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Debunked: USA Today churns out press release for climate activists at UCS to hype sea level rise since 1970

USA Today touts green group Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): ‘Scientists warn sea levels could swamp coasts’  – “Around the world, sea level is rising in response to global warming,” Fitzpatrick said. “As the oceans heat up, the water expands, and as glaciers and polar ice sheets melt, they add water to the oceans.”


Climatologist Dr. Pat Michaels rebuts USA Today & UCS: “Given that the global sea level rise since 1970 is a grand total of three inches, that means that subsidence (sinking land) is responsible for the vast majority of the SLR at both Atlantic City (63%) and Norfolk (67%).  Without any warming at all, Atlantic City would have eight inches of total rise a mere 27 years from now,  and Norfolk would reach nine inches  22.5 years from now.  Maybe UCS ought to get one of those ‘Stop Continental Drift’ bumper stickers!”

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