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Climate Depot’s Morano & Apollo 7’s Walt Cunningham and other skeptics speak to Polish university during UN climate summit

Rough Google Translation: 

Another lecture was delivered by Marc Morano, Climate Depot chief specialist of the United States, which focused on the manipulation, which very often committed by organizations climate. He stressed that in particular the UN is committed to the success and spread his theories, very often against the facts and the empirical. Morano in his speech also noted that it is often used in the debate irrational arguments that would indicate the threat of climate change. – UN tells us that any weather anomalies are supposed to be the result of global warming. The occurrence of storms and hurricanes is to confirm the thesis of global warming, and the people in the name accept the myth of global warming, forced to renounce the truth about the weather anomaly that occurred always – said Morano.

Later in his speech, Marc Morano of Climate Depot pointed out that the myth of global warming is very often used as an instrument of political competition and the fight for voters. As an example, he cited the involvement of U.S. President Barack Obama in the fight against global warming. – President Obama said before the end of his first term, that climate change threatens our future. At the same time intimated that the voters at the next election have the opportunity to influence it and save the world from destruction. Just vote for Obama, who like a super hero save our planet from typhoons, hurricanes and other alleged causes of global warming – summed Morano.


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