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Watch: Morano interviewed by Sarah Palin on her TV Show: Obama is using Alaska ‘as a political prop’ for UN Climate Summit


Shorter, but higher resolution video version here: 


Morano: President Obama is coming to Alaska to use your state as a political prop in the run up the UN climate meeting in Paris in December.

His legacy is his to sign a global warming treaty. Alaska is photo op. He want to be able to say when he goes to Paris to say he has seen firsthand the melting ice in Alaska.

There were articles in the 1940s showing worries about buildings sinking due to melting permafrost.

See: Alaskan Villages Have Been Sinking Into Permafrost For 70 Years – 1946 article



Morano: “Alaskans are nothing but he poor victims of Obama’s climate propaganda campaign. He is coming to Alaska to showcase his EPA regulations and acts as though he is some kind of hero . He is going to stop Mother Nature ie. global warming through regs that — by the way — have no impact on emissions and have not impact on temperature according to his own EPA.. It’s pure symbolism.


Obama is leaving a political legacy, he has demonstrated that he understands nothing of the science behind climate change.”

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