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‘The large increase in Antarctic sea ice since 2002 is real’

A new paper is being spun by warmists as debunking the recent record highs in Antarctic sea ice. According to the authors, a change in satellite sensors in December 1991 led to a “significant error” in either the data prior to 12/91 or the data after 12/91, but they don’t know which one. 

Color me skeptical, but the alleged step-change in data in 12/91 shown at the red arrow below is not apparent from the data, which shows little to no change in trend from 1979 to 2001. The increasing trend began around 2002, around the same time as global cooling. Regardless of attempts to soften the huge blow to warmism, the sensor and processing algorithm have not changed since 12/91 and thus the recent increasing trend in Antarctic sea ice since ~2002 is real.