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Summary of the use of ‘denier’ in Senate Dems all-night warmathon


From Stephen Rasey in  a comment about the congressional record from the Senate all-nighter:


This is a first pass summary of the use of “denier” in the March 10-11 Senate Climate Change Transcript.

CR_Page , CR_Speaker _, CR_Text
S1378 __, REID ________, climate change deniers still exist.
S1378 __, REID ________, the deniers.
S1379 __, SCHUMER _____, deniers like to claim there are competing
S1379 __, SCHUMER _____, Climate change deniers need to wake
S1379 __, BOXER _______, The deniers have given in to the
S1381 __, BLUMENTHAL _, deniers, who are as much a part of the
S1381 __, KING ________, I would not call myself a denier, but
S1387 __, BOXER _______, but who I think is a dangerous denier,
S1387 __, BOXER _______, a dangerous denier in the face of 97 percent
S1387 __, SCHATZ ______, our climate deniers tend to use. I will
S1387 __, SCHATZ ______, This was a prominent climate denier
S1387 __, SCHATZ ______, in Antarctica. More and more deniers
S1387 __, SCHATZ ______, Some deniers also like to use responsible
S1387 __, SCHATZ ______, So deniers cannot in good conscience
S1387 __, SCHATZ ______, deal. Maybe it is even good. As deniers
S1388 __, SCHATZ ______, This category of deniers accepts the reality,
S1390 __, FEINSTEIN __, change deniers, reported to Congress in
S1392 __, WHITEHOUSE _, which the climate denier community
S1392 __, WHITEHOUSE _, That is how much fuss the deniers
S1393 __, BOXER _______, deniers are standing with 3 percent of
S1393 __, BOXER _______, we have proven the point that deniers
S1395 __, FRANKEN _____, deniers have taken this as a sign that
S1400 __, KAINE _______, science deniers and leadership deniers,
S1400 __, KAINE _______, To science deniers, I am happy to say
S1401 __, KAINE _______, It is the skeptics and the deniers who
S1401 __, KAINE _______, variety, climate denier or leadership
S1401 __, KAINE _______, denier, don’t underestimate American