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Watch: Climate TV Debate – Dr. Patrick Moore debates Warmist Erwin Jackson on Sky News Australia

Moore excerpts: ‘If you keep giving these scientists millions of dollars a year to tell you that ‘you have a problem, and you need to fix it and please give me more money so I can keep studying this problem’. They will keep telling you it’s a problem. This is a self-perpetuating massive convergence of interests among elites in society including the media, politicians, environmentalists, scientists and business who want to look green and it is killing us because there is nothing wrong with the earth’s climate. What is wrong is the climate of the intellectual climate. It is an intellectual climate problem, not a science climate problem, not an earth climate problem. Carbon dioxide is a food for life on earth and more of it would be good.

‘Why are there 300 million people in U.S. and only 30 million people in Canada, which is bigger? One word — cold.’ Same with Northern Russia. If Northern Canada and Northern Russia which comprise about 30% of the land in this world, were warm enough to grow potatoes we would be able to have some more food for the people in this world. A warmer world would be a better world for people and most other species.’

‘Climate scientist is a self-serving term. They are the self-appointed climate scientists. If you don’t agree with them, then ‘Oh you are not a climate scientist because your PhD is in physics or math or geology. Whereas half of them who call themselves the ‘climate scientists’ their PhDs are not in climate science.’


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