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Matt Ridley: ‘Saving the world with fossil fuels’

Saving the world with fossil fuels The must read article this morning is Matt Ridley in the Wall Street Journal, who points out that little-mentioned but rather critical point about fossil fuels – we can’t do without them. As a teenager’s bedroom generally illustrates, left to its own devices, everything in the world becomes […]

AMS Associative Executive Dir. slams colleagues for partisanship: ‘We’ve chosen sides politically, largely abandoning any pretense at nonpartisanship’

Top weatherman slams partisanship among scientists William Hooke, an associate executive director the American Meteorological Society has written an excoriating critique of his colleagues in Eos magazine, taking aim at scientists’ constant demands for funding, the nannying of the public that pays their wages, and the jettisoning of political non-partisanship. The complexity and costs […]

Claim: Vanuatu cyclone due to ‘climate change’

Vanuatu cyclone due to “climate change” So far 24 are confirmed dead in Vanuatu, a figure that seems likely to rise. About 100,000 are homeless, according to the local Oxfam director, which, if accurate, is an awful lot in a country of 270,000. There is no doubt the country needs a lot of help. […]