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Watch Now: Sting: Obama Isn’t Doing Enough To Fight Climate Change

“Do you think President Obama is doing enough?” “Nope. I don’t think anybody is doing enough frankly, I think we need to really pull our resources to make sustainable energy a reality,” Sting said. “You know, the world is full of energy – solar power, wind – we can do more than just dig oil […]

Kerry: Climate change ‘may be, in fact, the most serious challenge we face on the planet’ Kerry: “And when you think about terrorism, which we think about a lot today; poverty, which is linked obviously to the levels of terror that we see in the world today; and, of course, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – all of these are challenges that don’t know any borders. And that’s exactly […]

Airplane flies banner over NYC climate protest: ‘No global warming in 17 years’

CFACT flies banner over NY climate protest “No global warming in 17 years” CFACT flew a banner over Manhattan today reminding climate campaigners and real people alike that the Earth has experienced no global warming since the nineties. — gReader Pro