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Report: UVA official tries to ban discourse after global warming movie shows on campus – Maligns climate skeptics as ‘scientifically illiterate’

Contact: Brian Wilson


University of Virginia official tries to shut down debate after movie showing 

February 19, 2014 (Charlottesville, VA) – This past Monday, after Phil Valentine’s movie, An Inconsistent Truth, screened on the campus of the University of Virginia, a university official from the environmental sciences department blasted the College Republicans for allowing Valentine on campus and tried to shut down the debate.

In an editorial published in the student newspaper, The Cavalier Daily, Thomas Forman II, the president of the UVA Environmental Sciences Organization, maligned all global warming skeptics as “scientifically illiterate” and said allowing “Valentine to speak is misguided.” It’s one of the most blatant attempts to date of censorship by the guardians of the myth of manmade global warming.

Valentine pointed out that one of the foremost experts on the skeptic side is Dr. Fred Singer, an emeritus professor in environmental science at Mr. Forman’s own University of Virginia. “Surely he (Forman) knows this,” Valentine stated. Dr. Singer is prominently featured in Valentine’s documentary. Valentine went on to point out that almost everything Gore laid out in his movie has proven to be untrue.

“The fact that such a high-profile official in the environmental sciences department felt so compelled to write a scathing editorial about me and our movie tells me we’re on the right track,” Valentine said. “Notice he didn’t dispute anything in our film. He simply said the debate is over. The debate is far from over and we intend to continue to spread this film to college campuses across America despite efforts like Mr. Forman’s.”

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