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Gore preaches climate urgency at seminary: Allowing global warming is ‘Heaping contempt upon God’s creation’

Former Vice President Al Gore spoke in New York City to the Union Theological Seminary in advance of the People’s Climate March.

“There is a confusion between dominion and domination,” Gore told the seminary on September 18, 2014 on the eve of the People’s Climate March in New York City. Gore addressed the Interfaith Leaders Climate March Breakfast which included clergy from across New York City.

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Gore preached about his views on how we should treat the Earth based on Biblical concepts. “Being given dominion does not mean that we have been given a license to exploit for the purposes of satisfying our own green passions or desires without respecting the integrity of God’s creation,” Gore said.

He called the climate change issue an “unprecedented assault’ upon the Earth.

“If the purpose of life is to glorify God in the way we live our life. It is inconsistent with that mandate and purpose to heap contempt on God’s creation,” Gore said.

“There is a conversation about climate that has to be won,” he added.

Gore denied that he and his fellow environmental activists are “worshiping” the Earth.

“There is not a worship of the Earth. There is a love of the Earth because the Earth is the lords,” Gore explained.

He urged the debate to “dissolve into a simple choice of what is wrong or what is right” and he rejected skeptical arguments about global warming as merely “false doubts.”

“We now face an issue of environmental justice on a global scale,” Gore said.

Gore warned of more snow due to global warming.

“If it is season of snow, there is much more snow, you know about Snowmageddon here in New York City,” Gore explained, claiming that global warming was increasing storms.

Gore ended his speech sounding a doomsday climate prophecy and warned: “There will be a day of reckoning and years from now. The next generation will have an opportunity, depending on the circumstances upon which they find themselves to look back and ask one of two questions.

“If they find themselves in a world of despair with even stronger storms, and mudlslides and deeper droughts and shortages of food and failing political systems and climate refugees and if they live in a world where they look at their children and feel there circumstances are bound to worsen even beyond what we are now enduring. They would be justified in looking back through time and asking of us: ‘What were you thinking? Why did you not act!?’” Gore screamed to applause.

He continued: “The second question is the one they will ask if we do what is right. How did you find the moral courage to rise up and shake up the distraction and find the moral courage to do what it right.”

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