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‘Obama’s RICO-style Enemies of Actual Climate Science’

Special to Climate Depot Obama’s RICO-style Enemies of Actual Climate Science By Jim Guirard – In recent months, ‘round-the-clock attacks have been waged by UN-IPCC and NOAA-GISS-EPA “climate change” radicals in the Obama Administration and in radical-Left circles of the media and academia against increasing numbers of climate scientists who question the popular premise […]

Skeptical website announces it ‘will no longer give coverage of the views of climate pause deniers’

Climate Pause Plateau SourceAfter careful consideration this website has made the following policy decision. (Our Inspiration – Climate Change Predictions.)Given the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence in favour of the 18 year hiatus in global warming, the 18 Plus Years plateau in the warming of our planet, this website will no longer give coverage […]