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Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry rips ‘manufactured consensus’ – Human influence is NOT ‘dominant over natural climate variability’

Georgia Tech Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry on The Mark Levin Show – April 15, 2015 Selected radio excerpts – Listen to full interview here (click on April 15 show – Curry begins at 57 min.) Curry on Consensus: “I am a scientist who thinks independently  and I happen to disagree with the manufactured consensus about climate change. Just because […]

Forecasting Pioneer Dr. Scott Armstrong: ‘From the scientific point of view forecasts of dangerous global warming are not valid’

Global warming alarmists claim that nearly all scientists agree that dangerous man-made warming will occur. However, surveying scientists’ opinions is not a scientific forecasting method. Nor is the claim true.     J. Scott Armstrong is Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Editor of Principles of Forecasting, a founder of the International Journal of Forecasting and the […]