit?

  • Churyl Minne

    I’d like to point out that since the ’70s, we have been told that fossil fuels supplies are NON-renewable and limited. Given the recent population explosion and their concomitant need for energy, one would expect CO2 levels to constantly rise — until we truly run out. Even if the alarmists are correct, it is a self-limiting problem as the CO2 cannot be sustained indefinitely.

    What is most amusing, is that I have heard alarmists actually state that fossil fuels are still being added to the earth as they have been for “billions” (I would say millions) of years. Really?? Any easy carbon source (oil, coal etc) at the surface of the earth (deposited more recently) has been depleted. We have to go down much deeper into the earth to find fossil fuels now.

  • bpbatista

    The alarmists aren’t interested in the climate or science. They want power. Global Warming / Climate Change TM is merely a tactic to gain power.

  • JimmieMee

    one has to fear the future where these doctors, with accomplishment, are ignored and people flock to Algore a politician who became rich selling carbon credits….and you who bought Algore’s carbon credits…how you doing with that investment?…I know old Al really appreciated the money

  • Liberty Or Death

    Marijuana growers, unaffected by the willful blindness of Latest ideology, are keenly aware of the benefits of CO2 to plant life. Greenhouse growers routinely triple levels of CO2 to encourage plant growth. You may purchase a Johnson CO2 Generator here: Give one to one of your Leftist friends for Christmas.

  • hal

    Obama and the UN represent the largest danger to life on earth, not the Islamic terrorists. Sadly, the majority of the educated western nations have been duped and brainwashed by this global warming conspiracy which is politically advantagous to the Communist and Islamist countries.

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    The real catastrophe is our so-called ‘leader’, and his manipulation of the US Government to perpetrate & perpetuate this fraud.

  • Squidly

    The so-called “radiative greenhouse effect” is not possible in this universe. A cooler object (that atmosphere) cannot make a warmer object (the surface) warmer still. An object (the surface) cannot heat itself. If these things were not true, then you could burn your face by looking in the mirror. Heating your house in the winter would not be the problem, cooling it would be, and in the summer you wouldn’t be able to contain the runaway feedback.

    • In the end, there is only entropy.

  • RLABruce

    I pity the poor Climate Change Believers! This could shake their faith so much they may not even believe in Santa Claus….

    • Global Warming is a religion.
      You cannot prove its existence or nonexistence;
      You have to take it on faith;
      Evidence of its non-existence is taken as proof of its existence;
      Tremendous anger towards anyone who doesn’t believe;
      It demands the restricting the actions of nonbelievers;
      and the solution is giving more money.

  • B662

    Oh look libs are wrong again! When will the world finally wake up and realize these hockey stick idiots are chasing a prize not for the environment but their pockets? We need to fix carbon policies by taxing? Where does that money go? Into a large political abyss that currently has multi-millionaire Al Gore standing over it in his 27,000 square foot mansion with the air conditioning on! Remember the old but true adage, Garbage in–Garbage out! That is climate science computer modeling.

  • Vasco DeGama

    libtard response to these scientists:

  • JwpATX

    Dammit! I live in Austin! How did I not know this was going on? I can’t imagine how cathartic it must have been to hear these men say this.

  • Bob Lawbla

    At what point have we waited too long to “curb’ global warming? And then at what point after that can we all agree it was one big hoax. Because I have seen CNN videos from the early 2000’s explaining to me the hell hole I should be living in right now (in 2015) and yet somehow the MSM graciously ignores that.

  • really_fed_up_taxpayer

    Sadly, essentially of the university grants given out by Federal agencies such as the Department of Energy and EPA have a ‘climate change’ component required. It has been so heavily woven into the fabric of doing research that it will be hard to turn around.

    • DrJ3ckyll

      The left uses this to attack any research on the other side stating it’s just propaganda and tainted research because the dollars do not come from the same funding sources they use.

  • Black Tongue

    When the Maunder Minimum hits us in 2030 and it’s freezing cold outside, people are gonna say “I sure wish that global warming scam were true ’cause I’m fukn freezing here!”

    But it’s not true. Just another political scam to extort money from the masses.

    • alanthegreat

      Why the climate change religionists are going frenzified is that they need to get their sh!t rammed down are throats soon enough to claim that their policies reversed global warming and take credit for it when it indeed does cool.

  • nearboston

    We have as much ability to modify the climate as a Sioux medicine man doing a rain dance.

    • Loud Noises

      It’s amazing that people think otherwise.

      • Black Tongue

        Liberals are arrogant and narcissistic. They truly think they can change world climate.

        • alanthegreat

          They are also institutionalized.

  • Jeffrey Gee

    I’d rather it be warmer anyway, than an Ice Age. You can’t grow food in an Ice Age, then herbivores starve, then carnivores start starving… it’ll just suck with lots of starving!

  • Black Tongue

    Liberals will not rebut these scientist with solid scientific facts. They will attack them personally, calling them deniers, and child killers, and destroyers of life, and much much worse.

    • jnsesq

      It is the Alinsky method. It’s all the Left has as their arguments do not withstand challenge. Therefore they attack the messenger, never the message.

  • lowerright

    I hope this gets more press (even though I know Al Gore, et al will poo-poo it). Our environmental focus needs to be on reducing pollution, NOT on CO2, and definitely not on this climate change disaster nonsense.

  • government watchdog

    But Obama the lying gas bag and Al Gore get NOAA to lie for them and then they take it to the UN which should have been disbanded 20 years ago. That is why Trump will be our next POTUS.

  • Dr Diogenes™

    CO2 is at the BASE of the carbon cycle. Without it we’d be dead. To call it a ‘pollutant’ is utter insanity. Furthermore, there is something else to keep in mind. Water vapor absorbs much more heat than does CO2. I’m waiting for the EPA to ban water next.

    • Dan Knight

      LOL … don’t give ’em ideas!

    • Squidly

      It’s not about “absorbing heat” .. that’s the point. H2O can “absorb” heat, CO2 cannot. CO2 re-radiates very quickly, that is why it is the most widely used industrial coolant on the planet. The idea they are trying to make everyone believe, is that CO2 re-radiates IR causing a feedback that further heats its source, which is completely impossible in this universe. Nothing in this universe could exist if this were true. Think about it!

    • Bluto Rules

      CO2 as a pollutant is based upon another stupid Justice Kennedy decision, so that the EPA could regulate it.

    • jnsesq

      You mean dihydrogen oxide? I saw a video of a fellow mockingly getting people to sign a petition calling for its abolition. They were all too happy to do so — and no doubt, all Democrats.

    • And again, there is not one atom of carbon on this planet that was not here before the first dinosaur. They are not accruing from space. They are are not even one of the components of meteorites. And the biggest source of CO2 is not man, nor the Amazon rainforest, but the oceans, or rather the plankton in them.

      • TroyGale

        I might be wrong but meteorites have carbon compounds in some cases do they not?

        • It was claimed rec ently, but challenged as cross-contamination

  • What_the

    Air Compositon
    Nitrogen 78%
    Oxygen 20%
    Water vapor 1%
    Inert gases (mainly argon) .97%
    Carbon dioxide and other gases .03%

    These percentages haven’t changed.
    But there is some science to climate change, but it has nothing to do with CO2.
    Up to about 20 years ago, climate science looked to the sun when looking for longer term trends in climate change. Solar activity, or the lack of solar activity does affect climate on Earth. The solar activity actually has a cycle of more and less solar activity which directly affects climate on Earth. As it stands today, experts say they expect a new cycle to begin at the end of the next decade that will put the chill on the Earth for a decade.

    • Bluto Rules

      “El Nino means the Nino.” – Tommyboy

    • Dr Diogenes™

      I remember growing up in the 70’s where the big fear was ‘Global Cooling’ and the next ice age. Give it a few years and we’ll be in a new Maunder minimum. Then, the ‘Warmists’ will be screaming for more CO2. I recommend getting a jump on this and burning large quantities of tires.

  • billyjackeng

    It used to be that the dire predictions of the computer models would have to be adjusted to meet the actual measurements since they continually failed to accurately model anything. Now NOAA & NASA are adjusting the data to match the models.

    • Bluto Rules

      When I was a practicing lawyer, that was called fraud.

      • Black Tongue

        To the NOAA, it’s called “science”.

        • Bluto Rules

          They must be smarter than I.

          • Black Tongue

            They’re smarter than all of us. Just ask them.

      • alanthegreat


  • Denallen

    The % of CO2 in the atmosphere is .038 %.
    In english that means the concentration is… 38 thousandths of 1%.

    • Flyoverman

      And our contribution to that amount is 2.8% of yearly total of emissions. It’s miniscule.

      • Bluto Rules

        I just emitted, and it warmed me up. Oh, oh, no, that was not CO2.

        • Flyoverman


          • Bluto Rules

            Correct! You win a cookie.

          • Flyoverman

            Ihave not been this happy since I got my semester grades. As I recall yours were 0.00… 7 years of college down the drain. How sad.

          • Bluto Rules

            Now, enough with the familiarity, thou shall address me as “Senator Blutarsky” from now on, peon.

          • Flyoverman

            I will remember that. You knew my late Uncle Niedermeier. 🙂

          • Bluto Rules

            Yup, killed by his own troops in Nam. We mourned for about two minutes, and then “Toga, Toga, Toga!!!!”

      • Squidly

        In 100 years, average atmospheric CO2 has risen approximately 100ppm .. of that, 3% is attributed to human activity … that’s 3ppm! … so, in 100 years, humans have contributed just 3ppm of CO2 to our atmospheric concentration. But they insist that you believe that 3ppm is going to kill us all, so you need to stop everything you are doing and just die.

  • mertsj

    I knew it!!!!! Democrat = Evil.

    • Bluto Rules

      Oh, I’ve known that since 1989.

  • Bluto Rules

    Dr. Richard Lindzen set me straight on all this global warming hysteria years ago, by sending me his course syllabus before he retired at MIT. I believe these gentlemen are right. CO2 is a trace gas, and it is not causing the earth to warm based upon anthropological industry.

    • Squidly

      You are correct. No gas can be added to the atmosphere that could cause it to warm more than it would otherwise be. If anything, CO2 acts as a coolant, and certainly not as a heat source. Precisely why CO2 is the most widely used industrial coolant on the planet.

      • Bluto Rules

        Remember the ozone hole over the Antarctic? And then DuPont’s patent ran out on R-12. Viola!, DuPont’s new non-CFC C-134 (carcinogenic, but we’ll keep that quiet) hit the scene, and no more ozone hole.

        • Squidly

          Now they are trying to get rid of HCFC (hydrofluorocarbons) because of some other BS. The fact of the matter is, there is still an “ozone hole” over Antarctica, which, by the way, is not actually a “hole” .. it is merely a “thin” spot in the upper stratosphere, which fluctuates on a cycle and has done so since long before humans roamed this Earth. It is impossible for ground level ozone to get into the upper stratosphere. That is the inconvenient truth. No amount of ground level CFC’s can affect the upper stratosphere.

          • Bluto Rules

            Interesting that you say that, because if I remember correctly volcanic eruptions dump a ton of HCFCs into the atmosphere.
            My point was, as a retired lawyer, I noticed propounded BS, like DuPont’s vis a vis the ozone hole starting three years before their R-12 patent ran out.

          • Squidly

            First, I am talking about, by themselves. It is true that volcanic activity *can* inject gases and other particulates into the upper atmosphere, but even then, into the upper stratosphere is rare. Since a CFC molecule is much heavier than air, and so is ozone, it naturally has a tendency to fall. This is why low lying areas have the most problem with ground level ozone, because ozone sinks. The upper boundary layer in the lower stratosphere helps to hold ozone high in the upper stratosphere, ozone that is produced by high frequency radiation (I am forgetting which bandwidth) from the sun as it hits oxygen. Ozone is created in the upper atmosphere continuously. Read Heinz Svenmarks papers on GCR’s (which are also a contributor) to get an idea.

          • odys

            Absolutely. Du Pont gets freon outlawed just as it brings a replacement on line. It highlights a much ignored truth about our government:

            “90% of all consumer regulations are put in place at the behest of the producers, not the consumers.”

            Think consumers wanted to ban 5 gallon toilets?

          • Bluto Rules

            I am a retired lawyer. When I was first practicing law, I was wending my way through the Internal Revenue Code, and lo and behold, I found tax deals in the code with specific names of corporations. That popped my cherry pretty fast.

          • Bluto Rules

            P. S. I hold the handle down to use up more water. HHHUUUSSSHHH!!!!

  • MH27610

    It all goes back to “adjusting” the data… if you were correct in your findings, there was no need for adjustment. You people have no credibility. Please stop.

  • PabloKOh

    The humans that are systematically destroying the planet completely control both sides of this debate. They focus both sides of the debate on BS global warming while the fisheries continue to collapse, species continue to perish, soils continue to erode, aquifers deplete, forests burn, industrial pollutants poison groundwater, radioactive water continues to spill into the Pacific. Wake the F up. We are destroying the natural resources that allow life on this planet. And for what? Another ten million dollar bonus to a CEO? Have you truly benefited from this, “progress?” Are our lives and the live of our babies better off? Google: Permaculture

  • Flyoverman

    How refreshing to see dispassionately articulated, real science.

  • jnsesq

    Gosh! Look at all these anti-science deniers. Guess we need Bill Nye the Science Guy to arrange for their re-education. After all, what would an MIT climate scientist and a Princeton physicist know about science?

  • Daniel Staggers

    And it took you people how long to speak up?

    • JwpATX

      Lindzen’s been saying it for years, it’s just that you don’t hear about it because he’s an ‘evil climate denier.’

      • Black Tongue

        The founder of the weather channel resigned years ago over this. At the time he called global warming the biggest scam in scientific history. He still maintains that view.

        • alanthegreat

          And the weather channel has become one of the biggest slop bucket carriers for this BS.

          • Black Tongue

            That’s why he resigned. He was getting enormous pressure from board members. The weather channel just wants to jump on the band wagon so it can keep profits up. Whatever escalates net revenue is the path to choose.

  • Eric Meckes

    Oh my gosh, scientist telling the truth ? Scentist’s from MIT, smart real scientist’s calling the nutbag far-left liberl propaganda peddlers out for their lies? Say it ain’t so. So the UN and the Clinton’s have come up with a brilliant plan so that if a Coal powered plant put’s out emmissions, Al Gore can say “It’s ok if you put out these emmissions as long as you buy carbon offset credits from me” . So that begs the question, if you buy these carbon offsets from Al Gore or The Clinton Foundation, who gets that money?, why does Al Gore or the Clintons get to cash in on the carbon offset scheme ? It’s all a big lie, the climate works in cycles, it has for centuries, nobody wants to destroy earth, and if people travelled to the far east they would realize how clean America is compared to China for example, yet China isn’t stupid enough to pay Gore or the Clintons for offset coupons so they can keep dirtying the air. You watch the Liberal media and you would think America is the dirtiest place on earth, that’s called propaganda, go to other cou tries and see how they deal with their garbage, they have huge burn pits with gigantic plumes of raw smoke bellowing up, that’s what they do, been there, seen it with my own eyes. Then you came back to America and its like a breath of fresh air, but you won’t see that in the Liberal media because it wouldn’t help Al Gore or the Clinton’s.

    • Barbfears

      These guys better be careful. The opposing view folks are ruthless

  • grassy knoll

    At least one of these jerkwad liars is telling the truth.

  • JimmieMee

    You know these climate change warming people are dumber than dirt because they are making their stupid bet on the wrong side a little warming would benefit….if they should succeed in starting a cooling trend perhaps an ice age, as if they could, billions and billions will die

  • becke1827

    I fear it is too late to convince Grubernauts of this truth,

  • Lex Luthor

    Obama continues to look like a fool. A Legacy of being an idiot.

  • Blue matters

    So how can the media ignore this?

    • Seniorsquadldr

      Buy force of will, there are none so blind.


    I believe that Obama and the Greens, (read communist for govt control of your life) no longer have 90% of the scientific community behind them. In ten years when the sun is in the middle of a very low activity cycle we are all going to want a little global warming.

  • Dan Austin

    When you challenge global warming acolytes with facts and figures, they get angry, insult you, and and call you names. That in itself is proof that they don’t really know what real science is and that their assertions are nonsense.

    Global warming adherents are people for whom ‘good intentions’ and jumping on bandwagons, often for political or monetary gain, are more important than facts, figures, and the scientific method. This is the same ‘thinking style’ that drives leftist politicians, which is why they have an innate affinity for global warming and for spewing constant insults for people who don’t agree with them.

    Many of the politicians on the global warming bandwagon were not educated in science, and lack the IQ to understand even basic math. Take Al Gore, for example.

    • Bluto Rules

      I am micro-aggressed daily.

  • ELC

    I have looked at the changes to the temperature record that Dr. Lindzen talks about.

    “Though climate scientists use complex mathematical formulas to
    justify changes to the temperature record and to justify the associated
    confidence intervals, simple arithmetic shows that either the former or
    the latter, or both, are wrong.”

  • Ruckweiler

    Why, I thought there was a consensus.

  • Max42

    “Facts” to the progressive left are any information, real or imagined, which supports the political agenda. One need look no further than Black Lives Matter for proof positive.

  • Raytoric

    Con men want you looking at one hand while they steal with the other. The only proof I need that global warming advocates do not believe their own rhetoric is their actions. Their actions should be: 1) provide developing nations free of charge technology to reduce pollution immediately; 2) eliminate the purchase of unnecessary electronics, like gaming, big screen TVs, phones and pads for kids, etc.. 3) reduce the size of houses built (should have been advocate in the 80s if global warming was believed). Carbon taxes will only have a small effect, if any, over time, yet that is their immediate goal. Therefore, there real goal is power and money. Greed.

  • Painkiller

    The Fascists will try to silence them.

    • Seniorsquadldr

      Obama is on the case right now.

  • Sameasit Everwas

    “Climate policy is redistributing the world’s wealth and it’s a big mistake to discuss climate policy separately from the major themes of globalization. The climate summit in Cancun at the end of the month is not a climate conference, but one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War.”

    Ottmar Edenhofer, IPCC Co-chair of Working Group III on Mitigation of Climate Change.

  • tall, blond, and very hot

    There is not such thing as ‘climate science’ because science requires a theory and the ability to test that theory. Obviously that can’t happen with weather. You can have different interpretations of available data, but that’s it.

  • pfwag

    The AGW believers will save planet earth is they all just stopped breathuing.

  • Walt Creasy

    Typical UN stuff: Always a day late but NEVER a dollar short.

    • Simon Sez

      They are not a dollar short because the people have not run out of money yet.

  • Black Tongue

    NOAA scientist 1: The data doesn’t fit our model.
    NOAA scientist 2: Maybe the model is wrong.
    NOAA scientist 3: No. Don’t be an idiot. The model is perfect. We’ve already decided that it is. The data is wrong. We need to change the observations to match the theory. And that’s what we’re going to do.

    Does this sound like science to anyone?

    • odys

      Yes, to each and every kept scientist that needs the research grants ladled out by our government.

  • Right4

    Well this going to piss off omama and the climate change crazies.

    • odys

      Who’s going to know? I doubt the biased media will even cover his comments.

  • Simon Sez

    Politicians will not stop collecting taxes and levying fines until they find new ways to collect those same taxes and levy new fines. Global Warming is a scam, always has been and will be replaced by an equally ridiculous scam but there is no way in heII that people are going to end up paying less taxes.

  • Babyler

    Climate Change politics – making the case for Thomas Malthus’ ideals.

  • Goldmonger

    What does Al Gore have to say about this? He is the expert.

    • algonquinmatt

      “a little lower.. lower… i need to release my chakra”

  • Wink-and-a-Nod

    Just follow the money. This industry is all based on government grants. No money will go to actual scientists that may conradict the global agenda for absolute control over our lives. Money trumps everything. This is big business for the academic class. Universities need this money.

    • algonquinmatt

      Absolutely right. What would all of these ‘climate scientists’ be doing in this economy if the spigot of gov’t money was shut off?

  • TeddyNovakVI

    Sheep, lemmings, and Leftists are easily manipulated.

  • Al Clark

    The junk science is being increasingly exposed for the political agend

  • TomNJ

    DENIERS!!! They must be silenced!! Off with their heads!!

  • PabloKOh

    Global Warming is the distraction. The reality is the fisheries continue to collapse, species continue to perish, soils continue to erode, aquifers deplete, forests burn, industrial pollutants poison groundwater, radioactive water continues to spill into the Pacific. Wake the F up. We are destroying the natural resources that allow life on this planet. And for what? Another ten million dollar bonus to a CEO? Have you truly benefited from this, “progress?” Are our lives and the live of our babies better off? Google: Permaculture

    • Ape Sheet

      Kill yourself, you are a drain on the planet…..

      • PabloKOh

        F off. I have planted 2000 trees this year. I AM A FORCE FOR GOOD. You?

        • Squidly

          And of the 3.8 TRILLION trees on this planet, do you think we noticed yours?

          • PabloKOh

            I notice them.

          • Squidly

            Good for you .. I suppose you gave them names

          • PabloKOh

            Some I call Mango. Others Mandarin. Others Bananna. Orange. Avacado. Cashew. Cedar. Pride of Barbados. Sapote. Black Sapote. Mamey. Sugar apple. A few others.

          • Squidly

            Sounds like a pretty good fruit salad!

        • odys

          What a waste of time, the whole east has reforested itself without any help from people. You must like doing useless gestures.

          • PabloKOh

            I like food in my backyard. Do you enjoy Saturday mornings at the supermarket?

          • Squidly

            Hey, if he likes planting trees, all the more power to him. The only thing I take offense to is that he pretends like it has “saved the world” somehow. When in fact, as I pointed out .. nobody, including nature, even noticed. I applaud him on planting trees instead of polluting our planet, that is commendable, but do not for one second pretend that one is superior to another because they planted a freaking tree. Give me a break .. there are already more than 3.8 TRILLION trees on this planet. I personally have 2000 just in my name alone, that I didn’t even have to plant!

    • odys

      How stupid. I live in a metropolitan country that was 97% cleared in the 1930s. I have nice 100′ tall trees in my backyard. I can travel around New England and the south and find stone fences and structures in the woods – left behind by the farmers who have abandoned the land. Satellites show we have 37% more vegetation now than in 1980. No need for you to go all wee-wee on us.

      I suggest you go and find some pictures of the civil war era’s countryside. One thing you will notice is that there are no trees in site – the people cut them all down for housing, heating and cooking.

      • PabloKOh

        What were the New England fisheries like in the 1820’s? Any whales out there?

    • GatorJim123

      You must be a Deacon in the church of Gaia. A radical fundamentalist. Pretty revealing. So Environmental destruction is caused by evil capitalists? Oh my.

      • PabloKOh

        Deacon. Gaia. Radical. Fundamentalist. These are the names I get called for not wanting glyphosate sprayed on my oatmeal.

        • GatorJim123

          Just stating fact. You believe. That is faith. Faith is not science. You should be proud, not angry. Obviously you are since you posted publicly.

          • PabloKOh

            My faith that acquifier water levels are falling? My faith that fracking chemicals poison groundwater? My faith that the industrial farming erodes the soil? Jim, I just want to check. Do you live on Planet Earth?

          • Squidly

            Can you give just one example where “fracking chemicals poison groundwater” ?? … Do you know what those “chemicals” are? .. If you do, explain to me how they could possibly be “poisoning” anything.

          • GatorJim123

            I do. You don’t.

  • Ape Sheet

    Man made global warming, man made climate change, man made climate disruption has no basis in the laws of Thermodynamics…..You can trust me, a licensed Professional Engineer, or you can trust Al Gore…the “scientific legend” who flunked out of “Science” in “college”…..I can’t even Imagine a real college class just called “Science”……

    • Squidly

      You are absolutely CORRECT! … The AGW hypothesis’ all violate LoT … fact is, a cooler object cannot make a warmer object warmer still. There is no such thing as a “greenhouse effect” outside of an actual greenhouse, which is attributed complete to convection.

      • Ape Sheet

        And there is no such thing as “HEAT HIDING IN THE OCEAN DEPTHS”!

        Democrats are too stupid to even know what Thermodynamics is……The study of heat transfer

        • Squidly

          One thing that most people confuse, is that “heat” is not a “thing” .. “heat”, in and of itself, cannot be moved from one place to another, or “transferred” .. “Heat” is a “result”, not a “thing”. Heat requires energy, and that “energy” can be moved (transferred) from place to place, which in effect transfers the “result” with it. But “heat” itself is not a “thing”.

          • Ape Sheet

            Ummmmmmm….heat can flow or be transferred, as per the 2nd law of Thermo
            Heat flow is one of the main areas of thermo

          • odys

            Heat is just energy transferred to matter. In a gas, the higher the heat, the higher the average translational speed of the gas molecules. Yes these molecules can hit others and get them moving faster, but is that heat being transferred or potential energy?

          • Squidly

            EXACTLY! .. “heat” transfer is actually “energy” transfer … “heat” is a “result” of the energy, it is not a “thing”

          • odys

            Actually I believe it is a transfer of kinetic energy not potential energy.

          • Squidly

            Yes, indeed

          • Squidly

            It isn’t the “heat” that is flowing, it is the “energy”

            For example … given 2 molecules (A) and (B) … each has an energetic (or vibrational) state, which is its “energy” .. the greater the energetic state, the greater the “heat” .. the only way that molecule (A) can transfer energy (heat) to molecule (B) is if molecule (A) is of a greater energy state (hotter) than molecule (B)… If they are the same, then their states remain the same (equilibrium)

            Now it isn’t the “heat” that is actually being transferred, it is the “energy” that is transferring from one molecule to the other. If (A) is able to further excite (B), then (A) must also lose some of that energy to (B), thus further warming (B) and cooling (A). But again, it is the “energy” that is being transferred. And since energy can only flow downhill, this gives rise to the 2nd LoT.

            I have been studying thermodynamics and the whole topic of the so-called “greenhouse effect” for many many years (more than 20).

            Here is a good primer on radiation physics :, and here: and an interesting paper here:

        • odys

          It seems to violate the second law of thermodynamics that entropy always increases.

  • Ape Sheet

    Man made global warming, man made climate change, man made climate disruption….my God….Will the lying democrats ever stop moving the goalposts?

    • algonquinmatt

      No. And the leader is a guy who will take his ball and go home if he doesn’t get his way. So you have a petulant leader and a bunch of people who lie to keep their agenda going, because they live by a narrative.

  • Steve Smeltz

    Obviously these guys were paid for by Big CO2

  • Aleric

    Liberals will lie and obfuscate anything to make money and put people under their control.

  • ghutch

    Like Obamacare, Global cooling/warming/climate change is about control of the people. Does anyone really think the folks pushing this crap are changing or going to change their lifestyle. Nope they want us, by the use of force to change ours to preserve theirs.

  • But, what if you could generate power baseload and renewable without emissions and for a fraction of the cost of current fossil fuel plants? Then warmers and deniers both win! It’s coming.

    • odys

      What if the scientists is correct and we are in a CO2 famine. Wouldn’t it be the right thing to create coal fired cars? That is if you are one of the people who believe we can manipulate our climate.

  • Thegoldman


    Ahhh crap…

  • Ape Sheet

    Man made global warming, man made climate change, man made climate disruption IS REAL…..I mean both Ice caps have completely melted and NYC has been underwater since 2013 just like Al Gore and the democraps promised…..Oh wait……THE DEMOCRAPS LIED!

  • Joel Goodman


  • Ape Sheet


    How did the “HEAT HIDING IN THE OCEANS” make it too cold for Obama to go swimming on his 14th Martha’s Vineyard vacation?

  • bike mike

    Just pay more taxes and we will give you better weather. What’s not to believe.

  • mallen717

    The “science says”. Science never says anything. It’s the scientists who say things.

  • Jake

    The climate chicken-little’s will want to jail these scientists. Politics is always the enemy of science.

  • Liberty2Day

    they cannot figure out temps in Times Square at noon within ten degrees a WEEK from today, but somehow they have 1000 years from now pinned down to within fractions of a degree.

    the entire thing has always been laughable.

  • Thermopylae

    Don’t you know that food crops, oceans, lakes, clouds, rain, animals, and people are damaging our planet? We need to put an end to all of them.

    But I am my brethren will remain to ensure that the planet heals itself 🙂

  • Ape Sheet


    How did the “HEAT HIDING IN THE OCEANS” freeze the shipload of Global Warming liars, studying “SHRINKING SEA ICE” into the RECORD ANTARCTIC SEA ICE during the ANTARCTIC SUMMER?
    The saddest thing is that Democraps have no idea how stupid they sound (or are).

  • Roger Jones

    The 3% speak and sound 100% honest, logical, rational and scientific. Of course the 97% number is just another huge lie, but even if it were true, it only proves that wickedness and greed are much more aggressive and common than truth and selflessness.

  • Liberty2Day

    this entire Warmunism affair has been incredibly enlightening in the way it highlighted the extent of the globalist web of deceit, who they own, who they sway, who is a tool.

  • android

    Bill Nye’s bow tie is probably feeling a bit snug. F-ing libs… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liberty2Day

    When you grow up among leftists, you think what they espouse is correct. I myself got taken in at first, was in SF, watching the ocean tides, seeing foam on the water, I immediately jumped to the conclusion it must have been due to pollution. It is a natural phenom, I later learned, due to life in the sea.

    What do kids know? Once you are formed into that notion that everything not leftist is bad, you naturally cling to the wrong conclusions. Some people NEVER grow out of it.

    I blame the right for letting the left OWN our kids’ minds.

    • tonylion

      The overwhelming mass of fauna on the planet lives in the ocean.
      They all defecate and urinate in the ocean.
      None of them have a treatment plant.

      • Liberty2Day

        exactly, nature is self stable

      • odys

        Yes, but none of them have lobbyists or unions. Democrats will try to bring those things to the ocean fauna and watch out!

        You thought the Democrats attempt to launch an invasion of foreigners was bad.

  • rdsouza

    Al Gore does not spout nonsense. In about two months when Al’s Armageddon hits and oceans starts rising, you will understand and, if you have not yet built your boat, it will be too late for you. You all will be swimming with the polar bears. Ask Michael Moore. ps: Have not read any reports that Al has built himself a big boat. But then Al has a CO2 spouting big jet airliner to take him places. …come next summer though, wonder how he expects to land….

  • tonylion

    It has been a political conspiracy from the very beginning.
    You can tell by the coordinated mantras spewing from academia, the media, the government.
    Yet no proof exists that any activity of man has ever had any affect on the climate.
    No proof exists that CO2 levels have any affect, when 99% of the greenhouse is made of water vapor.
    No proof exists that even these have any affect when the SUN is the engine that powers everything.

  • Ape Sheet

    Climate and Weather are SYNONYMS….and mean the same thing……The first three words of the definition of climate are THE WEATHER CONDITIONS……..

    WHY don’t democrats want the weather to change?

    So the SCIENCE is SETTLED, but you don’t understand basic vocabulary definitions?

  • J2

    I’m thrilled to see this summit take place, but I have to wonder what sort of retribution these academics will suffer for speaking the Truth.

  • How duped can you be? TPPF’s research and advocacy is influenced by donations from a relatively small group of major corporations. Most think tanks work for their funders and TPPF’s donors are a Who’s Who of Texas polluters, giant utilities and big insurance companies. TPPF is thinking the way its donors want it to think…and influencing people like yourselves.

    You guys think 97% of actual climate scientists are wrong and are doing their research for grant money while this organization does EXACTLY what you fear the most – and also are completely in the minority opinion with regard to the effect carbon emissions have had on the earth since the 19th century.

    The Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) is a conservative think tank founded in 1989 by James R. Leininger. It is a member of the right-wing State Policy Network (SPN) and is based in Austin, Texas. Nothing wrong with a conservative perspective on the climate but this organization is funded and their opinion is paid for by Charles Koch and other large scale polluters.

    • Take a closer look at that 97% meme. It’s nowhere near what you think it is.

      • Ok, lets say it is 75%. Is that sufficient? Certainly more persuasive than 3 or 4 highly paid consultants who now work for CATO Institute or Heartland Foundation.

        • It’s actually a lot less than that. I’d point you at the study, but you wouldn’t believe how low it actually is.

          I didn’t until I searched it out myself.

    • JwpATX

      The organization’s opinion may be funded, but that doesn’t mean that the guys they find to come speak there are… The men on the panel believe what they believe, and it happens to coincide. They’ve all been saying the same thing since LONG before this summit.

    • zonable

      The truth hurts, doesn’t it, sucker. Trust me, we’re not all as stupid as you think we are, and we’re exposing you now.

    • Judge Doom

      Do you guys genuflect in your religion?

    • Ape Sheet

      HOW are record cold temps even possible if TEMPS ARE RISING EVERYWHERE ON EARTH?
      Which big word don’t you understand, Global or Warming?

    • J2

      Funding source does not equal factual data error. Funding indicates the possibility of bias. Even bias does not equate to factual errors. But the Global Warming Cabal has hidden their data and research. They refuse to release their work and records to scrutiny. Their models are abject failures that do not accurately represent what is actually happening.

      So, yes, it is the UN and other government money whores who are suspect, not TPPF.

      • JwpATX

        Exactly! If you don’t release your data for review, then any conclusion you draw is, by definition, not science.

        • J2

          Consensus is not science either, even if there was one, which there is not. The issue is more hotly debated than ever.

  • zonable

    Finally, the facts come out. Leftists must be mourning, weeping, and gnashing their teeth now.

  • Judge Doom

    “TINY changes…” like when a warmist gets a hard on!

  • joeysdad

    Obama and Al Gore are probably scraping as much information as they can on these scientists right now to find something to skewer their reputations with. I would expect some leftists to start filling the comment boards with the misinformation as soon as they receive their marching orders and “fact” sheets.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    They warned that “we are being led down a false path” by the upcoming UN climate summit in Paris.

    Wow, and just imagine the huge carbon footprint that’s going to kick Mother Earth right in the teeth when thousands of the rich, powerful and famous private-jet into Paris and lumber around the City of Lights in their armored limos with their mobile security details in tow, eh, Sierra Club? Uh, Greenpeace? Earth First? Anybody? Hello?

    Yeah, didn’t think any of you eco-hypocrites cared, just as long as those big fat hush money checks keep coming.

  • Hopeisnot_A_Plan

    But Al Gore said the science was settled didn’t he? Don’t all scientists in the world agree that climate change, or global warming or global cooling, or whatever they choose to call it this week, is real? What happened to all of those claims? Reality happened.

    • JwpATX

      And they all made a lot of money in the process.

  • Bob

    The scientists above have finally started to push this Climate thing over the cliff. As Lindzen calls out, the “tiny” temperature changes, he is actually talking about one of the basic principles of Physics…measurement. The earth is 4.5 Billion years old, by the best guess. Climate priests are claiming warming over the past 200 years. Even if the temperature measurements were over 1,000 years, that amounts to 1 part out of 4,500,000 or 0.000,022% of the age of the earth. That is virtually NOTHING. These climate idiots are basing everything on NOTHING.

  • snowind85

    Honest Scientists risking life and limb say”CO2 is the basis for life for over 3.5 billion years and that we should welcome increases; and If plants could Vote…they would vote for coal” Dishonest Obama says”Global Warming…excuse me….Climate Change is the greatest threat know to all of humanity”…You Determine wich is right…and which is an illusion. I’m a “Denialist”….so I stand with CO2!!!

  • Ape Sheet

    Where is Bill Nye, The Lying Guy Now?

    • JimTodd

      Printing out another photo of Antarctica that is labeled “North Pole”.

  • booboo

    The folks like Gore and the like are using this hoax as a money make racket. The mindless followers of these fools are worshiping at the throne of their new religion.

  • Sammie Jo

    Even if, it was man made, algore’s solution to tax everyone, would not solve a thing.
    The climate has been changing since the earth was formed, man has nothing to do with the climate and how arrogant to think you can change the force of mother nature.

  • Ted

    Rational people understand the fraud that is global warming. We’ll know is a couple hundred years if climate has changed, but if it has, it’s unlikely we’ll know precisely why much less be able to do anything about it, And of course, by “we,” I don’t mean you or me because we’ll be long gone.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    It’sbeen made into a faux religion which explains why the lemmiwink libtards run to it like moths to a flame.

  • John

    First off this clearly proves how wrong Obama and the rest are. They flat out claim and state “all scientist” agree that we have man caused global warming. Not all agree.
    So there are three choices. 1. they do not know the definition of “all”, 2. they fail to see that others disagree with them (ignore), and 3. they lie for personal and political reasons.
    And for you recent college people – I am not addressing what the climate is doing just what proponents of man caused climate change are “saying” – very simple, not all agree as they falsely state. So with this article we clearly know Obama, Gore, & the UN are verry wrong – not all agree.
    Thus all they say should be questioned and rethought. A lair tents to lie often.

  • Ape Sheet

    HOW are record cold temps even possible ANYWHERE ON EARTH if TEMPS ARE RISING EVERYWHERE ON EARTH?

    Which big word don’t you MORON DEMOCRAT LIARS understand, Global or Warming?

    • oracle2world

      The current buzzword is “extreme weather”. Which does not seem to have any data supporting it.

  • mikee

    nice to hear some of them coming more out of the shadows after having being bullied in by threats of losing funding for research. I have said for years, people say the earth is somewhere between 6000-2billion years old. I don’t care which you say but we have (had before they “fixed” it) decent temp data for maybe 100 years. are you going to make a prediction for what is going to happen based off of the 1.6%-.0000005% of your life? Not a good idea. I am 45 that would be somewhere between the last 9 months or the last 709 seconds depending on how old you believe earth to be. Funny thing is most scientist are all about an old planet so they would closer to the latter number. Yet I am to believe that they know without a doubt this is the warmest ever? Please, it defies common sense

  • OrangeMonkey

    About [email protected] time!!

  • Ape Sheet

    Global = EVERYWHERE on earth
    Warming = RISING TEMPS
    HOW are record cold temps even possible ANYWHERE ON EARTH if TEMPS ARE RISING EVERYWHERE ON EARTH?
    Which big word don’t you MORON DEMOCRAT LIARS understand, Global or Warming?

  • thebigleone

    It’s just like Bruce Kaitlyn Jenner. It’s all about the money. Total poo from the communist/leftists/progressive. The more we are on to them, the more fascist they become. They now threaten to prosecute climate deniers. Per the Beatles, what they need is a “damn good whacking”,

  • Judge Doom

    Sung to the TV theme of “The Beverly Hillbillies”

    Come and listen to a story about a man named Gore
    He wanted to rape a maid and became a climate whore
    After he lost in a Presidential race
    He sold some carbon credits at a frenzied pace…fast that is…Chicago gold….Leftist tee-hee.

    Well the first thing you know old Gore’s a millionaire
    His Tennessee kin said “Move away from there!”
    “California is the place for loons like you!”
    So he bought himself a mansion on the cliffs of Malibu.

  • TX-BOB

    Perhaps we have all of that HOT AIR from our “POLITICAL CLASS”.

  • Judge Doom

    If the warmists feel the Earth getting warmer, perhaps it is because the fires of Hell are licking at their feet.

  • Ape Sheet

    How much will DEMOCRATS HAVE TO RAISE TAXES ON WORKING FAMILIES to keep the weather from changing?
    You morons do know that Climate and Weather are SYNONYMS right…..that means they MEAN THE SAME THING……So GOOGLE and BING are both lying about the definition of climate?

  • FortSteve

    Leftists hate facts as much as they hate America.

  • Hank Wilson

    On both sides they are liars and they know it too. If they ever revealed the real cause the world would go into perpetual panic; you know, knowing this change is out of controls of mankind…just saying.

    • odys

      So you are saying that we have as much control over the climate as we did during the ice age? We know that.

  • Moore, Happer and Lizden will soon feel the sting of the lefts sharia law and jihad against all those that do not follow the narrative

  • For a revealing look at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, including former employee, of their practices see

    • JwpATX

      Right, which… they held the event. The men speaking do not, and never have worked for them. Nice try though.

  • Moore is committing treason against the EnviroNazi party doctrine, and heresy against their Green religion.

    He will either be hung as a traitor, burned as a blasphemer…or audited to death by Obama’s politically-weaponized IRS.

  • john

    Wow, the Scientist focuses on John Kerry for his “ignorance” on climate change when there is Al Gore and Obama and a whole plate full of others that are at least as ignorant as poor old John. Kerry is a lot of things, but he is not the parade leader when it comes to ignorance on the subject of climate change.

    • odys

      But he is the poster boy for ignorance.

      • JwpATX

        Who, Lurch?

  • Mike Gilmer

    Climate change is real. So is Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.

  • Judge Doom

    I live along the equator. If the Earth was getting warmer or cooler, the changes should be felt here…where the sun is always at its most powerful.

    Guess what? The temperature here along the equator has been stable for centuries!

  • Ape Sheet

    How many times will democrats have to change the name of their GLOBAL WARMING LIE before Americans start to believe it?
    CLIMATE DISRUPTION? WHO or WHAT is interrupting the weather? Don’t Democrats even bother to look up the definitions of the words they pick to name their ridiculous lies?
    Democrats should all be rounded up and shot, for the good of the Human Gene pool…..

    • Judge Doom

      Using the term “CLIMATE DISRUPTION” let’s them blame individual weather events on “climate change.”

      It’s so retarded!

  • kinni88

    My kids discussed the same thing in the Middle School Science class. Their teacher had no response. The class also looked at average temperatures since 1900 in the U.S. The temperatures were so random (except in the 30’s where they were very high), that there was no correlation to any industrialization. However, The 30’s were not high in industrialization — the 40’s and 50’s were, but with colder temperatures than the 30’s. The whole class determined that weather and temperatures are random. ‘Go figure.

  • a French Chef

    This is a wonderful article and I’m going to print it out.
    I think that that is why there is a tight bond between liberal groups they need to reinforce each others lies.

    They had to destroy the ability to publicly discuss God and Goodness in public in order to bring about the rule of lies.

  • Uzi1

    It is the biggest scam in the history of mankind! Our government is a co-conspirator by funding and promoting this hoax. Government propaganda is not science–shame on NASA & NOAA. Do they recall what happens to prophets whose rants are wrong? Change is coming warmists, and the money well for phony studies will go dry.

  • Ape Sheet

    I went surf fishing Monday and witnessed sea level rise for myself…..The water surface elevation rose from 6:00 a.m to about 12:00 p.m……..It was like magic…….Then a little after 12:00, the tide started to go back out……Face it democrats are liars, cowards and morons…..

    • odys

      No, I think most democrats are just plain clueless. Take Obama. he is a classic example of how the most incompetent people never question their abilities.

      • Ape Sheet

        Democrat Politicians = LIARS
        Democrat Voters = Braindead idiots….

        • odys

          Clueless, not brain dead. I know we are splitting hairs, but Democrats live in cities and never go out into the countryside. They are treated like snowflakes by their teachers and they believe they are smarter than the rest of society. Yet, they know virtually nothing of America – but believe they really do know a lot.

          These people believe that software runs everything, that you can install cables and build roads from a keyboard.

  • Square Cloud

    If all the alarmists would simply stop exhaling the problem would be solved.

  • jerrys

    Science runs on grants.

    • John Watt

      Grants are the only thing Global warming causes.

  • largejack

    New World Order Agenda 21 with a bit of Pope added in for good measure!

    • odys

      You wonder what type of deal the politicians cut with the Pope to try and get the backing of that clown.

    • GatorJim123


  • odys

    The Department of Energy and CAFE standards were created to make us self-sufficient in oil. We won! Time to abolish both.

  • Ape Sheet

    When HASN’T the weather changed? WHY do Democraps want the weather to stay the same? Do you want it sunny every day? Rainy? Snowy? Are you really that stupid you don’t see how catastrophic it would be if the weather stayed the same, or are you just TOO FREAKING IGNORANT to know that the definition of Climate is THE WEATHER CONDITIONS, and that CLIMATE AND WEATHER ARE SYNONYMS? Too stupid to know what a synonym is too?

  • 2packs4sure .

    Man, it’s just SO frustrating.
    I want to watch this!
    It’s not like it’s 1999, I should have already clicked the video link and be watching it,,, INSTEAD of typing this!!!!!!!

  • WBCarson

    If you cant outright control business and industry from a centralized bureaucracy, ie Marxism, than you control what goes into the factory, what comes out of the factory and what comes out of its stack. Its Communism by other means. Ozone layer, global warming, dead polar bears, rising sea levels, melting ice caps, disappearing rain forests….we have heard it all for 30 years. The solution is ALWAYS the same…
    Cant control what people think, believe and act than you control what is said in the press, what is taught in the schools and force a “correct” way of thinking and use accusations and threats to enforce it.
    Dont like the society than separate people into distinct groups, give them a reason to hate, pander to it than set them loose to force society to bend a certain way. Violence and threats will keep the sheep in line.
    Dont like the form of government? Change history to make that government, and its country, the reason for all the worlds evil, degrade and twist the meaning of the Constitution and clam its written by “dead white men.”
    Dont lie the racial makeup of the country-which is blamed for all of the above-than flood the country with third world immigrants and fundamentally transform the racial makeup. Assure the new arrivals find themselves in the same Democrat city ghettos that the American blacks have found themselves. In a generation they will act and be as dependent as the rest.
    Did not Clinton admit that the GOP is her enemy?
    Has not Obama said worse things about Conservatives than ISIS? Has not federal agencies becomes political weapons to be used toward his enemies? Is this not happening in every “Western” country with a Leftist government?

  • JaneBlacksmith

    Wait! Did you hear that? Why it’s the sound of an empire ($$$) of climate-change fraud imploding in on itself and all of its hucksters crying …

  • Ape Sheet


    • WBCarson

      Yes, yes,,,hidden Jews behind every corner. WTF ever….

      • Ape Sheet

        the SOCIALIST jews, you pathetic bigot…..Not all Jews are the same, loser…

        name just one NON JEW FED Chair in the last 3 decades, sniveling coward….

    • odys

      With your hatred on display, can you go and join the other side?

      • Ape Sheet

        name just one NON JEW FED Chair in the last 3 decades, sniveling coward….

  • Jim

    Take a look at the data on the Medieval Warm Period, no SUVs and similar warmth. In fact if you look at the temp peaks over the last 10
    ,000 year you will notice that our current temps are rather cool in comparison to several peaks prior to the industrial age.

    • WBCarson

      “A group of solar physicists in Europe has found a strong association
      between solar activity and temperatures in central England in weather
      records as far back as the Maunder Minimum, a 50-year period in which
      there were no sunspots between about 1650 and 1700 A.D.1 The
      Little Ice Age in Europe coincided with the Maunder Minimum and has long
      been thought to have been associated in some way with sunspots.”

      • odys

        And we have had about twenty years of low activity from the sun – correlates quite nicely with the “pause” in temperatures.

        • WBCarson

          Do you remember the mini ice age fears of the 70’s?
          In the 80;s it was something different
          90’s something different still
          Today its even more dire warnings but even more dire threats of retribution.

  • TruthBeTold

    They told us according to the theory of man-made global warming, as the earth got warmer we would see an increase in the number and intensity of hurricanes.

    They told us 2014 and 2015 were the warmest years on record.

    Where are the increasing number hurricanes the theory of man-made global warming predicted?

    The number of hurricanes has been at a low since 1997.

    Either they’re lying about the earthing getting warmer, warming (natural or man-made) isn’t a major threat to ‘climate disruption’ or the theory of man-made global warming is wrong or at least flawed.

    • StarResident

      For a real laugh, read up on the prophesies of the envirowackos made on the first Earth Day. Walter Williams wrote an article absolutely shredding them. Very entertaining.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        The very first Lenin’s bEarthDay, er, “Earth Day” on April 22,1970 was chosen to celebrate the 100th anniversary– to the day– of the birth of murderous communist dictator Vladimir Lenin. That says it all.

  • Golden Rule

    “John Kerry stands alone,” Lindzen said. “Kerry expresses his ignorance of what science is,” he added.

    Lindzen also criticized EPA Chief Gina McCarthy’s education: “I don’t want to be snobbish, but U Mass Boston is not a very good school,” he said to laughter.

    Democrats will get us all killed by creating hysteria over problems that do not exist while ignoring Islamofascists that want to kill us. Democrat voters are selfish, lazy, stupid, greedy people.

    • Golden Rule

      “John Kerry’s confirmation as Secretary of State sailed through the Senate today. The vote was 94 to 3. The only Republicans who voted against him were Senators Ted Cruz, James Inhofe and John Cornyn.”

      • wally

        Which 3 didn’t vote? Some people were working, since he already had the votes.

    • WBCarson

      For them the fundamental transformation of western Society to a Marxist paradise is what matters…

      Have you heard what our school children have been reciting recently? Getting violent arnt they?

  • Andrew Arnold

    Science alters its beliefs based upon the facts. Religion alters the facts based upon its beliefs. So we should be calling Al Gore, ‘Pope’.

    • Judge Doom

      Call him “The Co-Pope…” because the real Pope is a leader of the Warmist Religion, also!

  • Oh he got served

    Are the 5 black people at MIT going to hunger strike until this Nazi professor is fired for being a white privileged climate racist?

    • WBCarson

      When the Marxists begin a purge of its ranks in an attempt to purify their movement we all know from history what comes next….more violence.

      • Oh he got served

        Throughout history they have always disarmed the nation first. That is the canary in the coalmine. I don’t think it will be as easy as they think in this country.

        • WBCarson

          Parents against the kids, kids against the country, race against race, orientation against orientation….It will get ugly and the first place we need to start is the schools which from PRe-K to collage indoctrinate our kids to repeat Marxist slogans in anger instead of critical thinking and common sense.

          • I AM NOT ANTI-SEMITIC!

            Ya Marx was Jewish (Moses Levy Mordecai) so I can’t comment on him, but the NEA.. oh wait Jews started that too… The real problem is common core and the teachers union.. oh wait…….. Well, it’s the SPLC and ADL pushing the social policies in schools… crap. Move along, nothing to see here.

          • WBCarson

            Dont care, dont care about Jews, dont care about your blame, dont care about your irrational fears.
            I could do the same thing listing so called “Christians” behind everything as well.
            Obama is Christian, Peliso is Catholic…..
            It has less to do with the religion they claim and more with the ideology they choose to follow. That transcends each religion these Marxist claim to follow.

            I will take an ISreali Jew over a so called American Christian Marxist any day.

          • You are dumb

            People blame Christians for everything every day…. so like you I don’t care. Free speech is great isn’t it? MSM/politicians hate it because MSM/Hollywood (all owned by JEWS) don’t control the narrative anymore. Because someone says they are Christian does not make it so. Anyone that can read the Christian Doctrine (New Testament) would know that. Reading is fundamental. You are uncomfortable due to your brainwashing. Read about Mao and Stalin then tell me why the Jew owned MSM only talks about Hitler.

          • You are dumb

            Karl Marx was Jew……. How you like them apples? Yes the father of Marxism and communism’s real name is Moses Levy Mordecai.

  • Judge Doom

    Bernie “The Brain” Sanders blames the Paris terrorist attacks on “CLIMATE CHANGE.”

    This religion has some real whackos in clerical positions.

    Remember Jim Jones and his kool-aid drinking followers? Can the Warmist Religion be that different?

  • wiseoldfart

    Don’t tell people it’s just nonsense. It’s also leftist propaganda for the purpose of imposing a global carbon tax on us and a hastening of considerably more expensive “clean” energy projects.

    It might be noted that only 10,000 years ago, the Sahara Desert was lush with green and almost half of the U.S. was still covered with glaciers. Indeed, climate change is a LONG TERM threat IF WE DON’T ANTICIPATE AND ADJUST. We certainly can’t do anything to prevent long term changes and severely reducing CO2 emissions will have an insignificant effect on warming and may actually aid cooling to an almost immeasurable degree.

  • StarResident

    When democrats like Bernie Sanders posit that the fantasy of CAGW is a bigger threat than ISIS, they simply cannot be taken seriously. They are science deniers. Don’t vote for them. Their religion is already costing us billions of dollars a year.

    • WBCarson

      It is a bigger threat to their ideology-yes.
      Islam and Marxism have always had an unholy alliance against the USA

  • rlhailssrpe

    Everybody should stay in their lane. Virtually all of the climate-change-disaster-requires-government-takeover-of-our-society comes from: journalists, political scientists, lawyers, and uneducated people. The common motivations are fear and guilt, we are all going to die and its my fault. It is more rational to believe in vampires.

    I engineered a score of nukes and two score fossil fueled power plants, have a handful of degrees and PE licenses. I know nothing about climate change; I am not a scientist. But I can attest that without carbon combustion, and uranium fission, the economy of the United States will collapse. It is collapsing now, our grid is creaky; we stopped building power plants a generation ago.

    With respect, my President and John Kerry are ignorant demagogues, as is Hillary. If you vote for this mentality; you vote for economic suicide. Currently your light bill has been transferred via subsidies to your grand kids; we have already destroyed your kids wealth potential.

    Do you hate big business enough(with some basis) to bring our entire society down? That is the ballot issue. As our economy gets weaker and weaker, at some point, our enemies will overwhelm us, but this is not my expertise.

    • odys

      An example of the stupidity is California during the drought. Morons complained that agriculture was using all the water – the system was created for agriculture, then 20 million people move to California and refuse to build reservoirs and then demagogue the people who did build the reservoirs.

      • rlhailssrpe

        A judge, once in his decision, declared that an engineer is a professional who holds hands with a scientist and a businessman. And if he ever let go of one hand, he ceased to be an engineer.

        After a life time of practice, I conclude that if an engineer is ignored by these power centers, people will suffer and die. In the climate change fiasco, this is the corner in which America painted herself. It can not end well.

  • Blandly Urbane

    ….Well, someone needs to shout these guys down obviously…someone send in a squad or two of stooges and get ‘er done…

  • timmy2001

    This article is a real relief to me, I haven’t breathed in over a year for fear of over-warming the planet.

    • WBCarson

      The farms around here are slaughtering their cattle because their belches and farts contribute to global climate change.

      We stopped BBQ’ing and using our fireplace because it contributes to carbon emissions.
      We stopped cutting our grass because fossil fuels and emissions.
      We stopped putting our flag out because it might offend someone.
      We dont hunt anymore because the bullets are made of lead.
      We dress in old rags because our thermals are made from petroleum products or from wool harvested from innocent sheep.
      We dont eat meat anymore or milk because……..

      • Fred Doe

        While the AGW worshippers roam the world in private jets belching CO2.

        • WBCarson

          Since the 70’s all i have heard is dire warnings and threats-mostly aimed at children. Frozen bears, bears that are too hot, bears that are hunted, cute seals….
          Its BS. The solution is always the same no matter the crisis-more control of the economic means of the country and more control over the private lives of its people. All to be centralized in Europe.
          Only now the threats are being turned into real consequences for those who do not obey.

  • Ali Bama

    In view of the current world violence worrying about AGW makes as much sense as worrying about the hurricane season while your house is on fire. The left can’t handle ISIS so they declare war on the weather.

    • odys

      War on the weather… I wonder what type of coverage of the “front” the MSM will provide? Little journalists in their army helmets making like they are in danger… Will the government censor the reports from the “front?” It is kind of amusing.

  • hihoze

    This is what religious persecution looks like. These “scientists” are heretics turned religious bigots. Global Warming is a holy sacrament and one of the pillars of the Progressive faith and followers of the Holy Prophet Karl Marx, bbhn & pbuh.

  • krusatyr

    One knows climate clergy crawl in the dark
    Suck like the bugs on their blue tatted bellies;
    They monoxide dioxide and buy brains at the deli,
    Fudge is the flavor of the data they choose
    The sun overhead is the data they lose.

  • Andrew Clear

    Bet these 3 people are leftist, but they aren’t drones. They have brains, and use them. Differing opinions are great, but having one side try to force their opinion as fact, and then discredit every legitimate opposition, is truly damaging to society as a whole. I would venture to say that the argument about global warming is actually more detrimental to mankind than global warming itself.

    Also, everyone knows the earth was warmer in the day of the dinos than it is know, according to science, so stating that October was the hottest ever, is BS.

    • But petro is evil and so is “capitalism”, and BIG Government collectivism is ALWAYS at the heart of their solutions because collectivism is better than individualism or liberty.

      In other words, don’t give them too much credit. They are fundamentally authoritarians about getting their political world-view in action.

    • odys

      What makes you think they are leftists? Professors of science and engineering need to be right, not politically correct.

  • TruthBeTold

    Many years ago there was a classic social science experiment done at a summer camp.

    The researchers divided the group into two camps and set about causing havoc to each camp and blaming the other camp until each camp grew angry and learned to hate the other camp.

    Then they created a common threat. They destroyed a bridge that both camps used so neither camp could be blamed.

    Then they brought the two opposing camps together to rebuild the bridge and the kids from each camp became friends.

    I believe this is what we’re seeing in global warming hysteria.

    They’re trying to create a common threat so they (government and business leaders) can force countries to unit to fight a common threat. The goal being a common world government that will ‘protect us from ourselves’.

    • “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

      H. L. Mencken (circa 1935, I think…)

  • But Goldman and Lord Blankfein WILL run the $ trillion carbon trading exchange. Big Government politicians WILL pass policy to help them further horse-trade $ trillion energy policy in exchange for their political power, $ billions in subsidy and economic redirection, which they will then leverage into $ massive post-government private sector bonuses getting jobs with the very crony capitalists they created favored environmental legislation when they were in Congress.

    Goldman and the Bankster Cartel will win. Cronyism will win. The rest of us? Looted.

    Liberty? Our right to consent, where we individuals could simply say “NO THANKS!” ?? They tell us it is quaint and dangerous.

    But… Authoritarian is as authoritarian does. Looters, all of them.

  • AmericanExceptionalismRules

    There must be a drought in Mali today.

  • Judge Doom

    Sung to the TV theme song “Green Acres”

    “Warm Religion” is the place for me!
    I’m a fool!… and with AlGore I agree!
    Air! Polluted with your CO2!
    Libs like me want to see the end of you!

    We kill babies before they’re given birth!
    And we’ll kill you just to save the Earth!
    Science be damned, we have captured hearts!
    We’ll put an end to your breathing and your endless cutting of f arts!!

    • odys

      Well if we are going to entertain each other, sung to the tune of “Car 54 Where are you?”

      “There’s a cold front in the south
      The arctic’s regained all its ice
      There are lots of climate skeptics
      Who refuse to play it nice.
      Since the rise is in a pause
      How can we enact new laws!

      East Anglia CRU where are you?”

  • ithakavi

    This is the new orthodoxy. Plant food is now poison. People are a scourge, and dissent is not allowed. Facts and logic need not apply.

  • Alan Towson

    …we can call them thermophobic…they’re thermophobes….CO2-phobic would be good, but not as catchy.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Achtung! You veal zhut ze faces oont schtop making ze fun auf ze climate fraud hoax, aw elze you veal be zent to ze reeducation campz!

    • Progressives plans to achieve goals are always authoritarian at heart. It’s why they hijacked the word “liberal” in the late 1800s / early 1900s — to hide behind the idea of LIBERTY that they were actually little authoritarian collectivists. They invented the idea that you had to sacrifice your liberty to save it.

      Sadly, modern GOP and Dems are always telling us the same thing: too much liberty is dangerous, we must sacrifice or all will be lost.

      But… Authoritarian is as Authoritarian Does!

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        It’s always fun to get that blank stare from a modern “liberal” when you tell them that their “progreSSive” totalitarianism is the polar opposite of Classical Liberalism…the root ideology of the Right.

        • Tell them they’re authoritarians and when they fuss, spell it out. Watch their Superiority Complex get laid bare.

  • wiseoldfart

    Does any educated climatologist know anything about the role of cyanobacteria in the dramatic transformation of the earth’s early poisonous atmosphere into today’s life-friendly atmosphere? Cyanobacteria ALONE achieved this BEFORE plant life began on this planet. Cyanobacteria ALONE can handle all the CO2 we can throw into the atmosphere. However, this photosynthetic organism in its many forms now has competition – plant life. Together, they can easily gobble up any excessive CO2 and create even more oxygen. That extra oxygen will interact with methane more effectively, keeping it in balance. Google up this information for yourselves with a few keywords if you think I’m lying or don’t have my facts straight.

  • Sierra Bravo

    These frauds are being discovered one at a time.

    • WBCarson

      Those doing the discovery are being thrown out of their profession and silenced just as quick.

    • Go to Europe where they are trying to pass laws that allow fines or jail for “climate science denial”.

  • Rick

    These scientists need to be silenced! Where is the “Black Lives Matter” crew? Someone needs to go in there and shout them down. Facts can’t be allowed to be expressed. There can only be one solution….the science is settled. (Also, there is a WHOLE lotta money to be made by a certain few, on this “settled science”. That’s why “climate change” is being pushed so hard. Its got nothing to do with mother earth…it’s got everything to do with a select few (General Electric, et al) controlling the world’s energy production).

    • I’ll guarantee they’ve invaded the campus enviro-bots’ “safe space” with this macro-aggression.

      • Rick

        Watch the new “South Park” season. They make me laugh my a$$ off, with the PC Principal, and his pals. They use all the latest PC slang on there…it’s hilarious.

        • I’ve yet to see any episode this season other than catching a few minutes of the Bruce Jenner episode. I used to be religious at catching shows (my Disquss handle is a hat-tip to both Butters and Kenny’s dad’s trucker hat since the proper “Stotch” was already taken) — Favorite episode has to be the Perfect Storm of Smug, perhaps tied by the kids being forced to go to the Museum of Intolerance episode. Or maybe the Sex Ed being forced onto the Kindergartners episode, with Mr. Garrison in his Mr. Slave phase teaching them phrases like “Hot Carl”, etc.

          Always, these guys drill P.C. Progressives. I keep hearing about this season and WILL watch. Maybe over the XMAS holidays.

  • Johnny Argon

    The Warm Monger Fossil Phobes will be demanding their arrests and DOJ and IRS will be in full metal attack ,,,,,IslamoFascistTerrorists and BLM thuggery not so much

  • King Free

    Wow, now when Greenpeace execs start calling you a liar on Climate Change, I’d say you’ve not only jumped the shark, but you’ve pulled an Evel Knievel and jump a line of them.

  • Ape Sheet

    What can’t the GREEDY SOCIALIST JEW FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING CARTEL buy with the SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS they printed for themselves under Obama…..They sure have the socialist jew media singing the manmade global warming lie on a pretty regular basis…..

  • Morris Minor

    When Gore and his ilk fly their private air polluting jets around the world to discuss “global warming”, you know the science behind it is fraudulent. And yeah, I still get those emails from some prince in Liberia wanting to give me money too.

  • TruthBeTold

    When man-made global warming doesn’t happen and all the alleged problems don’t manifest, global warming alarmists are going to have set objective science back decades.

    That they won’t even acknowledge the flaws in their predictions is very troubling for science.

    • James Stonefield

      The man-made global warming fanatics would be a little more convincing if a past prediction would actually come true.

  • Aaron M

    Fantastic. This has made my morning. I’ve been telling people this for years, and have been ignored.

  • James Stonefield

    What are the chances that this climate science panel will be a news story on the networks???

    • Judge Doom

      It does not pass muster of “the official narrative.”

      So…NO chance!

  • Will R

    Global warming is a religion, not a science. And all those who choose to believe in it are not interested in facts of any kind.

    • Progressivism and all things related is religion = worship of the state as the solution to all problems.

  • Ape Sheet

    Who is pushing the Man made global warming lie?
    Who is pushing the Diversity is wonderful lie?
    Who pushed the Obamacare will save everyone $2500 lie?
    THE SOCIALIST JEW MEDIA….THAT’S WHO!…And who owns the socialist jew media? Why it’s just a coincidence that the SOCIALIST JEW RUN FEDERAL RESERVE BANKERS DO!!!!!
    What can’t the GREEDY SOCIALIST JEW FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING CARTEL buy with the SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS they printed for themselves under Obama?
    I think we can all see why democowards call me names…..

    • odys

      I take it this is another way for the left to disparage their opponents, go out and act like a complete jerk off bigot? How mush does Soros pay you?

      • Ape Sheet

        What is untrue in my post, cowardly moron?

        Today, seven Jewish-Americans run the vast majority of major U.S. television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

        Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
        Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
        Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
        Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
        Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
        Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
        Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

        These seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

        • jimtodd

          Fox is owned by a Jewish Man as well. hmmm… #JewPrivilege

      • Ape Sheet

        You name calling cowards sure slither away quickly…..


    Global warming = tax scam. Just another big government power grab.

  • Kra kar


    But ManBearPig said the world will be on fire in 67 days!

    (Algore: “We Have Ten Years Left Before Earth Cooks” – January 27, 2006)

    • Judge Doom

      He still has time to be right! Current events could set loose the nukes!

  • BenStein

    So how long until those professors lose their tenure?

    • odys

      When all the black students at MIT go on strike. They will start the protest just as soon as both students are back on campus.

  • Judge Doom

    Bill Nye – “The Lying Guy”
    Al Gore – “Climate Whore”

    • NickD

      ManBearPig! I’m super-serial guys!

  • transmaster

    It’s all about the UN trying to establish a developed world tax independent of the contributions from countries such as the United States who can and have withheld payments because of the rampant corruption in the UN. Plus you have 3rd world thug government officials lining up to line their pockets with the money being scammed out of developed countries.

  • Ape Sheet

    Who is pushing the Man made global warming lie?
    Who is pushing the Diversity is wonderful lie?
    Who pushed the Obamacare will save everyone $2500 lie?
    THE SOCIALIST JEW MEDIA….THAT’S WHO!…And who owns the socialist jew media? Why it’s just a coincidence that the SOCIALIST JEW RUN FEDERAL RESERVE BANKERS DO!!!!!
    What can’t the GREEDY SOCIALIST JEW FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING CARTEL buy with the SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS they printed for themselves under Obama?
    I think we can all see why democowards call me names…..and some stupid brainwashed republiturds too!

  • acted stupidly

    It’s the sun, stupid.

  • Ticked Parent

    President of the Czech Republic, Dr. Vaclav Klaus, described the Gloal
    Warming / Climate Change alarmists as ”a budding totalitarian ideology that is
    the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity in the world today”.

    • JwpATX

      I feel like the words of those who have lived under oppressive totalitarian regimes should carry more weight than others in this regard. He knows what it looks like.

  • Jack Coyote

    21st century Nazi’s taxing the air we breathe, the CO2 we exhale. Because they can.

  • TruthBeTold

    Does anyone have a link to the original ‘97% consensus’ claim?

    What year was this survey given? What REAL data (not theory or predictions) were this 97% given?

    It seems to me this consensus was made very early and the data, projections, and theory were highly questionable.

    • Lisa Lombardo

      It was a study by John Cook, “Skeptical Science” creator and global warming alarmist. He “studied” the abstracts of ~4,500 climate papers and sorted them into “supports anthropogenic global warming” and “doesn’t”. Many authors of these papers made statements outraged that their research was misrepresented and blatantly stated they do not support the stance of anthropogenic global warming.

      • Lisa Lombardo

        There was also a group that reviewed the same group of abstracts and broke them down much further and more accurately and found something like .5% of all papers supported the theory that anthropogenic global warming is responsible for at least 50% of the temperature change. John Cook is useless.

      • TruthBeTold

        Thank you.

    • SAS

      The question used in the survey was very general and designed where the only conclusion was agreeable to the motives of the poll. Polls are for the purpose of propagating a movement.

  • Bill Ingram

    I like the idea of taking all Leftist and put them in one camp (surrounded by an impenetrable wall
    and takings all conservatives and put them in another camp (surrounded by an impenetrable wall.
    Leave both groups there for 10 to 20 years and see which one develops and thrives and which one dies on the vine so to speak.
    Do you have any insights as to what might happen?

    • PabloKOh

      The same thing that always happens. The bankers will win. The leftists will spend the future labor of their children on welfare and the conservatives will spend the future labor of their children on security.

      • Oh, the seeds sown when our fathers and grandfathers sacrificed liberty for a few trinkets of convenience and security, and a handful of free lunch shortcuts to prosperity.

  • These moron liberals accuse anyone who doesn’t agree with them of “ignoring science”…..

    Clearly, THEY ignore math…..

    • Liberals suffer from severe Narcissism. They have deep superiority complexes and they only accept their own echo-chambers of information. Hence, their disdain and smugness for anyone who would dare think there are different solutions to the the world’s problems that don’t involve looting liberty and wealth from citizens.

      Clinically, there willingness to fine, incarcerate or use extreme violence to achieve their claim to One and ONLY ONE policy re healthcare, charity, environment, etc. = sociopaths.

      • Exactly…..very nice….

  • JCHPSU77



    “You owes me!”:

    “Save the Earth!”

  • SevenofNine

    Greed and control. Plain and simple.

  • Lisa Lombardo

    These guys are lucky, they got their degrees before liberal alarmism set in at colleges throughout the country. So many times during my four years I found myself being chided by “professors” for asking critical questions of guest lecturers and focusing my work on human-centric conservation and sustainability instead of this disturbingly unscientific culture of total preservation that prevails. Hopefully it only gets easier for me to fund my future research as more legitimate, established scientists stand up to this menace.

    • Just my .02

      Since you seem focused on academics, I suggest you refrain from using the liberal lexicon when you write or speak. The future tense of the word “get” is “will get”, not “gets”. So your statement “Hopefully it only gets easier” would correctly be written “Hopefully, it WILL GET easier”…..

      Thought you’d want to know.

      • Lisa Lombardo

        Considering I’m swyping (that’s a specific keyboard, not a typo~) from my phone, I’ll take the one mark and consider it an A- overall.

  • vinny

    Go Ice Age Now this was posted and shows where the 98% claim came from, as usual the left is lying again and their minions of fools who regurgitate and rarely if ever use their own brain is duped again. Their entire belief system is based on being duped and the liberal leftist will never admit that. Here is the article:
    What “consensus”?

  • Chris1946

    Follow the money!

    • Government grants to promote more government control over climate, energy, the economy are in the $ billions when added up

      We should be clear to point this out, absolutely. But we should also be clear that, re Crony capitalism, Big Energy gets $ billions of cronyism from the taxpayer in the form of military buy-offs abroad. The CIA staged a coup in Iran in the 1950s to protect Big Oil in the U.S. and Britain. The alliance with the Saudis — the most radical islam in the region, and promoters of much of the Muslim brotherhood, etc, a country where women are property and Christians may be executed for speaking the Word or smuggling in the New Testament… and Churches are prohibited — is handed $ billions of aid. Etc.

      Cronyism must be separated from science.

  • Just my .02

    These guys have it right. Good for them to speak out against the “climate change” myth. “Climate change” never had one iota to do with “climate”. It’s a hoax in every respect, and it’s a leftist political agenda. It’s also the biggest global wealth redistributiion scheme ever conceived – totally political, and totally bogus.

  • Big bad snowstorm forecast for the midwest. Must be warmin’, Norman.

  • the_strickler

    CO2 is plant food.

    CO2 is what makes life possible.

    We need more CO2.

    CO2 is the greenest gas.

    Spread the good word.

    • Will Watson

      Stupid . . . CO2 is the most important greenhouse gas. Without it, the planet would be 50F cooler, while high concentrations are associated, in the geological record, with climatic conditions that would be disastrous to human civilization.

      Everyone knows these things, except here at Climate Depot, a hub of ignorance and stupidity.

  • rr_nyc

    Leftism is a mental disease.

  • Ape Sheet


    What are you braindead gullible sheep trying to say by insulting me for educating YOU?

    Today, seven Jewish-Americans run the vast majority of major U.S. television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

    Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
    Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
    Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
    Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
    Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
    Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
    Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

    These seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

    • 2% of the U.S. population.

      • Ape Sheet

        2% own 95% of the media…..the same 2% that scream about how wonderful diversity is for everyone else….

        • 50% of Chairs of the Federal Reserve, 5 of the last 6.

          What of Wall Street CEOs.

    • PabloKOh

      And they pay off the corrupt politicians to make it impossible to compete. Thank You Obama for the TPP. Wonder who runs the big insurers that bought Obamacare.

    • Will Watson

      Uh, is Antisemitism common among global warming deniers? Did somebody really “like” this?

  • Anddrew

    Climate “scientists” fudging data and research is becoming as common as King O’s E-orders. Both being the way you handle things when you’re clearly wrong.

  • Ron Todd

    While the libtards push their agenda using “environmentally-friendly” arguments, the global ecologic disaster that is Fukushima continues to incrementally irradiate the world. Ironic.

    • ellerfeller

      You know where all that radioactivity was before it spilled in to the ground a Fukushima? In ground at the uranium mine. Whats the difference?

      • jeffersonian_nc

        Concentration is the difference. But I am all for the use of nuclear power.

        • ellerfeller

          I’m all for it also…when we get fusion the power problem is over.

      • Ron Todd

        Are you really that dense? The naturally occurring radioactive material must be enriched to produce reactor-grade fissile material. This process makes the end product millions of times more lethal.

  • Ape Sheet

    I AM A DENIER……because I am denying that both ice caps have been completely melted since 2013 and that NYC is currently underwater…..

  • Ape Sheet



    Today, seven Jewish-Americans run the vast majority of major U.S. television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

    Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
    Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
    Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
    Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
    Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
    Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
    Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

    These seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

    • Obamanocchio69

      Right. It is a jewish conspiracy. What a lunatic you are.

      • Ape Sheet

        Cowardly pus$ies attack me, not my factual posts!

  • Obamanocchio69

    The left will get on board with ANYTHING that helps their cause of worldwide communism. Global warming is a hoax to get control over all countries. Obama is a useful idiot in this regard.

  • Ricky Michael

    If we didn’t have Global Warming we would all freeze our butts off.


    Plant a tree for every illegal that is in the US and this should save the planet.

  • Ape Sheet


    Today, seven Jewish-Americans run the vast majority of major U.S. television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

    Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
    Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
    Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
    Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
    Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
    Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
    Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

    These seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

  • Ape Sheet

    Who is pushing the Man made global warming lie?
    Who is pushing the Diversity is wonderful lie?
    Who pushed the Obamacare will save everyone $2500 lie?
    THE SOCIALIST JEW MEDIA….THAT’S WHO!…And who owns the socialist jew media? Why it’s just a coincidence that the SOCIALIST JEW RUN FEDERAL RESERVE BANKERS DO!!!!!
    What can’t the GREEDY SOCIALIST JEW FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING CARTEL buy with the SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS they printed for themselves under Obama? What??? The socialist jew medi never explained that QUANTITATIVE EASING = SOCIALIST JEW BANKER MONEY PRINTING? really….color me shocked!
    I think we can all see why democowards and ignorant gullible republiterds call me names…..

  • OdinsAcolyte

    Thank you for saying so.
    It was not needed. We know lies by politicians and scientists when we hear them.
    Regards for your candor.
    I am thoroughly aware there is no such thing as an environmental expert.
    I have performed many investigations. Any who say they are experts are liars.
    Anyone who calls somebody an expert is speaking in ignorance.

  • chukalukabus

    Were there any UT astrophysics speakers at this conference? When I was at UT in the 80’s these guys had a lot of fun with the AGW loons. Lot’s of fun and daily bulletin board updates of the absorb claims they were making in their unholy crusade against civilization.

  • GeorgeRA

    There is one thing meteorologist and archaeologist agree on and that is that the ice will return. The moderate temperatures that we have experienced over the last few decades IS the abnormal.

    • ShadowSandy

      Dont go upsetting the kids with this ‘fact’ stuff or any of that ‘history’ nonsense we were smart enough to stop teaching!

  • caligula

    it’s good to see these guys finally coming out to speak about the manmade global warming ruse. did you know most of the “scientists” the US government and the UN use to push their global warming agenda have nothing more than bachelor’s degrees? it’s true.

    but they’ll more than likely dismiss these men holding Doctoral degrees as kooks. because you know…liberals hate facts and only use emotion to make conclusions.

  • daddybdg

    And soon to be former prominent scientists. The Church of Global Climate Change will not tolerate blasphemers.

    • squawneye

      The Church of Environmentology I call it.

  • Ilene Mellin

    Obama the Muslim, Communist has declared G W is our greatest danger. We should believe him shouldn’t we – he is the president?

  • 123Star

    HURRAY !!!! It’s All A Lie About Climate Change, just a Huge amount of Money going into WHO’S Wallet?
    Al Gore for one, these lying people that Avoid GOD. The Lord Jesus is still in Control !!!

  • squawneye

    With winter coming to the Northern hemisphere bringing with it cooler temperatures, we can expect Islamic terrorism attacks to lessen. Right?

  • jetalong

    Sounds like the science is settled to me.

  • Wes

    A little dishonestly for the greater good of mama earth, The thing is they often say they are willing to stretch the truth for the greater good. Why would I not believe them when they say right and wrong is subjective and their cause is worthy of a lie? Yes I do believe them, they are willing to lie and probably are lying.

  • Jjr74

    Those pesky astronomers documenting the Maunder Minimum…that is really a stick in the wheel for all of the climate fiction fanatics….

    • Verbotene Gedanken

      I look forward to ice skating on the River Thames!

      • Jjr74

        Me too! Snow men…hot cocoa…a real winter wonderland!

  • Ian Cochran

    CO2 is currently at ~400ppm. At times in our
    planet’s history it has been as high as 8000ppm. A botanist told me that plant
    life will start dying out if it drops below 150ppm. We are only 250ppm above
    the life extinction level.

  • AMR1960

    Global Warming===>Climate Change===>Climate Disruption issue has been corrupted by Collectivist goals.

    Ideally Scientist would dispassionately compile & distill the data, so as to advise our Society & Government, which in-turn charts how Humanity integrates that knowledge into the fabric of our lives.

    Stepping away from the Climate issue itself & just looking at the political actions / behavior of those that have been shown to massage & distort the data, how is it possible for the public to trust our EPA over what now is obviously an entire issue ENCAPSULATED by bureaucratic & Socio-Political agendas?

    There is no-way to look at the Climate issue today without acknowledging that powerful Statist elements have sized upon this issue; establishing a meme that seeks to sequester more than just our Carbon.

    This recklessness in conflating CO2 pseudo-pollution, with actual pollution. Is actively enforced by the Agenda-Driven MEDIA echo-chamber, in order to establish their smug consensus–A consensus derived from a rote parroting ‘uber allies’ to the almighty construct known as the “Carbon Footprint”.

    Politically Correct Science creates pseudo-science, and that makes for bad public policy. It risks impoverishing our society for inconsequential returns. This in turn makes it less likely that we as a society will fund needed environmental cleanups!

    REMEMBER impoverished societies DO NOT spend to protect Mother Nature!

  • Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

    I’ve said for many years that anyone who insists that they can measure global temperatures to the hundredth of a degree centigrade and global sea levels to the millimeter is a fraud. It’s a level of precision that is impossible to achieve. Saying you can reach into the past even to times before there were measuring instruments and determine these measurements to this precision is just the stuff of lunatics. This is equivalent to someone saying they can determine the exact amount of money in circulation in the world on any given day, past, present or future to the cent.

  • Frdm Rkt

    Another stake through the heart of the Man Made Global Warming lie. The Lunatic Fringe Global Warming Nuts are getting mentally unbalanced. It is becoming a psychosis. The best climate scientists on the planet call Man Made Global Warming a preposterous joke. The science is settled by the climate scientists. It is a lie.

    • Larry

      They be “earthloons”.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    I’m going out to the parking lot and rev my V8 engine with the AC on full blast while I eat lunch today!

    • Larry

      Where do you live? I’m envious. It’s too damn cold here for AC!

      • Verbotene Gedanken

        Way on down in Macon GA, still “sittin on the porch” weather down here.

        • Larry

          I’m in NE Arkansas but it was in the upper 30s this morning. Yours is on the way! HAR!

          • Verbotene Gedanken

            I dig Arkansas. Literally! Every few years or so the Wife and I slide up there to dig up some quartz crystals at Coleman’s Mines. Got a couple the size of footballs in recent years. Great state!

          • Larry

            We retired here 4 years ago. We are on a crystal clear lake in the Boston Mountains of the NE area of the state with no pollution, little crime & sane people. We are rather conservative & there is lots of concealed carry fans here. That’s a good reason why such low crime rate. Plus our cost of living is around 85% of the national average. A nice 3 BR 2 bath lake front house can be had for under 200K. We feel blessed.

  • PabloKOh

    Global Warming is a distraction. The reality is the fisheries continue to collapse, species continue to perish, soils continue to erode, aquifers deplete, forests burn, industrial pollutants poison groundwater, radioactive water continues to spill into the Pacific. The way we have been taught to live our modern lives is destroying the natural resources that provide us a good life on Spaceship Earth. Are our lives and the lives of our babies truly better off with this, “progress?” If not, just know that we can redesign our way of life. Look into: permaculture

    • Squidly

      Quit parroting the same crap over and over…

      • PabloKOh

        Come on Squidly. You know primary wealth resources are the reason we live out such great modern lives. We need to protect those primary resources for us to give the generations that follow us the same opportunity. This is basic. If we don’t design our lives to protect these resources, they’re gone. And the lives of the people we leave behind will be that much more difficult.

        • Squidly

          90% of what you say is BS … so, you’re going to stop erosion? .. a process that has been going on for 4.5 billion years? … stop forest fires? … you are aware that forest rely on fires for survival, right? … aquifers deplete?… is it going to stop raining or something? … and exactly which species are “perishing” … and, if they are, that hasn’t ever happened on this planet? … come on .. I am with you about “pollution” … REAL “pollution” .. but the rest of what you say is claptrap bullsh*t …

          • PabloKOh

            Industrial Agriculture causes soil erosion. Humans are burning down rainforest to plant oil palm and soy. Aquifers can not refill because the ground is sinking up to 2 inches per month in some places in California. Open those eyes man.

  • sammy4231

    Logic trap. If ‘they’ even thought CO2 was dangerous, they wouldn’t tax it. They’d regulate however they saw fit.
    How many private jets will show up for the big shindig? Last round, 1700. The Swiss had to lend them an airbase.

  • Ian Cochran

    In a paper published
    in the Journal of Glaciology on Friday, researchers from NASA’s Goddard Space
    Flight Center, the University of Maryland in College Park, and the engineering
    firm Sigma Space Corporation offer a new analysis of satellite data that show a
    net gain of 112 billion tons of ice a year from 1992 to 2001 in the Antarctic
    ice sheet.

  • bayjack

    Wow! Some prominent scienists that have the gonads to tell the truth. How many leftists read the Drudge report and will click on this item?

  • jekyllisle

    And we are looking at the last pictures of these three guys as Obama is moving to have a Syrian refugee meet with them

  • mollypo

    Climate whatever is just another ploy by democrats to regulate, control, tax and destroy our lives along with capitalism and our country.

  • mtnhiker

    Outstanding article. Bet you never see this in (fill in your local news paper) Tacoma News Tribune – because Tacoma News Tribune will only print articles that agree with their world view, that is – bigger government is always better government and government can make better choices with your money than you can.

  • Will Watson

    CO2 is the most important greenhouse gas. This has been known since John Tyndall’s research in the mid-19th century.

    Without trace amounts of CO2, the planet would be 50F cooler, while high concentrations are associated, in the geological record, with climatic conditions that would be disastrous to
    human civilization.

    Everyone knows these things, except here at Climate Depot, a hub of ignorance and stupidity.

    • sammy4231

      Current temperature isn’t as high as 3 warm periods in the last 6,000 years, or most of the first half of the 12,000 year Holocene.

      • Will Watson

        Whatever you say, chief. You guys won’t even admit that the global temperature record now is accurate, yet you insist that we know exactly what the climate was like long before a global instrumental record was possible, before ANY kind of record keeping.

        • sammy4231

          Those pushing the shaft of the hockey stick insisted they knew.
          Tree ring proxies are unreliable at higher temps. They KNOW that.
          Also, they insisted the MWP and LIA were local to the North Atlantic. That was the only way their ‘theory’ was tenable.
          Why isn’t that an issue any more?

          • Will Watson

            Who cares. Do you people have any idea how marginal those claims are? Science has moved on. Only deniers are harping on the MWP and LWIA.

          • sammy4231

            I never deny climate always changed.
            Alarmists do. I repeat, historical temps were very important in TAR.
            You dismiss comparison to history. Skeptics do not. We dispute the hockey stick shaft.

        • jimboelrod

          Reread what you wrote above and then tell us you’re not an AGW idiot.

        • sammy4231

          I forgot to mention, IPCC TAR insists historical temps are highly important for comparison to current.

  • Unqualified?

    The global warming hoax is all a leftist ploy for world government. There I said it; it is all this simple and it needs to be stopped at all costs…truth hurts..

  • Will Watson

    NOAA: October 2015 Warmest on the Instrumental Record

    The combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces for
    October 2015 was the highest for October in the 136-year period of
    record, at 0.98°C (1.76°F) above the 20th century average of 14.0°C
    (57.1°F). This marked the sixth consecutive month a monthly global
    temperature record has been broken and was also the greatest departure
    from average for any month in the 1630 months of record keeping,
    surpassing the previous record high departure set just last month by
    0.13°F (0.07°C).

  • Daz

    I suggest Internment camps for libtards! Tell them it is their ‘safe place’. The morons will run you down trying to get in.

  • Aftersun

    The United Nations is the biggest threat to freedom in every nation. They are the lying filth who wants to rule every nation and enslave every citizen. Nations need to withdraw membership from the U.N. immediately.

  • reddog

    Money and the control of people is the end game to this scam. Mr. Obama must be so proud.

  • DJ54

    The whole “global warming” and/or “climate change” discussion has been and continues to be the “power/control” mechanism of the leftist, collectivist control freaks! If they can get the rest of us to accept and go along with them, imagine how they could marginalize the quality of our lives!

  • Inspgen

    The problem could be solved in fifteen minute, if all the proponents of “man made global warming would just hold their breath for that long.

    • Larry

      Oh, I LIKE that idea!

  • Larry

    FINALLY! People of merit in the climate industry are speaking out about the earthloons! Finally!

  • Energy Freedom

    If you could talk to an oak tree it would likely tell you that the earth suffers from too
    much oxygen and craves more carbon dioxide. Man-made global warming is a
    politically motivated lie used to justify new taxes, more government control, and extreme regulation over humanity. Just like the fear of barbarian invasion was used as a means of making serfs out of free citizens after the collapse of Rome. In the present day, the environmental establishment wants to make energy serfs out of common citizens by scaring us into believing the world is cycling into a dangerous warming trend caused by man. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “A man who would trade his energy freedom for a false security based on a lie, deserves neither”. From the book, “Energy Serfdom to Energy Freedom”.

  • John Kerry: “Well, 97 percent of climate scientists have confirmed that climate change is happening and that human activity is responsible.”

    Well, I’ll bet 97% of professional golfers agree that golf is the greatest game ever. And 97% of African-Americans believe that Barack Obama is the greatest president ever. The interesting thing is that all three of these statements can be empirically proven by using polling – but not science. But since it is scientists that are drawing their conclusion, I challenge them to prove it using the SCIENTIFIC METHOD!

    You know, the scientific method you learned in grade school:

    Pose a question (Why is global warming occurring?);

    Construct hypothesis (Human use of fossil fuels creates CO2 which causes global warming);

    Perform observation (100 years of temperature data);

    Analyze your hypothesis based on your observation (Humans use carbon-based fuels and temperature is increasing);

    Draw your conclusion (Fossil fuels are the cause of global warming!)

    The conclusion is INVALID because the observation is inadequate: Earth is 4.5 BILLION YEARS OLD. Drawing a conclusion using just 100 years of data is the equivalent of drawing a conclusion of a full year of anything based on an observation of 7/10ths OF ONE SECOND.

  • Tom Paine

    Upton Sinclair said, ”
    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Thus we have the entire rationale for the lock step propagandist, from the leftwing politicians, to the media, to the scientist whose very livelihood depends on government and university grants.

  • I think everyone agrees that CO2 is being dumped into atmosphere. And most people even agree that it is caused by human beings.

    Where they lose most of us is in trying to manipulate our behavior in an attempt to counteract the effects of the natural process of climate change. All the doom and gloom predictions based on what I would classify as “lies”, just to scare us into action does not help their case.

    I would say the science about what man can do to counteract climate change is to say the least unsettled.

    So we are not deniers, we are not skeptics.

    We are people that require factual evidence that shows us what we can do about it.

  • You Didit

    Speaking the truth will cause you to lose funding

    • sammy4231

      …and employment.

  • Carl Showalter


  • Snellville bob

    Plants love CO2. They suck it up like sponges and cannot get enough. So feed a plant, warm your house.

  • Will Watson

    CO2 is the most important greenhouse gas. This has been known since John Tyndall’s research in the mid-19th century. Without trace amounts of CO2, the planet would be 50F cooler, while high concentrations are associated, in the geological record, with climatic conditions that would be disastrous to contemporary human civilization.

    Everyone knows these things, except here at Climate Depot, this vile hub of ignorance and stupidity.

    Global warming denial will one day be prosecuted as a crime, like Holocaust denial is now. We can only hope that the human death toll from global warming denial won’t be as high. But, given the virulence of ClimateDepot, CO2 science and criminals like Lindzen, Happer and Moore, we will be lucky if AGW doesn’t wipe out far greater numbers than Hitler.

    • sammy4231

      Study the evolution of the hockey stick that started this mess.
      Al Gore was not mistaken. He lied.

      • Will Watson

        Mann, Bradley, Hughes (1998) has been substantiated about half-a-dozen times.

        But global warming theory dates to the 1850’s and was first demonstrated in 1896, anyhow. Mann didn’t “start” anything.

        The modern period in AGW science dates from 1988 and James Hansen’s Congressional testimony. Or maybe from the Keeling curve in the mid 1950’s.

        • sammy4231

          6 times?
          Look for proxy studies around the world that show Medieval Warming Period and Little Ice Age. I estimate there are 80 to 100.

          Check Lansner on unreliability of tree ring proxies.

    • TW in SC

      Wow, that’s a really cute tinfoil hat you have there.

    • Dr Chambers

      I’m going with this data.

  • Wrong_track

    Global warming = total liberal B S, its a lie

  • Ape Sheet

    Who is pushing the Man made global warming lie?
    Who is pushing the Diversity is wonderful lie?
    Who pushed the Obamacare will save everyone $2500 lie?
    THE SOCIALIST JEW MEDIA….THAT’S WHO!…And who owns the socialist jew media? Why it’s just a coincidence that the SOCIALIST JEW RUN FEDERAL RESERVE BANKERS DO!!!!!
    What can’t the GREEDY SOCIALIST JEW FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING CARTEL buy with the SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS they printed for themselves under Obama? What??? The socialist jew media never explained that QUANTITATIVE EASING = SOCIALIST JEW BANKER MONEY PRINTING? really….color me shocked!

  • Will Watson

    Patrick Moore is not a “scientist”. And neither Happer nor Lindzen has published any research to substantiate their claims. There is almost NO research that supports AGW denial.

    The stuff they say in the quotes you linked is sort of silly, anyway: anything can be a “pollutant” in high enough concentrations, and relatively little warming will upset the climate equilibrium upon which civilization depends.

    • sammy4231

      Equilibrium? You deny change.

      • Will Watson

        Believe me, Sammy, today’s human civilization can exist only in a very narrow range of climatic conditions. “Equilibrium” is a relative term. If the monsoons cease or the Gulf Stream shuts down or sea levels increase a meter or so, serious human consequences will result.

        • sammy4231

          I don’t believe you, Will. I don’t believe the Leftists who sold you that c.rap.

          • Will Watson

            Fact has nothing to do with “belief”. You just revealed that fact has nothing to do with what you “believe” about AGW. Good luck with that. I get my facts from NOAA and NASA and the National Academy of Sciences. “Facts” don’t require “belief”.

          • sammy4231

            So, you retract your request — insistence, really — that I believe you. Thanks for playing.

    • Wrong_track

      Global warming is a liberal BS lie, there isn’t any and we all know it

    • Broadlands

      Will Watson is wrong….again, about the geological record… CO2 was double what it is today and the climate was just fine.

      “Geological and geochemical evidence indicates that the Antarctic ice sheet formed during the Eocene–Oligocene transition 33.5–34.0 million years ago. During maximum ice-sheet growth, pCO2 was between 450 and 1,500 p.p.m.v., with a central estimate of 760 p.p.m.v.”

      Paul N. Pearson, Gavin L. Foster, Bridget S. Wade, Nature 461, 1110-1113 (22 October 2009)

      • sammy4231

        Mammals did pretty well back then, as did avian species, fish, mollusks……………

        • Will Watson

          Yeah, sure, but there weren’t 7 billion people polluting and consuming like mad, either. And when CO2 was between 450-1500ppm, sea levels were like 200 feet higher, because there was little polar ice. Care to speculate what 200 feet of sea level increase would mean for . . . New York, London, Miami, LA?

          • sammy4231

            Good Gawd. 200? They backed off 20; and now they don’t even push 5.

          • Will Watson

            When CO2 was at the levels you cited, sea level was 200 feet higher. The Ordovician “snowball Earth” anomaly has since been rectified.

          • CB

            “The Ordovician “snowball Earth” anomaly has since been rectified.”

            The late-Ordovician or “Hirnantian” glaciation is actually a different event than the snowball Earth phases.

            There were at least 2 major snowball Earth episodes which were both pre-Phanerozoic. They occurred prior to 540 million years ago. The end-Ordovician glaciation occured around 445 million years ago, precisely coinciding with the evolution of the land rhizome, and that’s not a coincidence. Roots pushed a massive pulse of calcium into the sea, which bonded with the CO₂ in the sky and caused it to drop to extremely low levels. These low levels of CO₂ were what caused the glaciation. It was also a major extinction event…

            “How come a big ice age happened when carbon dioxide levels were high? It’s a question climate sceptics often ask. But sometimes the right answer is the simplest: it turns out CO₂ levels were not that high after all. The Ordovician ice age happened 444 million years ago, and records have suggested that CO₂ levels were relatively high then. But when Seth Young of Indiana University in Bloomington did a detailed analysis of carbon-13 levels in rocks formed at the time, the picture that emerged was very different. Young found CO₂ concentrations were in fact relatively low when the ice age began.”


  • Itsjusme

    Denier’s right?………………the wheels are coming off of Al Gore’s pyramid scheme.

  • R Daneel Olivaw

    this is the lefty version of the age old practice of being the “Snake Oil” salesman.

  • Twoiron

    What Bernie Sanders meant to say: “The greatest threat to mankind is the community of pseudo-scientists (who res to the those of us on the political Left) aka warmists, who spout nonsense for grant money about the fantasy formerly known as global cooling and/or global warming, currently being called ‘climate change.'”

  • Russ

    How did this go from climate change to racist comments????

  • Ape Sheet

    How would people feel if it was Muslims who owned the major media?

    Today, seven Jewish-Americans run the vast majority of major U.S. television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

    Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
    Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
    Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
    Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
    Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
    Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
    Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

    These seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

    Most of the larger independent newspapers are owned by Jewish interests as well. An example is media mogul is Samuel I. “Si” Newhouse, who owns two dozen daily newspapers from Staten Island to Oregon, plus the Sunday supplement Parade; the Conde Nast collection of magazines, including Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Allure, GQ, and Self; the publishing firms of Random House, Knopf, Crown, and Ballantine, among other imprints; and cable franchises with over one million subscribers.

    I could add that Michael Eisner could depart Disney tomorrow but the company will remain in the hands of Shamrock Holdings, whose principal office is now located in ‘Israel’.”

    How would people feel if it was Muslims who owned the major media?

  • Ape Sheet

    Raise your hand if you are stupid enough to believe George Soros pays people to post facts on the internet……

    • sammy4231

      Back to ya on false accusations of oil money funding.

      • Ape Sheet

        was that a yes or a no, sniveling coward?

        • sammy4231

          The question is moot. IPCC contributors are funded. Skeptics are funded. However we get free speech debate, the debate is on.

        • sammy4231

          I forgot to call you an insulting name.
          Ignorant troglodyte.

  • sammy4231

    Paleoclimate is the lie.
    Paleo means previous eras. They began by giving us 800 years of historical temp lies. They were shamed into going farther back.
    If we remove faulty tree ring proxies that truncate in warmer periods, other proxies show current climate is absolutely normal. We’re below several historical highs in this 12,000 year era, the Holocene.

  • Ape Sheet


    Today, seven Jewish-Americans run the vast majority of major U.S. television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

    Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
    Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
    Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
    Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
    Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
    Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
    Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

    These seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

    • Will Watson

      This is Antisemitism. I’m forwarding this to the ADL. Is Antisemitism common among climate change denialists? You’re know by the company you keep, kids.

  • Big George

    How typical. The article is about climate change, or the lack of it, so what do people comment on? Muslims and Jews, what else. Morons.

  • Powitan

    And the ultra stupid little libtards follow their “president” (The America HATING puke loser O-Puke-O) in their hopeless quest to find “global warming” true. The same crowd that said we would be out of food by the year 2000 due to (ha ha) “global cooling!”

  • Ape Sheet

    WHY is it OK for the SOCIALIST JEW MEDIA to say “Right wing Christian conservative”, yet THEY SAY it is “anti-Semitic” to say SOCIALIST JEW MEDIA?
    DUMBOCUNTS AND REPUBLITERDS just can’t answer that question……

  • Jim

    Obviously these so called denier “scientists” are not part of the 97 percent the Chicken Little echo group.

  • Ape Sheet

    Who is pushing the Man made global warming lie?
    Who is pushing the Diversity is wonderful lie?
    Who pushed the Obamacare will save everyone $2500 lie?
    THE SOCIALIST JEW MEDIA….THAT’S WHO!…And who owns the socialist jew media? Why it’s just a coincidence that the SOCIALIST JEW RUN FEDERAL RESERVE BANKERS DO!!!!!
    What can’t the GREEDY SOCIALIST JEW FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING CARTEL buy with the SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS they printed for themselves under Obama? What??? The socialist jew media never explained that QUANTITATIVE EASING = SOCIALIST JEW BANKER MONEY PRINTING? really….color me shocked!

  • renojim_2000

    Good to see these guys standing up. I hope they have the cojones to stand their ground, because they’re gonna’ be attacked.

  • Ape Sheet

    I went surf fishing Monday and witnessed sea level rise for myself…..The water surface elevation rose from 6:00 a.m to about 12:00 p.m……..It was like magic…….Then a little after 12:00, the tide started to go back out……Face it democrats are liars, cowards and morons…..

  • Flash105

    Libs: Mental Cases or Pathological Liars?

  • AndreaNY

    Facts, data should not be about politics, this goes far deeper than most want to admit. There is obviously an agenda and they will stop at nothing till they have it implemented.

  • putupjob

    if you listen to non scientists from the left, this is NOT supposed to be discussed.
    there are also nobel laureates in physics who have also said there was essentially no basis for the warming claims.

    why listen to physicists? we’re supposed to listen to social scientists and lightweights to form major decisions that affect all of our lives.
    the effect of global warming on you: nothing. the effect of government policy for climate change on you: it could impoverish you.

  • Dr_Albert_Gortenbull

    Meanwhile, Warmists like Obama, Kerry, and Gore continue there jetting around the world. Albert

  • Zyzyzx Zyzer

    We are sorry to report that this scientist may have a heart attack, bad traffic accident or possibly commit suicide in the next two weeks and that this is a natural event that should be allowed to proceed naturally….as all sciences intend.

    • John Walton

      I believe the clinton’s have been credited with a term for this called, “Arkanside”!

  • cclark5195

    These scientists will soon be out of a job. Truth does not fit in the Marxist “One World government” philosophy. I appreciate
    these scientists honesty.

    • Will Watson

      They should consider themselves lucky they won’t be thrown into prison.

      • JReaS

        Thrown in prison? For disagreeing? That’s not only anti-science, it’s Marxist. Which, of course, is the whole point of ‘man-made global warming’.

  • catAlone

    This must be the 3% that the libs say don’t agree with the Global Warming/Global cooling/Climate change/climate disruption theory of settled science.

  • Harry Seaward

    The new religion of the flat earth people.

  • Carmine Fragione

    More CO2 is a greener Earth , more food, more trees , more life. El Nino has nothing to do with CO2 levels. The Pacific Rim is Volcanic undersea Earth Mantle activity, causing Climate Change, The Global Warming Scare is Socialist Propaganda, a scheme for a tax on the rich to pay the poor, however when the Americans pay , the money goes to tin horned dictators who will do nothing for their poor.

  • Ape Sheet

    I have fished at the same bridge in Lewes Delaware for 43 years. There is a USGS geodetic benchmark showing the XY and Z Coordinates located where the Toe-of-Fill meets the existing ground along the embankment…..
    It’s still sitting about 6 feet above the mean high tide line, just like it was 43 years ago…..
    Since both ice caps melted in 2013, and New York City is completely underwater now like the Global Experts All Said, when should I expect the sea level to start rising here?

    • sammy4231

      We got off on the wrong foot. I took facts to mean pseudofacts, or lies.
      All in good fun.

  • CO2isGood

    Only lying leftist scientists have the brass balls to propagandize that CO2 is a pollutant, and apparently only weak-minded sycophants have devolved the lack of cognitive abilities required to grasp that a process natural to plant respiration is absolutely necessary to all life on earth.

    This quote says it all.
    “Co2 has provided the basis of life for at least 3.5 billion years,” Moore said.

  • constantvigil

    Anthropogenic Climate Change is fraud and those altering the data and those who knew about that should be prosecuted for fraud.

    This is simply a marxist ideological power grab by degrowthers, wackos and statists, trying to use science as cover…

  • Carmine Fragione

    Science by Government Proxy is a new Religion.

  • PabloKOh

    Global Warming is a scam. Resource depletion is not. We need to use the fossil energy we have left to develop self sustaining systems to provide energy, food, and right livelihoods for the people here today and the people who will be for the next 20000+ years. We can design this. We can design abundance, happiness and fulfillment into our lives. I can guarantee you the UN and the global political idiots will not do it. It is in YOUR hands. Youtube: permaculture

    • Squidly

      What resources are being depleted?

      • PabloKOh

        Oil. Copper. Silver. Uranium. Groundwater. Soil. Phosphate. Ocean Fisheries. Tropical Rainforest.

        • Squidly

          None of what you have listed are “depleting” .. you’re FOS!

          • PabloKOh

            Sure Squid. Halliburtan is drilling 5000 Ft. underwater because oil is so easy to come by. Canada is extracting it’s tar sands because conventional oil is too easy to get out of the ground. They need the challenge. It fulfills them. Oklahomans just love the earthquakes and methane in their drinking water from fracking. Open your eyes. Easy oil is gone. Say hello to fracking, tar sands, ultra deepwater and artic oil. Difficult to extract oil is by it’s nature expensive oil. Hence the latest layoffs in the American fracking patch. They shut down the fracking wells because they can’t make money at $40 oil. And their Wall Street hedges just ran out.

    • George Reeves

      We have liquid and gas fossil fuel at about $60 a barrel equivalent available for at least another century. When it gets more expensive than alternatives it will be replaced as were past dominant energy sources: animal power, water wheels, wood, and coal. Economics and a free market will end the liquid and gas fossil fuel age. What is next? Perhaps cheap and safe nuclear or solar electricity from roofs and orbit are next. Governments should support long term research and set safety standards but otherwise get out of the way.

      • Squidly

        There is so much oil and gas now that we have run out of room to store it. There is a HUGE glut in hydrocarbon fuels right now, with no end in sight. We haven’t even begun to exhaust those particular natural resources. And I like this meme of “we’re running out of water” … Really? .. on a planet that is covered 72% by water with an average depth of 4km .. we are running out? … what does water turn into? … is it going to stop raining? .. going to stop snowing? .. is evaporation going to suddenly cease?

        • PabloKOh

          OK Squid. Tell that to farmers in California. Paying $750,000 to dig 1800 ft. deep water wells. What kind of energy is required to lift water 1800 Ft?

  • Carmine Fragione

    When Oil falls to twenty dollars a barrel, we ought to refill all the emptied oil fields in Texas, which is a good investment. Buy buy buy.

    • PabloKOh

      I’d trade paper for oil any day of the week. If I only controlled the Federal Reserve’s spreadsheet. 🙂

  • Ape Sheet

    What name did the SOCIALIST JEW MEDIA invent to call themselves when they lie about “Right wing Christian conservatives”???
    DUMBOCUNTS AND REPUBLITERDS just can’t answer that question……the brainwashing is complete

    THEY SAY it is “anti-Semitic” to tell the truth about the SOCIALIST JEW MEDIA, don’t they?

    • CLAYCE

      Gobble Gobble!

  • George Reeves

    Three questions need good answers before we spend a lot or resources on climate control:
    1) What is the optimum Earth average temperature?
    2) What is the optimum CO2 concentration?
    3) What can people do to achieve these optimums?
    The politicians’ unstated assumptions that present values are optimum and that CO2 emission reduction is the whole answer do not qualify as good answers.

  • MaroonVee

    We just had bumper crops this year–AGAIN–mainly from the SLIGHT
    increase in Co2, which DID NOT raise planetary temperature by a
    significant amount–AGAIN.

    The warmie criminals are now saying that 350 ppm CO2 is the maximum safe
    level for our planet—so WHY do commercial greenhouses routinely pump in
    CO2 to 1200 ppm to promote full plant growth?

    WHY does OSHA set the CO2 safe limit in the work place at 5,000 ppm?

    WHY are American nuclear submarines allowed to go as high as 8,000 ppm
    CO2 as needed, where the crew experiences some irritation but no
    long-term ill effects?? Huh. 350 ppm. Right. Bernie is a fraud!!!

  • bankruptfromobamacare

    Wait, if the Earth gets warmer, won’t we be able to grow crops further north? Won’t warmer weather plants and animals spread North? Won’t they adapt? Isn’t that evolution, a concept that the libs are so fond of?

    • PabloKOh

      Light levels will not change. Alaska, even if tropical in climate will still have winters with 24 hours of darkness. I think I’d prefer to keep what we know works and develop systems that maximize production with the climate as it is today.

  • Will Watson

    CO2 is the most important greenhouse gas. This has been known since the mid-19th century. Without trace amounts of CO2, the planet would be 50F cooler, while high concentrations are
    associated, in the geological record, with climatic conditions that would be disastrous to contemporary human civilization.

    Everyone knows these things, except here at Climate Depot, this vile hub of ignorance and stupidity.

    Global warming denial will one day be prosecuted as a crime, like Holocaust denial is now. We can only hope that the human death toll from global warming denial won’t be as high. But, given the virulence of ClimateDepot, Heartland and criminals like Lindzen, Happer and Moore, we will be lucky if AGW doesn’t wipe out far greater numbers than Hitler.

    • sammy4231

      Facts? lmfao.
      Will doesn’t like comparing extant climate to historical Holocene evidence.

    • JReaS

      And when are your predictions coming true? We’ve already passed the ‘point of no return’ on many occasions. How many times do people like you have to be proven a liar before you finally just shut up?

      I’ve really had my fill of blithering idiots trying to scare humanity into acquiescing to the ‘powers that be’.

      • sammy4231

        Your crops will wither and die.
        Pay me.

      • Will Watson

        The powers that be? You mean like Exxon, BP, Wall Street and Bill Gates?

        Dude, you acquiesced to those powers long ago.

        • sammy4231

          Ad hominem attack.
          …always the best, fact-based science.

        • JReaS

          No, like Barack Obama. Only a fool fails to realize that the global warming scare is nothing but a tool to cower all humans into giving up their freedoms to socialist and Marxist rulers.

    • Broadlands

      Will Watson, a well-known climatologist with many widely-cited publications? His source of expertise is, however, unknown. He is dead wrong on the geological record. CO2 was twice what is is today and the climate was fine.

      “Geological and geochemical evidence indicates that the Antarctic ice sheet formed during the Eocene–Oligocene transition 33.5–34.0 million years ago. During maximum ice-sheet growth, pCO2 was between 450 and 1,500 p.p.m.v., with a central estimate of 760 p.p.m.v.”

      Paul N. Pearson, Gavin L. Foster, Bridget S. Wade, Nature 461, 1110-1113 (22 October 2009)

    • Squidly

      Can you explain to us exactly HOW this is going to “wipe us out” ?

      1350+ Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skeptic Arguments Against ACC/AGW Alarmism

      All “97% Consensus” Studies Refuted by Peer-Review

  • Carmine Fragione

    It is a good time to buy oil at twenty and pump it into the old oil fields in Texas to store it, The old fields are huge storage capacity , time to buy at twenty . Pipeline to Texas, pump it into the ground , natural depositories for oil.

  • Boodrow Malone


  • EEDDGGY1776

    Yeah, like an MIT Scientist is smarter tha Oturd.

    • Will Watson

      Patrick Moore is not a “scientist”. And neither Happer nor Lindzen has published any
      research to substantiate their claims. There is almost NO research that
      supports AGW denial.

      The stuff they say in the quotes you linked is sort of silly, anyway: anything can be a “pollutant” in high enough concentrations, and relatively little warming will upset the relative climate equilibrium upon which civilization depends.

      • JReaS

        Your delusion is epic.


    Very good article!

  • Diogenes60025

    Coal is the lowest-cost and most reliable primary energy source for electric power generation. A modern coal plant emits few air emissions except water vapor and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide emissions are beneficial, and climate change is a false premise for regulating them. See Patrick Moore’s recently released

    There is no definitive evidence that CO2 from fossil fuels affects climate. Human activities cause only about 3% of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the atmosphere. The rest are the result of decomposing plant material.

    CO2 is in equilibrium. While a weak greenhouse gas in theory, its actual climate effects are nullified by stronger forces, particularly the formation of mineral carbonates from atmospheric carbon dioxide. Warmer weather from other causes increases natural CO2 emissions from rotting vegetation, and results in a higher equilibrium level of ambient CO2, as measured by Keeling.

    Mineral carbonates are the ultimate repository of atmospheric CO2. Anyone who passed 10th grade chemistry can know this using public information. Limestone and marble are the most familiar forms of mineral carbonate. CO2 is an essential component of mineral carbonate (CaCO3, for calcium). For more detail see the
    paper by Danish researcher Tom Segalstad.

    Carbonates form in seawater and soils through biological and chemical processes. The formula is CO2 + CaO => CaCO3. Anyone can make magnesium carbonate (and sequester CO2) in a kitchen by mixing carbonated water with milk of magnesia.

    • Will Watson

      Send this astounding research to Surely a Nobel awaits you . . .

      • JReaS

        Let me guess, you didn’t understand a word he said.

  • Don’t listen to these ignorant people! Listen instead to your Lord God Emperor and Savior of the Universe when I tell you that climate change is real! How do I know? Because Valerie Jarrett told Me so and she knows everything!

  • Attilathehun

    Most climate research is aimed at proving the earth is warming and that man caused it? Why and where is the research proving otherwise. Well…………here is the answer.

    Researchers respond to RFP (research funding proposals) from politicized federal agencies BECAUSE that is where the money is. There are no RFPs from anti warming agencies.

    AND, academic researcher’s promotion, tenure, and merit salary decisions are based on publication record (in “refereed journals”). These journals send papers out for peer review and the process is incestuous. If you pan a colleague’s research methods or conclusions you risk getting your own paper torpedoed.

    AND, researchers have to pay “page” charges to get published resulting in lucrative business for scientific “journals”.

    AND, research to prove that global warming does not exist is next to impossible to do. You can not prove a negative. A positive can be proven with one instance of increased temperature. A negative conclusion would have to be based on every date point in history and would still be subject to criticism for not seeing into the future.

    AND, look at the politics involved. Every “victim” of global warming has their hand out hoping for cash for remediation. No warming denier is expecting to get anything but must pay for it all.
    Billions of dollars are being spent on fraud and waste. And many industries are thriving on the hoax.

  • ET

    Barrack Obama: “Climate Change is the greatest threat faced by Mankind.”

    What a Clueless, Delusional, Marxist Imbecile!!!

    Reality: Barrack Obama is the greatest threat faced by Mankind because he is ignoring Islamo-Nazi Terrorism which is the ACTUAL greatest threat to the survival of Mankind.

  • sammy4231

    Oldest evidence of agriculture: 12,000 ya, Levant, Natufians.
    Oldest evidence of religion : Natufian priestess burial.

    She made her living with promises of good weather in exchange for shiny objects.

  • Jim1937

    Follow the money trail of the Climate Change w hores like Al Bore.

  • Will Watson

    CO2 is the most important greenhouse gas. This has been known since John Tyndall’s research in the mid-19th century. Without trace amounts of CO2, the planet would be 50F cooler, while high concentrations are associated, in the geological record, with climatic conditions that would be disastrous to contemporary human civilization.

    Everyone knows these things, except here at Climate Depot, this vile hub of ignorance and stupidity. Global warming denial will one day be prosecuted as a crime, like Holocaust denial is now.

    We can only hope that the human death toll from global warming denial won’t be as high. But, given the virulence of ClimateDepot, Heartland and criminals like Lindzen, Happer and Moore, we will be lucky if AGW doesn’t wipe out far greater numbers than Hitler. It is reasonable to say that it already kills about 400K people a year now.

    • Anscotman

      Another loon heard from.

      • sammy4231

        Repeat posting the same shyt makes it true.

        • Will Watson

          Like Lindzen, Moore and Happer haven’t been saying the same things for 20 years . . .

          • JReaS

            They have never been proven wrong. You and Al Gore have. Many, many times. And you don’t have enough shame to stop repeating the lies.

    • Ian Cochran

      CO2 is currently at ~400ppm. At times in our planet’s history it has been as high as 8000ppm. A botanist told me that plant life will start dying out if it drops below 150ppm. We are only 250ppm above the life extinction level.

      • Will Watson

        At no time in our planet’s existence have their been 7 billion people depending on the planet’s fragile ecosystems, consuming and polluting like mad. That many people the planet cannot support if the climate and sea levels changes very much, very fast. And it is.

        • Ian Cochran

          The sea levels, temperatures, climate has always and will always change. Adapt or die. Our planet’s ecosystems are not that fragile. Life has survived asteroid impacts, ice ages, and major geologic upheavals. Quit crying.

        • JReaS

          Our planet’s ecosystem is not fragile. How vain does humanity have to be to think we have the ability to actually destroy this great planet’s ecosystem?

    • JReaS

      Nothing has changed since you posted that about 10 minutes ago. You’re still wrong.

  • Inspector Clouseau

    At last some brave scientists who care more about reality in science than more grants for more lies. Obama needs to go to jail for defrauding the American people and destroying it’s borders.

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    The Governments of the world want to use this made up crisis to control their populations through more regulations and higher taxes.
    If the left had it’s way in America you could be jailed for BBQing or burning the leaves in your yard.

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    John Kerry has always been noted for his low intelligence and his capability to lie at the drop of a hat.

  • Paul Morton

    Global warming is easy to understand. Just follow the money see who’s making it —- where it’s being transferred to and who is being transferred from and the magnitude that is involved if you look at those issues it is easy to understand why there is some major support for global warming and has nothing to do with global warming it has everything to do with money.

    • 1911Kimber

      It’s brilliant when you think about it. Pulling taxes from thin air.

  • Scottsman

    But Obama, Kerry, Sanders and Head Shaman of the Climate Change Religion ( Al Gore) say man made climate change is the Most Important Crisis facing mankind – above all the Terrorism we see in front of our eyes. And Obama and company are known to be very Honest and Truthful in all they say and do !

    Holy crap – Obama and company should be locked up for trying to perpretrate this Global Fraud – and that is what it is – a Massive Global Fraud. I can’t believe so many are so willfully blind to the truth.

  • thushjz

    The Green Eco freaks at the EPA did a hell of a job polluting my state a few months ago (San Juan Durango river spill), the Navajo are still P.O. about it because EPA claimed water was safe and everything was just great, of course they were lying through their teeth. Now the EPA wants to single out Colorado because they say we’re polluting the air too much, (another lie), this is the kind of hypocrisy we are talking about with green fascists…

  • Man, oh man is this refreshing! Scientists explaining that this is all politics.
    It always was simply a scam to scare people into accepting socialism. Truth will always emerge in the end.

  • Banksters_Rule_the_World

    “Why I Changed My Mind on Climate Change”

    Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Stefan Molyneux explains why his thoughts on climate change evolved over his lifetime and the importance of being skeptical of government funded scientific research.


  • JReaS

    Trees need CO2 to survive. Therefore, anybody trying to reduce our planet’s CO2 levels is trying to kill our trees.

    • Ian Cochran

      A botanist told me that plant life will start dying out if it drops below 150ppm. We are only 250ppm above the life extinction level.

      • JReaS

        And since plant life produces the oxygen we need to survive, when they die, we die.

  • Will Watson

    Patrick Moore is not a “prominent scientist”. And neither Happer nor Lindzen has published any
    research to substantiate their claims. There is almost NO research that supports AGW denial.

    The stuff they say in the quotes you is sort of silly, anyway: anything can be a “pollutant” in high enough concentrations,and relatively little warming will upset the climate equilibrium upon which contemporary civilization depends.

    • Mr Tais-toi

      People who get grants for “research” tend to want to validate what they were paid for…… And Al Gore is at best a D student…

      • Will Watson

        So the entire world scientific establishment is being . . . bribed? IS that your story? This includes NASA, NOAA, the National Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society, the peer review boards of all the major journals, every single scientific academy, institute and professional society?

        Hell, even ExxonMobil is in on the scam, right?

        • JReaS

          The entire world scientific establishment does not support your kooky theories. Scientists who disagree are disregarded. Which is not very ‘scientific’.

          You and your ilk are charlatans who will destroy the planet if you’re allowed to continue your fraud.

        • Mr Tais-toi

          Real science doesn’t seek to silence opposing research, that is a political component. The earth is about 5 billion years old, has been warmer, has been cooler. Real scientists would not be fearful of people seeing their data…. You and your political ilk always label anyone that doubts as pro polluting, a debate ending slur….. Also Al Gore and the idiot believers don’t help the cause by blaming every weather event on Global Warming, er, I mean Climate Change….. did the theory of Relativity ever need to be rebranded?

    • JReaS

      And you’re still as wrong as the other times you posted this drivel.

      • Will Watson

        Deniers have been saying the exact same crap for 20-odd years. This is just quid pro quo.

        • JReaS

          But ‘deniers’ haven’t been proven wrong. You and Al Gore have. Many time overs. According to your cohorts, the entire planet should have gone up in flames about 15 years ago.

          So it’s OK for obvious frauds to say the same thing over and over for 20-30 years, but the people pointing out the fraud are a problem when they same the same thing over and over for 20 years? I know you don’t see the folly in that, but us rational human beings do.

  • Rumpelstilskin

    You wonder if Bernie Sanders is a dupe, or if he is in on the scam.

    • The scam is all about scaring folks into agreeing to socialism, “for the planet”.
      Bernie is all in for that.

  • AFBooks

    It feels good to wake up in the morning exhaling CO2 and watching it float from my mouth. Oh, that’s right, if you can see it, it’s not CO2. That must have been just cold air. Does that mean that all those NOAA scientists are just full of hot air or simply zombies?

  • lou

    I admire these scientists as I have long wondered why, with the earths global temperature near the lowest point in 10,000 years per Greenland ice sheet core samples, we even listen to politicians like Gore and Obama and Kerry who do not have a rational opinion. Their combined scientific IQ would not even reach room temperature. It’s all about political control and that’s a priori obvious.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    These idiots just want to control your every move, until WW3 warms the planet for real.

  • Mark Steyn showed how the “97%” consensus was a fraud too. 75 of 78 HAND PICKED Scammer “scientists” agreed. Any and all other dissenting voices were not counted.

    • FranksStein


      • The pathetic, epic beta make faqqot back to squeak his little squeaks. Run along you sad creature.

  • Robert Miller

    You and I and a growing number of scientists know that the whole climate change/ global warming discussion is nothing more than advancing the socialist agenda through fear and intimidation. They would do to the energy sector the same devastation that they have done to health care in the US. It has become the religion of the left.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    When you have an agenda, real evidence matters little.

  • krichek

    Wait, per the lib crowd global warming errr climate change is “established science”, and any dissenting voices are quacks and non-scientists.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    When scientific consensus ignores a Master Creator, lying comes second nature…..

    • Wyrdless


      That is the same argument that was used against Galileo

      Literaly the same arguement. Not even a tiny bit different

  • Mr Tais-toi

    The earth is about 5 billion years old, and some idiots want to base global actions on a 30 years snapshot of inaccurate data….. And they say deniers are anti science….

  • challengeauthority

    Hoozah! to the skeptics and rationalists. Fear mongering is a political tool, not a tool of science and it never ever should be.


    The only way these leftist, commies can force us to adopt a CO2 tax on produced goods is to point a gun to our heads. Just like all their other executive order legislation. Our only solution left is to revolt. We must start a debate on preparing for a revolution. It’s the only thing these commies understand.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    Does Iran with a Nuke threaten to warm the planet?

  • Banksters_Rule_the_World

    “Why You Should Love Fossil Fuel” | Alex Epstein and Stefan Molyneux

    You’ve heard that our addiction to fossil fuels is destroying our planet and our lives. Yet by many measures, human well-being has been getting better and better. Alex Epstein (author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels) explains why humanity’s use of fossil fuels is actually a healthy, moral choice.


  • And the other nasty little fact is, even if ALL UN CO2 cutbacks were enacted by all parties, it would have virtually no impact whatsoever on reducing global temps. But would give enormously more control to the state.
    This to me is the greatest proof that it always was a method of scaring people into accepting socialism.

    • FranksStein


      • Ah, the return of the most pathetic creature on earth, wowing us all with your infinite dipshittery,

  • dire thinker

    I knew when they proclaimed that they could measure the average global temperature down to the hundredth of a degree that they were full of crap. Sadly, this story makes no difference to the brain-washed libs. They’ll be out tomorrow doing their chicken little speech just the same.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    The rest of the world leads the United States in polluting the planet.
    Lower Their standard of living.

  • DoubIenaughtspy

    Robbing the American tax payers is really the only reality about “global warning”.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    One thing is for certain; Without petroleum there will NEVER be “Green” anything.

  • Jerome Barry

    I admire that these tenured scientists are willing to speak publicly.

  • carl6352

    i keep ranting on these blogs to have a world wide televised debate on this chicken little belief. on one side the believers like the flat earth people and the heretics who face burning in a pyre for speaking out! yet the believer’s side are to scared to do it! the un the biggest liars of all in their building would be a great place for it! the people of the world unite and demand this or you will continue to waste trillions of all currencies that could be put to great use elsewhere!

  • Ronald

    It seems that it was all downhill after the Government used taxpayer funded junk-“science” to demonize ordinary worker (“middle”) class Americans (for purposes of increased taxation and Government control only) who enjoy the pleasure of an occasional tobacco product,


  • Interesting incident from a Cosmos episode; Sisters of the Sun.

    In this episode, Tyson showcases the women of astrophysics, those women at Harvard who worked for Pickering in classifying stars; they were actually called “computers.”

    In Cosmos, Tyson tells the story of Cecilia Payne whose doctoral thesis, “Stellar Atmospheres, A Contribution to the Observational Study of High Temperature in the Reversing Layers of Stars,” correctly identifies the composition of stars.

    At the time, the accepted wisdom – the “consensus,” if you will – was that the composition of stars was similar to that of Earth. Payne concluded that this was not so; that hydrogen, for example, was a million times more abundant.

    When she submitted her paper to Henry Russell, an astronomer of note at Princeton, he convinced her to not make such a conclusion, so she succumbed to popular pressure – again, the “consensus” – and modified her paper accordingly, admitting that something must be wrong with her analysis.

    However, the fact is, Payne was right and the consensus was wrong. But, because the consensus was popular, science accepted it as the Truth.

    Where am I going with this?

    Well, from my use of the word, “consensus,” it might be obvious to some. But, to be clear, I am pointing a finger at the “consensus” of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming – or, climate change, take yer pick.

    We have “climate change” rammed down our throats because of the hallowed “consensus.” Not because of any PROOFS, but merely because it’s popular.

    Those who question the validity of this popularity are shunned, ridiculed, ostracized, even called to be killed.


    Because those who support man-made “climate change” can prove what they claim?

    Not in the least.

    Because it’s “popular;” there’s a “consensus.” Skepticism, the foundation of science, is ignored.

    Well, as the story of Cecilia Payne demonstrates, just because there’s “consensus,” doesn’t mean it’s right.

  • Ian Cochran

    The polar bears where supposed to be extinct by now.
    The ice caps where supposed to gone.
    London, NY, Miami, and numerous other cities were supposed to be underwater by now.
    Snow was supposed to be a distant memory in many places in the world by now.
    Hurricanes were supposed be bigger and more frequent.

    None of the above, grave predictions have come to pass. It is all a wealth redistribution scheme.

  • Will Watson

    Patrick Moore is not a “scientist”. And neither Happer nor Lindzen has published any
    research to substantiate their claims. There is almost NO research that supports AGW denial.

    The stuff they say in the quotes you linked is sort of silly,anyway: anything can be a “pollutant” in high enough concentrations, and relatively little warming will upset the climate equilibrium upon which civilization depends.

    • Rumpelstilskin

      The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    • ShadowSandy

      Ah…. so we scream they dont know anything then put our fingers in our ears….

      Interesting how china can burn toxic waste and put in the atmosphere, yet its co2 that you and those like you cry about.

    • JReaS

      Again, you’re just as wrong as the many other times you said the SAME thing on this thread.

      Not only do the facts show just how ridiculously wrong you are, so does common sense.

    • Ian Cochran

      I bet a good portion of those 97% consensus people are not real “scientist” either.

    • Dr Chambers

      al-gore is not a scientist and has never published any research to substantiate his claims. Neither are obama, biden, john f’n kerry, hillary, bernie. Nothing they’ve spewed has resulted in the death of millions of human beings. You alarmist have yet to tell the dying masses what the “ideal” climate is to support all of mankind. …….. crickets….