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Study: ‘Climate change could lengthen the flight times of some air travel’ The airline industry already is responsible for 3.5 percent of all greenhouse gas emission, according to the International Panel on Climate Change. Any increase in airline travel times could result in a feedback loop between the carbon emissions of airplanes and our changing climate, Woods Hole geologists and geophysicist Kris Karnauskas says.

Scientists: Polar Bears Are Thriving Despite Global Warming   The report was criticized by veteran zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford who argued the conservation plan was flawed and an attempt to drive more funding to government programs.   “It’s still based on the same flawed ecological premise as all previous models – it assumes that sea ice was a naturally stable habitat until […]

‘Settled Science, or Selective Ignorance?’   Generally speaking, when people refuse to debate it is because they are losing. That is where we are today with regard to the climate. Alarmists declare that the argument is over, and they won. This is akin to a football team that is trailing 35-0 at halftime claiming victory and refusing to come […]