Flashback: Can a carbon tax prevent YOU from being MURDERED or RAPED?! UN IPCC’s Prof. Hsiang’s new study ‘could go a long way toward convincing people that climate change can directly affect their lives. We just need to make it all about us, and our unwillingness to get murdered’ | Climate Depot


Flashback: A UN IPCC Scientist’s New Study! ‘Global Warming Sparks Fistfights & War, Researchers Say’: ‘Will systematically increase the risk of many types of conflict ranging from barroom brawls & rape to civil wars & international disputes’ — Climate Depot Responds | Climate Depot


NBC News: Fasten Seat Belts: Climate Change Could Mean More Airline Turbulence

http://www.nbcnews.com/science/science-news/fasten-seat-belts-climate-change-could-mean-more-turbulence-n33956 Sudden turbulence injured crew and passengers on two flights an ocean apart this week, and the back-to-back bumpy rides are more than a coincidence — winter weather and changing climate patterns may have played a role. Technology to precisely anticipate the “clear air turbulence” likely to blame for both flights just doesn’t exist, experts […]

Analysis: Here’s Why 50 Percent More Coal Plants Could Be Retiring Than Experts Previously Thought

Here’s Why 50 Percent More Coal Plants Could Be Retiring Than Experts Previously Thought http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2014/02/19/3308851/eia-coal-retirement-50-percent/ The Energy Information Agency just boosted its projection of coal power retirement by 2016 from 40 to 60 gigawatts, according to GreenTech Media. Back in 2012, EIA initially predicted that 27 gigawatts of coal-fired power would close throughout the country […]