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Christmas Crackers! ‘There was a man called Viner- He really was a whiner – Snow’s a thing of the past- Cut your CO2 fast- All except for China’

Xmas Crackers!

By Paul Homewood

There was a man called Viner
He really was a whiner
Snow’s a thing of the past
Cut your CO2 fast
All except for China.

To remove the Middle Ages
We need a cunning plan
Now, who needs a PHD?
What about Michael Mann?

Hayhoe, Hayhoe, it’s off to work we go
I’m a clever girl
I’ve got books to sell
Hayhoe, Hayhoe!

“It’s a travesty”, said Kevin
I’ve lost my missing heat
It must be hiding in the ocean
At 30,000 feet.

Mickey Mann and Mickey Mouse
Are easy to tell apart
They’re both cartoon characters
But the mouse is pretty smart

Angelina, Prince Charles, Al Gore
Say you’ve got to cut CO2
With mansions, private jets and more
It’s do as I say, not as I do!

400 parts per million
We’re all gonna die
If we don’t all freeze to death
We’re all going to fry.
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