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Summary of the use of ‘denier’ in Senate Dems all-night warmathon

Via: From Stephen Rasey in  a comment about the congressional record from the Senate all-nighter: ============================================================== This is a first pass summary of the use of “denier” in the March 10-11 Senate Climate Change Transcript. CR_Page , CR_Speaker _, CR_Text S1378 __, REID ________, climate change deniers still exist. S1378 __, REID ________, the deniers. S1379 __, SCHUMER _____, deniers […]

Gallup Poll: Climate Change Not a Top Worry in U.S. – Majority of Americans (51%) worry ‘only a little’ or ‘not at all’ about global warming – 2014 Environmental concerns rank lowest in Gallup polling history Excerpt: Twenty-eight U.S. senators held an all-night “talkathon” Monday to call attention to climate change, an issue that only 24% of Americans say they worry about a great deal. This puts climate change, along with the quality of the environment, near the bottom of a list of 15 issues Americans rated in Gallup’s March […]