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Watch: Morano on Fox on UN Climate Fund & Reparations: ‘UN climate fund will subsidize governments that are best at keeping people poor. That is obscene’

Watch 5 min. Segment here: Selected Excerpts: Morano: ‘The money is going to countries that are best at keeping people in poverty. Because, obscenely, this will attempt to keep countries like Brazil and India from developing to their potential. So countries, instead of giving vaccines, humanitarian aid, are going to reclassify that aid to […]

RicoGate expands: Another warmist scientist who signed letter revealed to get over $600,000 from taxpayers

Meanwhile, co-signatory¬† Mr Betts, from the bushwacks up in Vermont, feels that the letter did not go far enough. Well, they are a bit whacky up there! Of course, Mr Betts has lots of good reasons for this, at the last count 606,100! As his website states: The most recent grant from […]